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January 2007


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This issue at a glance:

Governor Bob’s Builders: Meeting Our Challenges In The New Year!

Gov. Bob Cressy

A very Happy New Year to you and your family! What a joyous season of warmth and friendship with our families and friends. The same spirit and warmth is shown in the service performed by each of Capital District Kiwanis club and our Service Leadership Program clubs to help our communities and our young people. There is always a special extra Kiwanis effort during the holiday season to help those in need. Have you thought about what your community would be like WITHOUT your Kiwanis club and its projects? What acts of kindness and caring would not have been done? What meals would not have been served or what children would not have gotten a new warm coat or a holiday meal for their family? Or a toy for Christmas through ‘Toys For Tots’?

But our Kiwanis clubs DO exist! Our Sponsored Programs, Kiwanis Key Clubs, Kiwanis CKI, Kiwanis Builders, and Kiwanis Kids and Kiwanis Aktion Clubs number over 15,000 people! Together Capital District’s 22,000 plus people all DO something to make our world a little brighter, a little happier. And it works! What a difference the K-Family and friends make in the lives of so many others not only at this time of year, but throughout each year! Yes, “One Can Make A Difference … and that one is YOU!”

Celebrate the New Year 2007 With Renewed Dedication and Resolve!

It seems that not long ago, October to be exact, Nancy and I were wishing all a “Happy New Kiwanis Year 2006-2007”. Many exciting events have occurred in these first three months and with a quick breather, it is now on to calendar year 2007. January brings us to our Kiwanis International’s 92nd Birthday commemorating the founding of Kiwanis in Detroit, January 21st, 1915. From an organization of businessmen called the “Benevolent Order of Brothers, the BOB’s” – (No, I wasn’t there!) gathered together to promote business, it has emerged as a world-wide community service organization of almost 600,000 “global volunteers dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time”.

Kiwanis has had an enormous positive impact on the lives of millions. And it’s also had a very positive impact on our lives, too. Be sure to celebrate at your club with a Kiwanis educational program during the week of January 21-27, 2007. This year also marks the 89th anniversary of the Capital District, one of the oldest districts in the Kiwanis world. Educational information is on the KI and Capital District web sites. Be prepared.

Resolutions for the Balance of 2007 – Mid Winter Conferences To Begin

Unlike those who will just cross off the 2006 date and write in 2007 on their dusted off unmet resolutions, we are ready to commit meeting our resolutions. Clubs, Divisions and the District are at the one quarter mark of the Kiwanis year in January with nine months to go to meet our goals and objectives. Our eight regional Mid-Winter Conferences offer us the planned opportunity to strengthen our clubs and membership by offering the “Builder’s Tools” to build our organization to better serve communities.

Every club should be represented at Mid-Winter, especially by club presidents, president-elects, secretaries and key chairs. A lot of excellent planning is being done by division LGs and Regional Trustee teams to give you excellent building tools for a successful year. Please ensure key leaders attend. Last year’s M-Ws were a great success with over 950 total attendees and 88% of all clubs having at least one person attend, as you know.

In broad terms, the four key Building Blocks I have been discussing with you at the Governor’s Official Visits are the basis for the M-W training and our club leadership.

  1. KIWANIS EDUCATION – Believe it or not, a good many Kiwanians are not quite sure what to say when they are asked about Kiwanis or try to explain it. It’s not difficult, but you must be ready to give a short, crisp answer to ‘Sell’ Kiwanis. Having the defining statement memorized is a good starting point: “Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers, dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time”. Then tell them briefly about your club projects, when you meet and ask them to join you at a meeting or service project. Give them a club tri-fold brochure on your club using the KI template and adding your club projects and contact information.
  2. MEMBERSHIP GROWTH & RETENTION – Sound like an old tune? Well it is, of course. But it is a must. Someone once asked YOU to be a Kiwanian and you said “Yes”! We must A.S.K. – Always Sell Kiwanis! That’s how it happens. One gets one. Retain our current members by getting them involved and by providing stimulating meetings. A.S.K. former members whose circumstances may have changed to re-join your club. Be prepared with key points before you ask them. We know “we have enough members to do what we are doing, but NOT enough to do what needs to be done.” PLG Brian Bell is your District Membership Chair.
  3. BUILDING NEW CLUBS – Yes, once again like being asked to join, YOUR club was once a new club. What if it hadn’t been started? When looking for site, consider not only new areas but also areas where there used to be a club. Communities change, grow and have new opportunities. Maybe it’s time to try a new approach with some new prospects. Give others the opportunity.
    • New Kiwanis Club of Potomac - Congratulations to Division 17 PLG Bernie Gardiner for his successful effort in stating a new Kiwanis Club of Potomac, MD, along with LG Betty Gardiner, PG John Tyner and New Club Building Chair Tom Ganse! This new club has over 30 new Kiwanians and will have its Charter meeting on February 10th in Potomac. Several other new clubs are in early organizational stages. How about in your area? We grow to serve.
    • New Aktion Club of Dover, DE – District Chair Ford Hamilton is coordinating a new Aktion Club sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Dover. The club will be chartered on January 16th with 16-20 members. Fifteen members are needed to charter an Aktion Club. Congratulations Ford!
  4. COMMUNICATION AND MARKETING TOOLS – KI has developed many new tools for communicating with the public and press, and “suspects” (those who we think would be good Kiwanians), prospects (people who think THEY would be good Kiwanians) and members. One again we must communicate to sell Kiwanis to our communities. The purpose in “blowing our horns” is not to brag about deeds accomplished, but to inspire others to join us in serving their communities. Having non-Kiwanians join us in publicized projects is a great way to promote the benefits of Kiwanis membership.

These are the four basic building blocks that provide the means to grow our service to communities and to continue the great heritage of Kiwanis, the Kiwanis that you have helped to build. It is a legacy we must preserve and enhance. See you at Mid-Winter.

Foot Note: Nancy and I will be at the Kiwanis International Governor’s Conference in Kiwanis headquarters in Indianapolis, January 4th – 7th. Kiwanis International President Nelson Tucker and First Lady Elva will host the conference and we’ll report back to you.

Celebrate Kiwanis' 92nd Birthday in January

Kiwanis clubs around the world will celebrate the 92nd anniversary of Kiwanis during the week of January 21-27, 2007. The first Kiwanis club was organized in Detroit, MI and received its state charter on January 21, 1915.

Clubs can mark this occasion with a special meeting program or project. The meeting should include a birthday cake and candles. Invite members of neighboring clubs for an interclub celebration. Recognize your club's longest serving members and ask them to say a few words about their early Kiwanis experiences. Give a special gift in honor of Kiwanis' birthday to a local school, library, or children's service agency.

If your club plans a birthday celebration, send a news release to your local newspaper. A template release is posted at

This is an exciting time to be a Kiwanian," says Kiwanis International President Nelson Tucker ( right). "Kiwanis maybe 92 years old, but new things are happening in this organization every day and our future is unlimited. As we celebrate our past, we are looking to the future and our goal of one million Kiwanis members by the 100th anniversary in 2015."

Kiwanis International Convention, San Antonio, TX July 3-7, 2007
David Williams

Kiwanis International Conventions aren’t all business. In fact, they are a rich mix of business, entertainment, inspiration, education, and fellowship. The 2007 convention in San Antonio, Texas, July 3-7, will feature a wide variety of entertainment and inspiration. The opening session on Tuesday, July 3, for example, will feature a performance by The Second City, America’s premier improvisational comedy troupe.


The Second City (named after the group’s hometown, Chicago) has produced many star alumni, including Mike Myers, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Stephen Colbert, and Steve Carrell. Be prepared for an original, daring, and hilarious mix of satire and cutting-edge improvisation.

One of Texas’ brightest country singing stars is set to shine during a “Live on Stage” concert on Thursday, July 5. Clint Black (left) will headline the entertainment, bringing his famous black hat and Texas-roots country music talents up close and live during this exclusive concert for Kiwanians and their guests. Tickets can be purchased through the convention registration form and on site during the convention. For adults, tickets are US$25 with advance purchase or $35 on site. Tickets for youth, ages 12 and younger, are $15.

Fiesta Noche del Rio is a musical extravaganza that captures the finest in song and dance from Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Texas. Set outdoors in the beautiful Arneson River Theater, this celebration of the city's Latin heritage offers a delightful way to spend a summer evening. Fiesta Noche del Rio has raised $2.5 million for children's charities. Two Kiwanis performances are scheduled for Friday and Saturday evenings. Tickets are $10 per person, and seating is limited to 525 at each performance.

Inspirational speakers will include LaDonna Gatlin and Randy Snow. Each will headline a workshop or forum during the convention.

LaDonna (right) is sister to the famous Gatlin Brothers. She is an accomplished speaker who motivates her audiences to “find our own voice” and “sing our own song.” She grew up performing with her brothers but took a detour on the road to stardom – she married. At that moment, she realized success for her could be measured in a different way. She chose to follow her heart and “sing a different song” apart from her brothers. LaDonna combines her message with her vocal talents to entertain even as she educates, motivates, and drives home her point.

Randy Snow (left) lost the use of his legs as a teenager. Since then, he has become a business owner and nationally recognized sales associate, a Fortune 500 speaker, and one of the most successful wheelchair athletes in history. Drawing from his personal business successes, medal winning Paralympics competitions, and the lessons learned while accepting a spinal cord injury, Randy inspires audiences to embrace change, work together, and achieve extraordinary results.

Go to for a convention registration form and more information on entertainment, workshops, and other events planned for the 2007 Kiwanis International Convention.

89th Capital District Convention
Gary Boswell

Be sure to mark your calendar for the convention which will be held the 17th through the 19th of August 2007. The theme for the convention is “Building a better tomorrow through service”. The convention will be held in Rockville, Maryland at the Doubletree which is under renovation and will be opening under the Hilton name. As was started last year, there will be a website and registration by using the web. More information including the education that will be offered and the meals and entertainment will follow in the new year.

Eight Regional Mid-Winter Conferences Scheduled
Dave Maloney

Mid-Winter Conferences for the eight Capital District Regions have been scheduled:

  • January 13, 2007 Hampton Roads Region Midwinter Conference, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA 8:30 AM (Doc Thrush)
  • January 27, 2007 DelMarVa Regional Midwinter Conference, St John's United Meth. Church, Seaford, DE, 8:30 AM (Rose Poole)
  • February 17, 2007 Presidential Regional Midwinter Conference, Location TBA
  • March 3, 2007 Heart of Virginia Regional Midwinter Conference, Location TBA
  • March 10, 2007 Potomac Regional Midwinter Conference, Nyumburu Cultural Center, Univ. of MD, College Park, MD (Jackie Lowe)
  • March 24, 2007 NoVa Regional Midwinter Conference, Marymount University, Arlington, VA (Tony Gee)
  • March 24, 2007 Mason Dixon Regional Midwinter Conference, Howard County Community College (Bill Hand)
  • March 30-31, 2007 Southwest Virginia Regional Midwinter Conference, Location TBA
All "Kiwanis One Day" Materials Posted on Web
Has your club reserved the date of Saturday, April 7, 2007? That’s the date chosen for the first Kiwanis One Day, a major new Kiwanis service initiative.

On Kiwanis One Day, every Kiwanis club is urged to join with the rest of the Kiwanis family -- K-Kids, Builders, Key Club, Circle K, and Aktion Club -- for a day of united service. Kiwanis One Day will provide an opportunity to showcase the Kiwanis family and our commitment to service in each community.

All the support materials for Kiwanis One Day are now available via the Kiwanis International web site: the step by step plan for forming a committee and selecting a project, as well as promotional posters and a news media template release.

Everything is available in English, French, Spanish, and five other languages. For complete details, go to

District Communications Team — Share the Word
Rosemary Cummings
Starting January 2007, the District Communications Team will bolster efforts to increase and enhance Kiwanis visibility at the Club, Division, Region, and District levels. Each month, Clubs will "Share the Word" about Kiwanis and its commitment to serving children in the community and in the world. Each Club President or Secretary should inform his or her Regional Communications team member monthly about their Club’s media efforts, especially the successes. Members are Vivian Tanzer (HR), Rosemary Cummings (DMV), John Montgomery (SWVA), George Ginns (HOV), Mariannne Frederick (Pres), Fred Nugent (MD), James Lynch (Potomac). Team Members Bob Powers and Dave Maloney serve as advisors to all clubs. Supporting Builder Bob (Cressy) with his Basic Building Blocks, the team will concentrate on Education, Membership, Growth and Retention, and New Clubs through Communications, Public Relations and Marketing (CPR-M). The Team members will be available for the Regional Mid-Winter Conventions to assist clubs. Through CPR-M, we hope to breathe new members, new clubs and new leaders in the Capital District. Any Kiwanian who has suggestions or needs assistance with CPR-M can e-mail me.
Kiwanis Club of Suburban Frederick Wraps..and Wraps....and Wraps
Dave Maloney
For the 18th year, the Kiwanis Club of Suburban Frederick manned its Christmas season gift wrapping tables at FSK Mall in Frederick, MD. The mall generously provides the space and tables at no cost. Netting over $16K, this year was our best year ever thanks to the many club member as well as volunteers who kept the tables manned from Dec. 8th until the mall closed on Christmas eve. Left, club member Charlie Mertz sets up the wrapping paper. Right, volunteer Diane Oros and other volunteers hard at work.
Alleghany Highlands Club Purchases DUI Simulator Car
Frank Persinger
Virginia State Police in Highlands are using a DUI simulator car to demonstrate how alcohol impairs motorists. The car was a community project and was made from a golf cart. The cart was purchased by the Alleghany Highlands Kiwanis Club and was refurbished by Chris Persinger of JenFab and painted by George Halsey, Jr. of Halsey's Body Shop in Covington. Pictured is Mary Beirne of the Kiwanis Club operating the simulator car. From left: members of the Kiwanis Club Bill Withrow, Mike Cvizic, Tom Gross, Don Gross, Ralph Jackson, club guest Junior Parker, Gordon Specht, Bryan Thompson, Paul Siple, Bob Mann, John Stone, Bill Jonas, Bill Siple, Frank Persinger, Jr., Gary Wallace, Bill Lanehart and State Trooper Allen Mann who presented a program to the Club.
Strong Fall Season of Service for Mount Vernon Kiwanis
Derek Dupuis

October and November were very busy months for the Kiwanis Club of Mount Vernon. In October we continued our support of our neighborhood centers by hosting karaoke parties for our youth and for the local psychiatric rehabilitation services. We also assisted one community center by purchasing a CD player and furniture for the youth. Our club also recently started two new community service projects. One of our members is teaching an English as a Second Language course at the Lafayette Neighborhood Center twice per week. Another member has volunteered to teach computer training at one of our community centers twice per week. We have also continued our support for our local food bank by holding a food drive in November and by collecting fresh goods from vendors at our local farmers market each week.

The end of November marked the end of the fall and the start of our annual fundraiser. Each year the Kiwanis Club of Mount Vernon sells Christmas Trees to benefit our various local community outreach programs and our service leadership programs. Last year we made roughly $19,000 at this event. On Saturday, November 25th, our shipment of 750 Fraiser Fir trees arrived on our lot. With the help of several Key Club students we unloaded in record time! We'll be selling trees throughout the month of December. (Upper left, Kiwanis members Rich Keil and Joanne Malkin unloading trees. Upper right, students from Mount Vernon Key Club helped unload trees.)

Bag Pipes, Santa Claus and Capital District in Scottish Christmas Walk Parade

Gov. Bob Cressy

Dateline Alexandria, VA - The Christmas Holidays are in full swing with such wonderful events as the 36th Annual Scottish Christmas Walk Parade in downtown Alexandria on a crisp but sunny and bright Saturday, December 2nd. Over 125 units were in the parade with a great many Scottish bands of bag pipes and drums dressed in the regalia of their clans. “Colorful” was one word that aptly described not only the tartans but the marchers, their dogs many of which were also dressed, and the hundreds upon hundreds of spectator’s enthusiasm along the seventeen block route.

Not among those to miss an opportunity either to celebrate or miss a chance to “A.S.K. - Always Sell Kiwanis”, Governor Bob and First Lady Nancy participated with their holiday red convertible displaying Kiwanis International signs on each side. They had one of the best positions in the parade: just ahead of the honor “The Red Hackle Pipe and Drums” band from Cleveland, Ohio, AND Santa Claus high atop a fire engine at the conclusion of the parade! For more images of the event, click here.

Great fun! Great parade! Great Holiday Season! And a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday to all Kiwanians, your family and friends!

Dover Club Welcomes Gov. Bob & First Lady Nancy Cressy

Rosemary Cummings

Dover Club President Charles Marks and Mayor Steve Speed welcomed Governor Bob and First Lady Nancy Cressy at the recent Division 11 Governor’s dinner meeting in the First State. The Mayor greeted the Kiwanians and suggested they consider Dover for a future Capital District convention. Lt. Gov Rose Poole officially recognized Gov Bob with the title “Builder Bob,” when she presented him a bright yellow hard hat to continue his building efforts in the Capital District. Many Kiwanians from throughout the state of Delaware attended including former Lt. Gov Jeff Tull and his wife Pam who presented Gov Bob with his very own sports car and antique truck, as Pam read a very moving essay dedicated to the First couple.

Kiwanis Club of Mercury 64 Rings the Bell for the Salvation Army

Amy Thorstad

Member of Kiwanis Club of Mercury 64 recently worked a ten-hour shift ringing the bell for the Salvation Army's Red Kettle Christmas Campaign. The Red Kettle Christmas Campaign enables the Army to provide food, s and clothing to over 6 million people during the Christmas season and helps more than 34 million Americans recovering from all kinds of personal disasters nationwide. Pictured above from left to right are Club Vice President Roland Taylor; Lt. Governor Elect Al Baker; club member Heather Livingston, President Elect Amy Thorstad and club member Bill Higgins.

New Club in Division 17
Tom Ganse, District New Club Building Chair

Congratulations to LTG Betty Gardiner and Division 17 for organizing the District's first new club of this administrative year! The Kiwanis Club of Potomac, Maryland was organized December 5th, 2006 and is tentatively scheduled to celebrate its charter night on February 10th, 2007. A particularly hearty congratulations and "Thanks!" to Distinguished Past Lieutenant Governor Bernie Gardiner for spearheading this important success. He and his team set the benchmark for others to emulate. Congratulations and thanks also to Past Governor John Tyner for his services as TAG Team and New Club Building representative.Stay tuned for many more announcements in the coming months! We are in the final throes of organizing the District's second new club later this month or early in January, and will commence dedicated building drives for no less than five sites in January with a goal of organizing them all by the end of March. It's a *great* day to be a Kiwanian in the Capital District!

Gov. Bob Cressy adds: "PLG Bernie Gardiner was clearly the prime mover in this new club building effort. Over five months, Bernie knocked on door of businesses in the Potomac Village area and urged business leaders and their friends to join the new club as charter members. He personally was responsible for over twenty five of the new members. Bernie is a true organizer who “sells” Kiwanis from his heart and his thirty seven years of experience. Bernie, his wife, Division 17 LG Betty Gardiner, PG John Tyner also a TAG committee member, plus New Club Building Chair Tom Ganse coordinated the organizational effort. The club meets Tuesdays at 12 noon at Normandy Farms Restaurant, Falls Road, Potomac, MD.” (Above left, Division 17 LG Betty Gardiner, New Potomac Club President Jim Chandler, Bob Nylec. Above right PG and TAG John Tyner, PLG Bernie Gardiner, Club President Jim Chandler, Club Secretary Dell Nylec, and Club Vice President Mike Molnar.)

Kiwanis Club of Greater OP/OC has Mr & Mrs. Claus
D.J. Landis

Believe it or not, even Santa Claus is a Kiwanian. Ask Al Kastner, President of the Kiwanis Club of Greater OP/OC, and his wife Carol because they know Mr. & Mrs. Claus personally. (Left: children greeting Santa and Mrs. Claus, Al & Carol Kastner, as they arrive for the Breakfast with Santa). Children and parents enjoyed the pancakes and sausages customarily prepared and served by Kiwanis members at the 2006 Annual OP Department of Parks & Recreation Breakfast with Santa. (Right: (L to R) Kiwanis members preparing the food: Ron Thomson, Ed Aurand, Steve Rosen, and Bud Breidenstein).

Lower right, the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City Clauses are with Russ Barrett and The Barrett Team of Barrett Chevrolet in Berlin, MD who donated 800+ candy canes for distribution to local elementary school students. Donations were also received from Rodney Merritt, manager of Pennington Commons Food Lion, Bill Christian, manager of Happy Harry's at Manklin Creek, and Kiwanis member Jim Spicknall. More than 1400 candy canes have been donated. Helping children to have a Happy Holiday Season.

Busy Month for Division 8
Rita Rife

November has been a very exciting time for Division 8. Governor Bob Cressy of the Capital District visited Southwest Region on November 27-28 (right). On Monday, Lt. Governor of Division 8, Jon Rife and his wife Rita, Trustee Jack White and Governor Bob Cressy attended a combined meeting of the Wise, Norton, and Coeburn clubs at the UVA College at Wise. On Tuesday, November 28th, we met with the Abingdon club and Governor Bob spoke to the club and encouraged us to “ASK”, Always Sell Kiwanis. On Tuesday night, at the Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, another banquet was held honoring Governor Bob. Six clubs, Grundy, Council, Haysi, Clinch River, Clintwood, and McClure River, enjoyed hearing Bob and his message. All members were motivated to increase membership by ASKING. Nov. 30-Dec. 2, a Christmas Basketball tournament was held at Clinchco. The Kiwanis Clubs of McClure River, Haysi, Clintwood, and Council sponsor and work this tournament. Boys and Girls teams form Clintwood, Haysi, Ervington, and Council compete with all proceeds donated equally to the athletic department of the four schools. This year approximately $8,000(around $2,000 per school)was donated. As the countdown towards Christmas continues, we turn our thoughts to family, our loved ones, and many charitable gifts in this wonderful season. May Health, Joy, and Peace be yours as you travel.

Kiwanis Club of Westminster to Celebrate 75 Years
Donna R. Riley

The Kiwanis Club of Westminster, Inc. invites fellow Kiwanians, and members of the Kiwanis family to attend its 75th Anniversary Celebration of service to children and the community on Saturday, January 20, 2007,6:00 p.m., at the Westminster Riding Club, North Colonial Avenue, Westminster, Maryland The keynote speaker is Dr. Nancy S. Grasmick, Maryland's State Superintendent of Schools. $45.00 Per Person Black Tie Optional. R.S.V.P. by January 8, 2007. Reservations and payment not received by January 8, 2007 may not be accepted due to limited space. Checks payable to: Kiwanis Club of Westminster, P.O. Box 1551, Westminster, MD 21158

Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City Thanks Fruit Buyers

D.J. Landis

The Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City thanks all who purchased fruit during their annual Holiday Fruit Sale. Pictured are Kiwanians (L to R) Jim Spicknall, President Al Kastner, and Phil Lassiter awaiting customer pickup of cases of fruit at the South OPVFD fire station for the 2006 annual Holiday Fruit Sale. The sale was again chaired by Tim Collins, V for his second time. If you missed us in 2006, we'll be back in 2007.

Kiwanis Club of Old Town Presents Gift

Doug Butler

Dawn Kent (right) of the Kiwanis Club of Old Town (Winchester, Va.) presents a gift wall clock to Jackie Nicholas Hott, Executive Director of the Godfrey Miller Historic Home and Fellowship Center of Winchester. The Club has adopted a project of donating gifts to historic places of interest in the Winchester area. The Old Town Club meets in the Center's Fellowship Hall each 2nd and 4th Monday at noon.

Hampton Roads Region Clubs Raise $300,000!

Bob Powers

The clubs of the Hampton Roads region raised $300,000 to fund a mobile neonatal/pediatric intensive care unit for the Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters (CHKD) in Norfolk, VA. The unit will be used to transport critically ill children to the hospital which can provide them the best care. The unit serves not only the Hampton Roads Region but will make runs throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. Trips to and from Washington, DC and Raleigh, NC are common. The unit is equipped to provide full ICU functions for children of all ages. There is an installed incubator for neo-natal patients and larger equipment for teenagers. Div 16 Past Lt Governor Bob Veith, long-time President of the Children's Kiwanis Emergency Center Foundation presented the vehicle to the hospital in a ceremony on 13 December 2006. Following Bob’s presentation, the region's Lt Governors, Foundation officers, and CHKD staff members joined to cut the ribbon and officially deliver the unit to CHKD. This is the third project in the Region’s partnership with CHKD. Established in 1991, the Foundation first raised one million dollars to endow CHKD’s emergency room, now known as the Children's Kiwanis Emergency Center. Following completion of that project in 2001, the Foundation raised $100,000 for an “ouchless” emergency room. The funds were used to paint murals on the walls, install TVs and other things to make the ER less frightening and more child friendly. The Foundation then turned to raising funds for the transport unit. The project reached an early conclusion thanks to a $60,000 matching grant for the Disabled Veterans of America. The Hampton Roads Region will continue this partnership with CHKD. We expect to begin our next project shortly.

Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City Rings Bell

D.J. Landis

Oh the weather can be frightful,
But Kiwanis rings the bell delightful,
The Salvation Army knows,
That collecting cures holiday woes.

Every year The Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City helps to man the Salvation Army Holiday Bell Ringer Collections at the West Ocean City Wal-Mart during the season from 10 AM until 9 PM daily. Members take turns filling 3 hour shifts. Pictured is Kiwanian Bill Long jingling the bell for the Salvation Army. The collections are used by The Salvation Army to help the less fortunate, making for Happy Holidays.

Kiwanis Club of Old Town

Doug Butler

Tom Ganse, Kiwanis Capital District TAG Team Representative, presents a check to Susan Masters, President of the Kiwanis Club of Old Town (Winchester, VA) as a contribution to the newly organized Club. The Old Town Club joins Kiwanis Division 19 consisting of Clubs in Winchester, Front Royal and Clarke County.

Colonial Heights Kiwanis Club Recognizes Kiwanian of the Year

Jim O'Connell

At the Annual Holiday Party, the Colonial Heights Kiwanis Club recognized Charles Townes as the Kiwanian of year (2005 - 2006). The success of the Annual Pancake Breakfast and Annual Golf Tournament was the results of an exceptional efforts by him as chairman. Secretary Fred Zehrer presented the award to Charles.

Kiwanis Club of Hagerstown Makes Donations of $30K

Rosemary Cummings

The Kiwanis Club of Hagerstown is proud to acknowledge the number of donations made to Youth Programs throughout Hagerstown, which includes gifts of an approximate $30,000 for the year 2005-2006. Organizations which include Bester School, Eastern Elementary School, The Salvation Army, Girls Inc., The Boys and Girls Club, and Children's Village among many others. The club members do weekly reading at child care centers throughout the city, i.e., Hagerstown Grace, Surrey, Robinwood, and Hagerstown Day Nursery.


submitted by Jack White

ASTANA, Kazakhstan — Valentina Sivryukova knew her public service messages were hitting the mark when she heard how one Kazakh schoolboy called another stupid. “What are you,” he sneered, “iodine-deficient or something?” Ms. Sivryukova, president of the national confederation of Kazakh charities, was delighted. It meant that the years spent trying to raise public awareness that iodized salt prevents brain damage in infants were working. If the campaign bore fruit, Kazakhstan’s national I.Q. would be safeguarded. In fact, Kazakhstan has become an example of how even a vast and still-developing nation like this Central Asian country can achieve a remarkable public health success. In 1999, only 29 percent of its households were using iodized salt. Now, 94 percent are. Next year, the United Nations is expected to certify it officially free of iodine deficiency disorders...Read more

All Kiwanis One Day Materials Posted on Web

David Williams

Has your club reserved the date of Saturday, April 7, 2007? That’s the date chosen for the first Kiwanis One Day, a major new Kiwanis service initiative.

On Kiwanis One Day, every Kiwanis club is urged to join with the rest of the Kiwanis family -- K-Kids, Builders, Key Club, Circle K, and Aktion Club -- for a day of united service. Kiwanis One Day will provide an opportunity to showcase the Kiwanis family and our commitment to service in each community.

All the support materials for Kiwanis One Day are now available via the Kiwanis International web site: the step by step plan for forming a committee and selecting a project, as well as promotional posters and a news media template release.

Everything is available in English, French, Spanish, and five other languages. For complete details, go to

Giving Blood and Time

D.J. Landis

Every couple of months the Blood Bank of Delmarva Bloodmobile comes to the library in Ocean Pines to collect blood from local donors. Every time that occurs, the local Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/ Ocean City members show up to give blood and to donate time to assist at the recovery table. Pictured are (L to R): Ralph Chinn, Steve Rosen, Skip Denning, and Kiwanis Blood Drive Chairman, Joe Bagdon, manning the table.

One of the handouts at the Blood Drive touches the heart and makes clear how vital blood donations are as it explains how triplets Hailey, Hunter and Kaitlyn of North East, Maryland, who were born 26 weeks prematurely, needed transfusions to survive. Their mother Beth is a regular blood donor in appreciation for the donated blood that saved her triplet's lives. Today they are healthy and happy. It's just one example of the importance of donating blood. Watch the newspapers for the next blood drive in Ocean Pines, and take time to donate your life-saving blood.

Charles County Kiwanis Club Helps Children's Aid Society

Christine Mais

For the 15th year, the Charles County Kiwanis Club has again volunteered time with the Children’s Aid Society Christmas Connection project. The project, run almost entirely by volunteers, provides new s and other items to needy area families. Most everything given to families comes through donations from individuals and various organizations/businesses in the county. Working with the Department of Social Services and other family service organizations, families apply for assistance through this project. Children’s Aid Society staff screen families to ensure a fair distribution and to avoid any duplication of effort. During the week-long distribution, the head of each family is given the opportunity to select gifts for each child (in their family) from infant through school age teens.

The Charles County Kiwanis Club donated $500 in s and gifts and volunteered over 60 service hours escorting parents or grandparents to “shop” for gifts for their children. Some of the money raised by the club through the annual Christmas ornament fundraiser is used to support this effort. The club participates in this most successful fundraiser with the other Kiwanis Clubs in Charles County.

Along with Kiwanians, many other community service organizations volunteer time or donate s and other items. The Marine Corp s for Tots campaign, the Charles County Sheriff’s Office, and the local United Way… to name just a few of the other organizations involved in this effort.

This year, some 3000 local children from 900 families will receive s, filled stockings, hats, scarves and gloves, games, puzzles, clothing items, a turkey, fresh produce and canned/shelf food items. This is one of our county’s most successful activities… we all agree, helping to make the holidays better for people in need truly represents the spirit of Christmas. Our club is delighted to be part of this effort.

47th Annual Capital District Circle K Convention February 16-18, 2007

Jeffrey Wolf

Book your calendars now for the 47th Annual Capital District Circle K Convention in Charlottesville, Virginia for "That's a Wrap: Capital in the Spotlight". This year's Circle K District Convention really has some fantastic highlights for EVERYONE in the Kiwanis-Family to enjoy.

The Friday night Opening Session will feature the comedy hypnosis of Dr. Larry Volz. Volz is CEO of The American Hypnosis Clinic - the largest hypnotherapy clinic of its kind with over 150 offices nationwide. He is also host of the Weekly talk show Emoga: Mental health, hypnosis and happiness. He won the People's Choice Award in 2000 for his on-stage mysteries and has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and The Animal Planet as well as comedy clubs, cruise lines, colleges and theatres around the World. Recently he starred in two episodes of the top rated television show in Japan where he hypnotized 20 of Japan's biggest celebrities… through a translator! The Presidents’ Banquet will not disappoint with red carpet attractions such as a return of the CKI Talent Show and Oratorical Competitions. Plus, as an added treat and to further promote the 2006-07 Circle K District Project of Literacy, we have secured President and Chief Executive Officer of Reading Is Fundamental, Ms. Carol Hampton Rasco as the Celebrity Keynote Speaker for the evening.

In November 2001, Carol Hampton Rasco was named president and chief executive officer of Reading Is Fundamental, Inc., America's oldest and largest nonprofit children's and family literacy organization. Throughout her life, Rasco has been a devoted advocate for children, youth, and families, as a professional and as a volunteer. Prior to this position, Rasco was the executive director for government relations at the College Board. From 1997 through 2000, Rasco served as the Senior Adviser to U.S. Secretary of Education, Richard W. Riley, and as director of the America Reads Challenge, a four-year national campaign to promote the importance of all children reading well and independently by the end of the third grade. Previously, Rasco worked for four years in the White House as domestic policy adviser to the president and directed the Domestic Policy Council. Charlottesville is the place to be and be seen the weekend of February 16-18, 2007 and I hope to see many members of the Kiwanis-Family in attendance with us.

Wal-Mart Gives Matching Grant

D.J. Landis

Kiwanian Jim Duke, Chairman for the Annual Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City Golf for Scholarships Tournament, receives a $1000 check from Wal-Mart, presented by Tracey Peters, Customer Service Manager for the W. Ocean City Wal-Mart. The grant is from the Wal-Mart Foundation Community Involvement "Good Works" Program to the Kiwanis Foundation in support scholarships for deserving senior students at Steven Decatur High School. It represented a match of $1000 of funds raised by Kiwanis from the Annual Golf for Scholarships Tournament held every September.

Kiwanis Club of Poquoson's Truckload of Toys

Joe Discenza

On Tuesday, December 19, at their weekly breakfast, The Kiwanis Club of Poquoson presented a "Truck Load of Toys" to the Poquoson Empty Stocking Fund. This is the fourth year Kiwanis has participated in this worthwhile program, spearheaded by Frank and Madonna Kreiger and Tom and Carol Mann, all of Poquoson. Pictured are club members (left to right) Hal Neher, Don Ward, Frank Kreiger, George Hawes, and Johnny Byard.

Capital District Board Will Make History At Its February Meeting

Jack White

Far Southwest Virginia, home to Division 8, gave birth to some of the earliest Kiwanis Clubs in the Capital District – beginning in the early 1920s. That was just a few years after Kiwanis itself was founded in 1915.

Yet, in the 80-plus years since those clubs were chartered, the District Board never has met in that part of its domain. In fact, it never has held a meeting in the western-most 200 miles of the Capital District, the area between Roanoke and the Kentucky border.

All that will end on February 7 and 8 when the Board convenes in Historic Abingdon, home of Southwest Virginia District Trustee Jack White and the 85-member Kiwanis Club of Abingdon –the largest west of Roanoke.

The site of this meeting will be Jubilee House (right), a modern conference center owned and operated by the Catholic Church. Twenty double rooms are available for District officials and other attendees, with almost 200 overflow beds two minutes away at Exit 19 of I-81, the main highway access to Abingdon.

Kiwanians from throughout the District are welcome to share this historic event. It will begin Wednesday evening with a 6:00 p.m. reception, hosted by Abingdon Kiwanians, followed by dinner prepared by the Jubilee House staff and the opening session of the Board meeting.

Thursday morning, the Board will convene again and continue working until its agenda is finished. Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the conference center. Some Board members say they plan to spend Thursday night and enjoy some of the Town’s well-known attractions including the Barter Theatre before they drive home.

Historic Abingdon is one of the oldest incorporated towns west of the Blue Ridge Mountains and a favorite of visitors and retirees from all over the world. Download the flier from this site for more information about the Board meeting and the Town.

If you are among the first to register, a special conference package is available which includes a twin room and three meals at Jubilee House for just $100. A guest can share your room and enjoy the same three meals for $50 extra. And you can stay the second night for a $20 room charge. For those staying elsewhere, individual meals at Jubilee House are available with advance reservations. Reservations should be made through District Secretary-Treasurer Ellis Stroup or Trustee Jack White. For more information, call White at 276-619-3831. See you in Abingdon! Click here for flyer.

Charlottesville K-Family Rings Kettle Bells for The Salvation Army

Jim Hart

Fifth Division Lieutenant Governor Herb Ely and his sister, Charlottesville Club Treasurer, Barb Ritter, are shown at left standing outside Giant in Seminole Square ringing the bells for The Salvation Army. Kiwanians rang at that location all day and helped fill the kettle with over $480. A similar amount was raised by the Western Albemarle Key Club whose members enthusiastically rang all day in front of Michael's in Barracks Road Shopping Center. Pictured right are (L to R) Kevin McCrory and Lee Winslow. The Key Clubs at Albemarle High School and Fluvanna County High School and the Circle K chapter at the University of Virginia also staffed kettle locations this year and helped The Salvation Army raise nearly $100,000 to help the needy. In addition, Key Clubbers assisted with the Angel Tree at Fashion Square Mall for many hours and Circle K adopted a family and helped The Salvation Army bring Christmas to over 700 families, including more than 1,500 children and teens, in need.

December News from the Shenandoah Valley Kiwanis Club

Jeanne M. Martino-McAllister

The Shenandoah Valley Kiwanis Club (SVKC) meets every Thursday at 7:00 am in Rowe’s Restaurant. Recent community service events conducted by the club members included Salvation Army Bell Ringing December 9 and 16 in Downtown Staunton, participating in the Christmas Parade Float with club member Angie Alltop from Celebrate! Special Christmas Cheer for our military in Iraq included generous donations seven boxes of items mailed to Phillip Norris, son of club member Michael Norris and wife, Dee. SVKC Club members can be found volunteering at the Dixie Theater in downtown Staunton.

The SVKC has made monetary contributions to several community organizations including Habitat for Humanity (Local Chapter), the American Red Cross (Local Chapter), One Child At A Time (OCAT), Commonwealth Center for Children and the Valley Alliance for Education.

The SVKC Sponsored Youth programs include the Key Club at Fort Defiance High School which as collected s and books for the TV3 Drive and are planning a blood drive and a canned food drive. The Builders Club at Stewart Middle School collected 232 cans of food for the Salvation Army and 60 holiday bags for the Veterans Administration Hospital in Salem, Virginia. And, the Bessie Weller K-Kids have started a walking club for better health. Boy Scout Troop 32, also sponsored by SKVC, raised $1300 at a spaghetti dinner.

Kiwanis Club of Grafton and the Kiwanis Builders Club Entertain for Holidays
Greg Davy

Members of the Kiwanis Club of Grafton and the Kiwanis Builders Club of Grafton Middle School were bearers of songs and gifts at a recent visit to the Regency Health Care Center in Grafton. Joining in the festivities in the group photo, top row from left: Linda Meadows, Al Meadows, Rand Irons, Grace Lin, Kelly Scott, Grace Chen, Jessica Lee, Kiana Wister, Angelica Galvez, Judy Roberts, Charlie Park and Builders Club sponsor Brenda Tagge. Bottom row, from left: Joe Emerson, Kathy Everhart, Tom Tragle and Lee Roberts. (Shown is Emily Jones, an eighth grader at Grafton Middle School, toting a basket of gifts for residents.)

Colonial Capital Kiwanis Club Completes Toy Drive

Gil Curl

The Colonial Capital Kiwanis Club completed their 26th annual “Toy Drive for Local Kids” in early December. The Kiwanis toy drive is the club’s principal community service activity, and is widely recognized and highly regarded in our community. Funding for the project comes from a variety of sources, but we are probably best recognized by the general public for “shaking canisters” at several local shopping centers. We also hold an annual golf tournament to supplement these fund-raising efforts. This year the tournament, held at the Williamsburg National Golf Club, was dedicated to the memory of Bill Finley. Bill, who passed away this year, was a long time local Kiwanis Club member who gave countless hours to support our projects for the children.

With plenty of help from the Key Clubs we sponsor at Bruton High School and Williamsburg Christian Academy (upper right) as well as the club members and spouses, we worked with the parents as they selected toys for their children at a local toy store. This year we served 250 families, representing a total of 490 children, and purchased over $15,000 worth of toys in support of our community service project. Support for this project comes from many generous people in our community and we in the Colonial Capital Kiwanis Club are delighted that we continue to have a part in “Serving the Children of the World.”

Kiwanis Club of the Peninsula at Oyster Point Presents Gifts

Suzi Edwards

On December 21, 2006, the Kiwanis Club of the Peninsula at Oyster Point presented gifts to the Riverside Behavioral Health Center in Newport News. Children come to the Center for help with behavioral and personal problems, and their families often cannot afford gifts for them. Several times each year, the Kiwanis Club collects items to be given to the clients of the Center to let them know that the community cares about them. Presenting one of the gifts is (on the right) Sandy Sammons, Kiwanis Club President, and accepting on behalf of the Center is (on the right) Donna Fitzgerald, Director.
Photo by Suzi Edwards

In December, 2006, the Kiwanis Club of the Peninsula at Oyster Point rechartered the Key Club of Woodside Height School in Newport News, Virginia. The Key Club has already completed community service projects including providing meals for troops stationed at Ft. Eustis, Virginia, who cannot get home for the holidays. The Kiwanis Club Advisor to the Key Club is Michelle McMullen. The formal ceremony celebrating the rechartering will be held in January, 2007.

East Baltimore Kiwanis Member Recognized

Randy Veale

On December 21 2006, East Baltimore Kiwanis President Randolph P. Veale Jr. was awarded a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the club for mentoring neighborhood children after school for three hours every Tuesday at the Southeast Youth Academy during the school's first semester. The event was held at the Creative Alliance in the old Patterson Theatre in the heart of Highlandtown. During the event children gave a program to their family and friends.

Wilmington, Delaware Kiwanis Club Joined by Key Clubbers; Recognize Police Officer

Richard Holmes

Wilmington, Delaware Kiwanis Club invited local Key Clubbers (left) to join them for lunch at the annual club Christmas party. Santa was there, handing out gifts - and praising Kiwanians for all their dedication to community projects in 2006. Rena Hardy, chair of the spiritual aims committee made all the arrangements for the Holiday event - including lining up a local tenor to serenade the group with three beautiful carols.

It was also Police Officer of the Year award day and the award went to Cpl. Peter Leccia (right), pictured with his wife Jennifer. Cpl. Leccia of the Wilmington Police Dept, working closely with State Police helped solve a rash of robberies that plagued communities within their jurisdiction. Leccia's superiors congratulated him on being a dedicated and thorough law enforcement officer.

Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City Gives to Priority One

David J. Landis

Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City President, Al Kastner, half of the Mr. & Mrs. Claus team associated with Kiwanis, donated the $200 awarded to them by Andrea Barnes of the MidAtlantic Symphony for their two appearances, one at Community Church, Ocean Pines, and the second at Mariner Bethel Church in Ocean View, DE. A clean shaven Santa, wearing only his seasonal red sweater, turned over the $200 check to Kiwanian Dick Jacobs, who is the club chairman for Young Children: Priority One. (Shown are (L) Al Kastner with (R) Dick Jacobs with check in hand). Priority One is affiliated with Worcester County G.O.L.D. (Giving Others Lives Dignity) and supports the special needs of children from the pre-natal stage through age 5. Voluntary donations are collected at weekly club meetings, and funds are distributed periodically to Priority One and the March of Dimes.

Rehoboth Beach Kiwanis Club Donates Schoolpacks

Rosemary Cummings

Rehoboth Beach Kiwanis Club donated ten dozen school backpacks to the community schools they serve, Rehoboth Elementary in Rehoboth Beach, Shields Elementary in Lewes and Frankford Elementary in Frankford, Delaware. After meeting with school principals this past summer to learn ways Kiwanis could assist the students, all Principals mentioned the need for backpacks, winter coats, shirts, and slacks to meet the emergency needs the School Counselor or Nurse have to meet on a daily basis. At Lord Baltimore ES, the K-Kids Club, which previously met at a local church, now meets each week to make quilts (students with Advisor Mrs. Fradel designing gift quilts) and serve the school and community. Frankford Elementary, Principal Duncan Reed (seen receiving with two students receiving the backpacks) opted to begin the Terrific Kids and BUG programs, as did Rehoboth Elementary School, to improve behavior and boost grades. Children in the program will receive books the Rehoboth Kiwanis Club donated at their holiday party as well as other gift and party incentives.

Kiwanis Club of Old Town Mans Kettle

Doug Butler

A young contributor, 6 year old Andrew Brait of Winchester, Va. deposits money in the Salvation Army Kettle manned by Anita Hill (left) and Sherri Ambrogi of the Kiwanis Club of Old Town (Winchester, Va). The Club is participating in a Fund Raising Contest among local civic clubs trying to win the Outstanding Funds Collected in Kettles.

Rehoboth Kiwanis Club Erects Creche Scene

Rosemary Cummings

The Kiwanis Creche has been a Holiday tradition for both the Kiwanis Club and Rehoboth Beach for more than 40 years. With the Rehoboth Avenue Streetscape completed, the Rehoboth Kiwanis Club had to search for a new home the Creche. Thanks to Patty Hastings, manager for the Rehoboth Ave Wilmington Trust, the tradition continues. Kiwanians Jack Eliason, Jim Horn and George Blacklock arrived early Saturday December 2 at the Kent Ave. Club House to repair, prepare and assemble the nativity figures and manager for transport to the new location. Kiwanians Alin Buckley, Jim Kunkle, Art Pressl and Ron Paterson arrived later to help supervise unloading the truck. Stalwart Key Clubbers Chrissy Beckman, Kristen Mintzer, Brett Morris, Michelle Ogorzalek from Cape Henlopen HS provided the vigor, strength and expertise for the actual assembly. The new site is in front of the new Wilmington Trust Branch and can be seen day and evening until January 2.

Cape Henlopen HS Key Club Raises Nearly $8K

Rosemary Cummings

Chrissy Beckman, Cape Henlopen HS Key Club Secretary reports the Key Club raised almost $8,000 including sponsor donations before the race. The Race run December 16 in collaboration with the HS Winter Track team was a 5k Run/1 mile walk to benefit Rachel Englebirth, a sister to one of the girls on the team. Rachel suffers from a deadly illness- she has a mass on her brain, which requires very risky surgery soon to remove it. The little girl is almost six years old and deals with other illnesses. As Sarah Smith, Div 11 Lt. Key Club Gov said, “this event showed everyone what a difference Key Clubbers can make when we pull together!”

Kiwanis of East Baltimore Recognized by Johns Hopkins Burn Center and Hampstead Hill Academy

Hazel Kroen

The Kiwanis Club of East Baltimore was invited to a luncheon on December 5th at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center to celebrate and thank them and the Kiwanis Gift Shoppe for their support in fulfilling their pledge of $250,000 to the Johns Hopkins Burn Center. At right, Greg Schaffer, President of Bayview Medical Center (R), presents a plaque to Kiwanis President, Randy Veale in honor of the occasion.

The Burn Center was established in 1968 with a donation of $20,000 from Kiwanis and was originally called the Kiwanis Burn Unit. Over the years they have contributed over $1 million to the burn center. Don Hannahs, who was Kiwanis President at that time, was the force behind the fund raising effort. He states "I was there when they brought the first patient to the center. It was a child from Easton. She survived a terrible burn. I knew we had started something great.” In 1969 The Metropolitan Fire Fighters Burn Center Fund, Inc. provided additional funds. In 1976, Maryland Institute of Emergency Medical Services renamed the burn center “The Baltimore Regional Burn Center”. In 1988, BRBC started the first camp on the east coast for child burn survivors and established the Center for Burn Reconstruction.

Dr. Stephen Milner, Director of the Burn Center gave an update on the Center whose patients have a 95% survival rate, state-of-the-art medical technology, a team of health care professionals who specialize in burn care (doctors, nurses, therapist, nutritionists, pharmacists, psychologist, social workers, and case coordinators), a unique comprehensive treatment program that integrates acute burn care, rehabilitation and reconstructive surgery and support services. The Johns Hopkins Burn Center now has two sites: Hopkins Bayview treats burn patients over 15 years of age for all types of burns. Patients under 15 are sent to Johns Hopkins Hospital, which has facilities for treating children. The Johns Hopkins Burn Center has been verified by the American College of Surgeons/American Burn Association verification program since 1995. Through the operations of the Gift Shoppes on the Bayview campus the Kiwanis of East Baltimore continue to support the Johns Hopkins Burn Center.

Potomac Regional Mid-Winter Conference Scheduled - Building Blocks for Success

Jonnie Mann

The Potomac Region is gearing up for its second Regional Mid-Winter Conference to be held March 10, 2007 at the Nyumburu Cultural Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD. The day's activities will start with registration and continental breakfast at 8:00. Workshops will begin at 9:30 with sessions to include Recruiting Younger Members, Spotlight on Circle K, Key Club, Aktion Club, How to Market Your Club, Revitalizing a Weak Club, Spotlight on Builders Clubs, K-Kids, Terrific Kids, BUG, Training for LTG-Elects and President-Elects, and more. The registration fee of $30 includes all materials, continental breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks. The Conference will conclude at 3:15 with raffle drawings and closing remarks. The Potomac Region had a total of 135 attendees at the Mid-Winter Conference in 2006 and we are planning to surpass that number in 2007. Look for flyers and on-line registration to be available soon. Plan to come join us for a great Conference at the University of Maryland on March 10, 2007.

Kiwanis Club of Baltimore City Announces Innovative Fundraising Product

Mary Brady

Kiwanis Club of Baltimore City, a venerable 91-year-old institution in Baltimore has decided to forego the peanut sales, car washes and car-parking operations that have previously comprised their fundraising activities. Instead, the largest Kiwanis Club in Baltimore has produced a unique addition to Baltimore’s tourism industry, benefiting not only the club’s finances, but also contributing to the economic health and vitality of the city.

The mission of the Kiwanis Club of Baltimore City is to support activities that benefit underprivileged children in Baltimore City. With this project, the club also hopes to raise both residents and tourists’ awareness and appreciation of important historical sites while they are enjoying this entertaining and educational audio tour. Local historian Alan Gephardt is the narrator of an original script based on his double decker bus tours.

A Driving Tour of Charm City features sixteen audio tracks, covering most major tourist attractions from the Inner Harbor all the way up to The Maryland Zoo and back again. A map, with all points of interest illustrated, is included. You can listen to a sample track, and see the map online. The CD is available for wholesale or retail ordering, renting or downloading at, and at the following cultural destinations:

  • The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum
  • The Basilica of the Assumption
  • The Baltimore Museum of Art

The retail price is $11.99. Production costs were donated by Renegade of Hunt Valley, with additional professional services (studio master production) provided by B & H Audio of Towson.

Kiwanis Club of Mitchellville Helps Needy During Christmas Season

Rose McClyde

The Kiwanis Club of Mitchellville partnered with the Prince George's Department of Social Services, “Holiday Sharing Campaign 2006” during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The club provides a warm and traditional holiday season for low income families, deprived children, senior citizens, disabled adults, homeless families or victims of domestic violence through gifts of food, clothing and toys for children. Club members delivered these items to two families this year. The families were very appreciative and club members gain great joy by being able to serve in this way.

The Club also held it’s annual holiday gift wrap fundraiser at the Bowie Town Center shopping center on weekends December 8-24, 2006. Members volunteer to man the gift wrap station located in the Center’s food court. Funds raised from this effort fund the clubs sponsored youth and service projects.

Kiwanis Club of Winchester Holds Children's Christmas Party

Bill Jeunette

The Kiwanis Club of Winchester held their Annual Children's Christmas Party and Luncheon on Dec 13th. The Club holds this event every year and invites 4 disadvantaged youngsters from each of the elementary schools in Frederick, Clarke and the City of Winchester as their guests. The youngsters are selected by the school staff based upon need and transportation is provided by both the school systems and individual Kiwanis members. With 20 elementary schools involved this meant preparing food and purchasing gifts for each child. Club volunteers shopped a week prior to the event and wrapped each gift and filled Goody Bags with smaller items. The youngsters are hosted at each table by several Kiwanis members. Carols are sung and of course Santa and his helpers arrive to distributed the gifts. Each child is called by name and presented a gift and goody bag by Santa and the Elves.The man behind the beard is Kiwanian Dave Reichert and the elves are members of James Wood Key Club. In other news the Builders Club at Daniel Morgan collected 700 items (toys & such) for the Timbrook Toy Drive in honor of slain Winchester police officer Timbrook. The James Wood Builders held a very successful "necessities drive" over 750 items for the Shelter for Abused Women. Items collected were in the "toiletries" category. Pictured is Santa and his Elves waiting for the big moment.

Rehoboth Kiwanis Rings Salvation Army Bell

Rosemary Cummings

Rehoboth Kiwanis members again rang the bells the morning and afternoon of December 8 for the Salvation Army at the Rehoboth Wal-Mart, followed by the Cape Key Clubbers in the evening and the next day. The Key Clubbers also answered to call to serve at the Rehoboth K-Mart Saturday December 23, encouraging all their friends to join with them. Local Salvation Army coordinator, John Yunker told Kiwanian Jim Kunkle, “the Kiwanians did okay raising the Bell, but the Key Clubbers exceeded all expectations.” What was the big difference this year – the Key Clubbers took this opportunity to sing carols for the holiday shoppers and the shoppers in turn dug deep to fill the kettle.

A Kiwanian Says Good-bye to Old 2006

Dick Holmes

Kiwanian Dick Holmes offers a whimsical good-bye to 2006:

“Yes, operator, I know this is an unusual request, but perhaps you can help. I would like to speak with old 2006 before he leaves. Do you have any idea where I might find him?”

“You could try the census bureau in Washington, sir. Just dial area code 203, then 555-1212.”
“Thank you, operator.”

(Seconds later)
“Information, may I help you?”
“Yes, operator, please connect me with the Census Bureau.”

...Read more

Kiwanis Club of LaPlata Hosts Ice Cream Social

Judi Gorney

On December 14, 2006, the Kiwanis Club of LaPlata hosted an ice cream social for the LaPlata High School Key Club, organized by Jim and Judi Gorney. During the get together, the Key Club president, Jen Ruglia, talked about their upcoming projects and goals for the year. The Key Clubbers brought winter coats with them to be donated to a local shelter. President John Meyers presented some gifts of appreciation to Ms. Roslyn Grant, a teacher at LaPlata High School and the Key Club Advisor. The grand prize winner was Key Clubber, Devon Renner, who won Washington Nationals' tickets after answering a baseball trivia question about Warren Spahn. (Upper left, President John Meyers presenting gifts to Key Club Advisor, Roslyn Grant. Upper right, members of the LaPlata High School Key Club and the Kiwanis Club of LaPlata play games at the ice cream social held at the school.)

Hampton Roads Region Announces Mid-Winter Conference

Vivian Tanzer

Building a Better World Through Service — The 2007 Regional Midwinter Conference Planning Committee for the Hampton Roads Revion (Divisions 13, 16, 20, 21) wants you to attend on our Conference which is scheduled for January 13th, 2007 at The Webb Center, Old Dominion University, Norfolk. Virginia. 8AM-2:30PM. Service project: Bring a new or gently used book appropriate for 0-6 year olds.

Chincoteague Kiwanis Club Celebrates 60 years of Service

Tom Lust

The Chincoteague Kiwanis Club celebrated 60 years of community service on December 9 with an evening gala at the Chincoteague Community Center. Dinner and music made the evening one to remember. Honored guests included Governor-elect Art Riley and wife Vickie, Delmarva Region Trustee Walt Rudy and wife Janice, Lt Governor Barbara Hickman, and Past-Governor Yvonne Holley. Attendees were treated to a delicious catered meal and entertainment by Moonstruck Music. The Delmar Club, with 6 members in attendance, walked away with 3 door prizes AND the 50-50 drawing. Crisfield donated a Snack Basket that was used as a door prize. A slide show of photos from the club beginnings to the present was on view.

MoonStruck Music entertains the head table (Yvonne Holley and Linda Lust are visible) The Delmar club table Past and present presidents (left to right: Tom Lust - present, Betty Mullins - 06, Bill Fallon - 03,04,05, Henry Cathey - 99, Gerry Ryan - 97, Bob Weaver - 92, 93, Myron (Dixie) Birch - 91, Dick Conklin - 71, Bill McComb - 68 Chincoteague Kiwanis Club Members Delmar Club president Jim Levadnuk accepting 50-50 winnings. 

Chincoteague Kiwanis Club Enters Float

Tom Lust

The Chincoteague Kiwanis Club decided to enter a float in the Annual Chincoteague Christmas Parade on December 2. This was the first time the club did this and it was a wonderful success. Club members decorated a pontoon boat with lights, decorations, and manned it with club members and community children. Candy was distributed along the parade route. everyone had a great time AND WE GOT 1st PRIZE IN THE NON-COMMERCIAL CATEGORY! Everyone looks forward to next year's parade. (Upper left, the happy crew after the parade. Upper right, club secretary receiving the first place trophy.)

The Chincoteague Kiwanis club also served food and refreshments to participants and observers of the Annual Christmas Parade at the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department Main street fire house. Club members boiled nearly 500 hot dogs, put them in buns, and wrapped then in aluminum foil for hungry marchers and watchers. Hot chocolate, cookies, and other goodies delighted young and old alike. All food and drink items were donated by island businesses and individuals.

Kiwanis Club of LaPlata Helps Cancer Victim

Judi Gorney

Before the holidays, members Jim and Judi Gorney of the Kiwanis of LaPlata Club, became aware of, through a friend, that a family’s young mom was very sick with cancer. As if this weren’t bad enough, her health made it all but impossible to shop for Christmas gifts for her young children, but also money was tight. Jim asked our Kiwanis Club of LaPlata if they would be interested in helping this family for Christmas. The response was overwhelming. Our Club donated money from our ornament sales to buy a food gift certificate from Safeway. The members individually donated money to contribute for things that the children had on their lists to Santa.

With the money collected, Judi shopped! The gifts were then delivered for the mom and children to a neighbor who took it to the family on Christmas Eve, just as if Santa had magically appeared! Jim spoke to the mom a few days after Christmas. She was so touched by the kindness and generosity of our group she had trouble putting it into words. We plan on keeping tabs on this family in the months to come to see if they need anything in the future. In the spirit of the holidays, this shows that such a little effort went such a very long way.

Kiwanis Club of Baltimore City Announces Innovative Fundraiser

Mary Brady

A venerable 91-year-old institution in Baltimore has decided to forego the peanut sales, car washes and car-parking operations that have previously comprised their fundraising activities. Instead, the largest Kiwanis Club in Baltimore has produced a unique addition to Baltimore’s tourism industry, benefiting not only the club’s finances, but also contributing to the economic health and vitality of the city.

The mission of the Kiwanis Club of Baltimore City is to support activities that benefit underprivileged children in Baltimore City. With this project, the club also hopes to raise both residents and tourists’ awareness and appreciation of important historical sites while they are enjoying this entertaining and educational audio tour. Local historian Alan Gephardt is the narrator of an original script based on his double decker bus tours.

A Driving Tour of Charm City features sixteen audio tracks, covering most major tourist attractions from the Inner Harbor all the way up to The Maryland Zoo and back again. A map, with all points of interest illustrated, is included. You can listen to a sample track, and see the map online. The CD is available for wholesale or retail ordering, renting or downloading at, and at the following cultural destinations:

• The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum
• The Basilica of the Assumption
• The Baltimore Museum of Art

The retail price is $11.99. Production costs were donated by Renegade of Hunt Valley, with additional professional services (studio master production) provided by B & H Audio of Towson.