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July 2006


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This issue at a glance:

Holley’s Heroes — Together we CAN, Together we WILL

Gov. Yvonne Holley

Where has the time gone? We are entering the final quarter of our Kiwanis Administrative Year and there is still work to be done to get the 8 new clubs and 1000 new members by September 30.

This year, I have been focusing on membership retention and recruitment, and on all members of the District working together, as a team, to accomplish the imagined impossible. I thank the members of Divisions 5, 22, 23 and Lt. Governors McAllister, Buchanan and Meadows for having 100% of their clubs adding at least one new member this year. There are some clubs that have added no members thus far, but the year is not over yet! We still have the opportunity, by inviting others to join us, to change the world one child and one community at a time. Let’s do it! If you have not already invited a new member to join you in making a difference in the life of a child, make the commitment now. Together we can climb higher in strengthening membership so we can provide more service for our children.

Count them — One. Two. Three. We now have three clubs that were organized in our District this administrative year. The third and newest club to be added to our Kiwanis family is the Kiwanis Club of Old Town, which is located in Division 19. The Club meets for lunch the second and fourth Mondays of each month at Donatos Restaurant in downtown Winchester. A hearty “Thank You” to Susan Masters, Doug Butler and all others who played a role in organizing Old Town with twenty-five new members at their organizational meeting May 31, 2006. There charter date is still pending. Only five more clubs are needed to reach the goal of eight new clubs this year. We have three months to make this happen. It is POSSIBLE – Together, we can do it!

I take this opportunity to announce the appointment of Past Governor Warren Kane as the new TAG Team Chair. Warren and other members of the TAG Team are resources to assist clubs in retaining and increasing their membership. They are waiting to be invited to assist you with your club’s membership needs. Before you consider resigning your club’s charter, please give Warren and his team a call.

June 1 was the due date for the 2006-2007 club officer election form to be sent to the District and International offices. As of June 20, information had not been received from 53 clubs. Your club election form is important and needed because it is used as an official source of information concerning your club. The club information found in the District’s Directory is taken directly from the club officer election form. Please do your part to help keep the Directory current and accurate.

Several important meetings and/or events that appeared on my June schedule included:

  • The Board of Trustees’ Meeting which lasted a little longer than usual. The minutes of the meeting can be found on the District’s website and I encourage you to take a few minutes to review them.
  • The District Leadership Conference that was designed for a weekend of training, team building, and goal setting for Trustees, Lt. Governors-designate, Committee chairs and members.
  • The Arlington Kiwanis Club 75th Anniversary. The club marked the occasion with a celebration that could rival many Hollywood social events. The special guest speaker was Katie Couric, daughter of one of the club’s members. She was as charming in person as she is (or was) on The Today Show.
  • Visit to Chincoteague Island and the Kiwanis Club of Chincoteague

While traveling within the District, I have had the opportunity to learn about and participate in many of your service and fund raising projects. As a result of my visits, I am convinced more than ever that we do not “toot our horns” enough when we provide outstanding services for the benefit of our children and our communities. I had the opportunity and the pleasure to visit with members of such a club, the Chincoteague Kiwanis Club, June 7-10. This is one of many clubs within the District that is making a major difference within their community and we never hear about it. Please read about my visit to Chincoteague in a separate article below.

Call me CRAZY, but I STILL believe – 8 new clubs and 1000 new members by September 30!

Call to Capital District Convention
Ellis Stroup
In accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws of the Capital District Kiwanis International, official notice is hereby given that the Eighty Eighth Annual Convention of the Capital District will be held in Reston, Virginia at The Hyatt Regency Reston, August 18-20, 2006.

Each chartered club in good standing in the Capital District shall be entitled to three (3) delegates, two of whom shall be the President and President-elect. Each chartered club at the time of selection of delegates may choose one alternate for each delegate. Delegates and alternates must be active, privileged, or senior members in good standing in the clubs which they represent. In the event a chartered club does not have a delegate to represent it at a District Convention, it may designate one Past Lieutenant Governor, with that person’s concurrence, who is an active member of a club of the same Division, to serve as its delegate to any District Convention.

Financial indebtedness to the Capital District and Kiwanis International must be cleared before club delegates may be seated in the house-of-delegates at the convention.

Attention is called to the fact that the house-of-delegates will be convened on Saturday afternoon, August 19, 2006, to handle routine business such as amendments, resolutions, etc. A second delegate session will be held on Sunday morning, August 20, 2006, at which time the election of officers will be conducted.

Forms for use in certifying the Election of Delegates and Alternates to this convention have been mailed to each club secretary of record.

Capital District Convention Aug 18-20, 2006 Draws Closer
Paul Mehler, Publicity Chair

The 2006 Capital District Kiwanis Convention Planning Committee is hard at work to make the 88th Annual Capital District Kiwanis Convention an experience you will never forget.

Click here for the 4th and latest Convention Newsletter.

This year's convention will take place August 18-20, 2006 at the Hyatt Regency Reston in Reston, Virginia. The theme for this year's convention will be "Service Takes Center Stage" as we put a spotlight on the basis of Kiwanis International. For the latest information, go to the Convention Web site at We look forward to seeing each and every one of you in Reston next summer.

Register for the 88th Annual District Convention online! Go to and click on "ONLINE CONVENTION REGISTRATION" for the secure form. Once you register through the site, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and the address to which you should send payment if you are paying by check.

Show Your Stuff at Cap. Dist. Convention 

Jennifer Dugent, Physical Arrangements/Meals & Catering Chair

Capital District Kiwanis Convention is just around the corner! As an attendee, you should take advantage of all of the opportunities in store for you... including getting a table in the Convention's exhibit area! With an exhibits table, you can showcase a club service project or fundraiser, advertise your business, or promote a worthy cause! And best of all... you will have an audience of over 500 Kiwanians and guests!

The prices are as follows:

  • Kiwanis Clubs/ Members- Exhibiting Kiwanis Related Materials: FREE!
  • Members- Exhibiting Non-Kiwanis Related Materials: $50
  • Non-Members- $100

The exhibit setup is Friday, August 18, 2006, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Exhibit shutdown is Saturday, August 19, 2006 at 5:00 pm.

Visit to fill out a form and get a table reserved TODAY! There are only a certain amount of tables
available, and it is first come, first served!

Attention President-elects for 2007-2008 — Kiwanis Leadership Development Program (KLDP)

Harold Laurent

This is a reminder to Club President-elect for the 2006-2007 administrative year that your preparation for your year as Club President (2007-2008) begins with the first session of the Kiwanis Leadership Development Program (KLDP) at the District Convention on Saturday, August 19. Don't miss this important opportunity. Register now for the convention and be sure to attend this 2-hour workshop. The information concerning the training is repeated below, in case you missed it in the June e-Builder.

In past years, the Capital District conducted two training programs – President-Elect Planning Conference (PEPC) and Club Leadership Education (CLE) – to help you prepare yourself for this position. Beginning in August 2006, a new program is being introduced - Kiwanis Leadership Development Program (KLDP) – that will address the true skills, education and resources a president-elect needs in today’s more

TAG Team Reports Positive Indicators

John Montgomery, TAG Team

Midway through the Kiwanis year, the TAG Team reports some positive membership trends, a reflection of the efforts by many club members associated with the program throughout the District.

Club reports submitted as of April 30 showed the following results:

  • The number of clubs reporting sustained growth after the semi-annual trend analysis grew from 43 to 55;
  • Fifty-nine clubs within the district either achieved or improved sustained growth status or reduced their loss status, moving to a lower priority.
  • The number of Priority 1 clubs dropped from 23 to 18;
  • The number of Silver Star clubs increased from 9 to 21.

The Capital District TAG Team, which was appointed by then-Gov. Warren Kane in 2005, has been meeting with clubs regularly over the past year. Looking at membership trends for the last five years, the TAG Team established the following criteria:

  • Clubs with a net gain or loss of five members during that period;
  • Clubs with a net gain or loss in three of the last five years;
  • Clubs with a net gain or loss over the last three consecutive years.

The number of criteria met determined the ranking gold/silver/bronze for growth or Priority 1/2/3 for assistance.

A number of steps taken within Kiwanis International and the Capital District contributed to these trends. Among them:

  • The eight regional conferences held this past winter as a result of the District realignment enabled a greater of number of Kiwanians to be exposed to TAG Team and other training materials;
  • KI’s standard “brand” and marketing materials featuring the “One Can Make a Difference” theme have been presented widely;
  • The Capital District board’s decision to fund the TAG Team and conduct a January training session in Fredericksburg dedicated to TAG was well received;
  • The board gave its endorsement to contacting clubs with fewer than 15 members to offer TAG assistance if desired by the club and the respective lieutenant governor.
Kiwanis DateLine

Christiana Atibil, Executive Specialist, Kiwanis International

Click here for the June 9, 2006 issue of the Kiwanis Dateline which contains upcoming events and notices from Kiwanis International. Click here for the June 23, 2006 issue.
New Monthly Online Reporting System

Bob Powers

"...all clubs must report online beginning with the October 2006 report."

For the past two years, the Digital District and Administration and Club Operations Committees have been evaluating a developing Club Management Information system now known as the Kiwanis Portal. We have found that the Portal offers significant advantages for the Capital District and our clubs, so beginning with the October 2006 report, we will change the format of the report and the way it is processed. We are changing from a decentralized processing system to a central database maintained on the Kiwanis Portal server. The reporting module portion of the Kiwanis Portal is free to clubs and districts.

The new format contains the same data elements as the old format plus additional data elements related to the Annual Report and Distinguished Club Criteria. View a prototype of the new format by visiting the District Web Site:

and clicking on the New Format button in the Quick Links menu on the right side of the screen. Programming the new format is underway and we don’t expect many changes.

The new system provides many advantages for the District. Club Secretaries will no longer have to file separate annual reports nor will they have to apply for Distinguished Club Status. The International will have access to all the necessary data from the monthly reports.

Leadership from Division to International will be able to view a wide variety of management reports. For example, once the database is populated, a Lt. Governor could generate a list of all clubs in the Division whose service hours have declined by ten percent or more over the previous six months – an indicator of possible problems in a club.

Kiwanis Portal has the potential to become a one stop shop for all of a club’s administrative needs. If development proceeds as planned, in a couple of years Secretaries may be able to access the International database and add or drop members, make corrections to the data, file election reports, etc..

In order to realize the full benefit of the new system, the District Board has directed that all clubs must report online beginning with the October 2006 report. The change over will be straight forward. Secretaries will continue to click on the Monthly Report button on the District Web Site home page. For the September report this link will lead to the format we have been using. For the October report, the link will lead the Secretary to a page to register the club and set a personal password. After that, clicking on the Monthly Report link will lead to a logon page and then the new report format.

New Club Management Software

Bob Powers

The Kiwanis Portal is a web-based management system for Kiwanis Clubs developed by a Kiwanian. Capital District has been working with the developer and evaluating the system for the past two years. The Portal was demonstrated at the 2005 Midwinter Conference and the 2005 District Convention. Some District clubs, including Greater Westminster, Waldorf, and Williamsburg, have been working with the Portal this year.

The Portal has matured to the point where, on the recommendation of the Digital District and Administrative and Club Operations Committee, your District Board suggests that all Capital District clubs seriously consider adopting the system for their club management functions. You can try a demo version by going to the Capital District Web Site and clicking on Portal Demo in the Quick Links menu on the right side of the screen. To see the full system, click on Member Login in the box on the upper right of the opening screen and logon using (all lower case)

email address:
password: kiwanis

The Portal provides a wide range of administrative and communications functions, including:

  • personal page for each member showing what Kiwanis activities are scheduled for that member. The individual scheduling is automatic when the event chair enters the signup list.
  • electronic newsletter templates and capability to automatically publish and distribute the newsletter.
  • website templates to develop a public web site for your club. To see an example, visit the Greater Westminster Site at This is a quick and easy way for a club to establish a presence on the web. Of course, if you already have a good club site, you can continue to use it with your existing provider.
  • connection to Kiwanis International. Starting with the October 2006 report, Capital District club monthly reports will be filed with International and the District through the Portal. The monthly filings cover the annual report and the Distinguished Club Criteria, eliminating the need for additional reports at the end of the year. In the future, the Portal could become a one-stop shop for your club’s administrative needs – election reports, member add/drop, etc.

If what you see in the demo catches your interest, you can get some insights on how the system works for a club from the user’s perspective by contacting Division 9 Lt Governor Designate Fred Lohnes at

Fred is not associated with the developer. Technical questions, questions about future capabilities, etc. should be addressed to ClubResource. Fred and Division 10 Lt Governor Designate John Beere, a member of the Administration and Club Operations Committee, will conduct a workshop on the Portal at the District Convention in August.

The full version is available for an annual fee varying between $150 and $400 based on club membership. The reporting module contained in the Portal is available to clubs for free. If you are interested in obtaining the full version, contact the developer: at

Club Secretaries – Remembered

John Fox

At this year’s District Convention, the Capital District will be 88 years old, formed August 29, 1918. Many of the clubs that were first born between 1917 and 1920 are still around – Washington, Baltimore, Wilmington, Richmond, Norfolk, Roanoke, Portsmouth, and Lynchburg. Learn more about the District History from the Capital District Home page, under About Us -> District -> History.

Two years ago I tried to recognized club secretaries and missed a few. After a year expanding the section, I hope I have done a better job. From the History main page, select “Club Secretaries”. This expands out to Active Club Secretaries and Retired Club Secretaries who have served 5 to 40 years. Secretaries are listed by their club. This section is updated between November and January of each year.

Under Active Club Secretaries, the Club Secretary with the most years is William M. Rich, Jr of the Salem Club. Bill has 34 years as a club secretary. In the 25 years category: George F. Hardestry Jr of the Bridgeville club has 29 years. Coming in with 26 years are Joe Allen Scarbo of Clintwood, Robert S. Scarburgh of Ellicott City, and Michael E. Badolato of Towson-Timonium. Those club secretaries in the 5, 10, 15, and 20 years have a ways to go.

Retired Club Secretaries have the most years on the job. Under the 40-year category, the individual with the most years in the District was Walter C. Goodykoontz of Radford club. Walter had 47 years (he was also the District Secretary before Ellis). We also have Bruce C. Lightner from Hagerstown with 44 years and Robert P. Wagners from Pikesville with 43 years. You can view the site for other retired club secretaries.

The District has had 8 District Secretaries since 1920. Only two since 1948 – Walter Goodykoontz and Ellis Stroup. I think the Capital District holds that record in Kiwanis International. The first District secretary (1920) was Maxime Ducharne from Richmond. 1921 – 1923; Harry G. Kimball (first District Historian) from Washington; 1923 to 1931, Robert E. Turner from Norfolk; 1932 to 1938, Asa W. Howard from Roanoke; 1939 to 1947, Frank B. Walters from Roanoke; 1948 to 1975, Walter Goodykoontz from Radford; 1975 to present, Ellis Stroup from Suburban Frederick.

Please, view your District History. If you find errors or have data to add to your club let me know. My email is I am also listed in the District Directory.


Three Charles Co. Kiwanis Clubs Make Contribution
Jonnie Mann
With his work in Charles Co., John Buchanan, Division 22 Lt. Governor, on occasion represents the Department of Social Services in Child in Need of Assistance (CINA), shelter care, adoption and cases involving children. A way to occupy the children while their parents or guardians are in court is a real necessity. Lt. Governor John approached the three Charles Co. Kiwanis Clubs of his home club Waldorf, LaPlata and Charles Co. about contributing to the entertainment of these children. On May 26, 2006, Lt. Gov. John along with representatives of the Charles Co., LaPlata and Waldorf Kiwanis Clubs presented Circuit Court Judge Amy Bragunier with the key to a rolling entertainment center with a 24 inch TV, DVD player & a selection of videos & DVDs. (Upper left, Div. 22 Lt. Gov. John Buchanan handing the key to the cabinet to Circuit Court Judge Amy Bragunier. Upper right: all the Kiwanians who were at the presentation representing the three Kiwanis Clubs in the county: Charles Co. Kiwanis Club, Waldorf Kiwanis Club and LaPlata Kiwanis Club. They are from the left Millie Kriemelmeyer, JR Harris, Bud Zimmerman, John Reith, John Buchanan, Kelley Jennings, Chris Mais, Harry Kriemelmeyer, Jonnie Mann & Jerry Peuler.)
Aktion Club Fundraiser
Scott Zimmerman
The Kiwanis Aktion Club of Greater Williamsburg held a car wash on May 13, at the Exxon station at the corner of Lightfoot and Richmond Roads, to raise funds for the children of the local Child Development Resources (CDR). What a great success! Not only did The Aktion Club members raise more than $700.00 for their effort but they worked non-stop for three hours and had fun while doing it. They had help from the Jamestown Key Clubbers, parents of Key Clubbers, Williamsburg Kiwanians, members of the ARC of Greater Williamsburg, and relatives of Aktion Club members. The members of the Aktion Club decided to donate $650 to Child Development Resources (CDR) which works with “at risk” children from birth to 2 years of age.
Strike Out ALS
Scott Zimmerman
The Kiwanis club of Williamsburg is proud to announce that we have finally been able to help repay the members of their sponsored Circle K Club for all of Circle K’s support of our fund raisers over the years.

The College of William and Mary Circle K fund raising committee came up with a great new fundraiser of their own this past April. Following in the footsteps of Major League Baseball they decided that College Baseball was a perfect venue to raise money and awareness for the ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) Foundation. With the help of their Sponsor Club (Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg), The Kiwanis Club of the Colonial Capital and, indeed, the support of the Kiwanis Clubs of Division 23 they raised $2185.70 in this first annual event. This event was marketed by members of Circle K at Kiwanis meetings where they sang “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” and gave away popcorn, peanuts, and Crackerjacks to those members of Kiwanis and the Kiwanis Family who bought tickets for the game.

Young Professionals Charter Night: A Success!
Troy Dibley, Charter club president, DCYP Kiwanis
The DC Metro Young Professionals Kiwanis Club, or DCYP for short, recently held a successful charter night presentation at the Pier 7 Restaurant on the waterfront in Southwest Washington, D.C. Over 100 Kiwanians, service leadership programs members, and guests were present for the celebration, including 33 of the 39 charter members of the DCYP Kiwanis Club.

In addition to the official charter presentation by Governor Yvonne Holley, the club installed its officers, pinned its charter members, and recognized special individuals for contributing to the success of the club. The most unique aspect about the celebration was a special presentation entitled “The Beginning.” During this presentation, members of the club gave brief presentations on how the club first formed. The presenters spoke about the club’s first service projects and socials, and about the atmosphere that was created to recruit young professionals throughout the city into the club.

Since the club chartered in November 2005, the membership has grown to 45 members, who perform 3-4 service projects each month. As always, the club would like to thank Tom Ganse, Linwood Watson, Jackie Lowe, and the Kiwanis Club of Shepherd Park for their help in chartering the club. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Kiwanis Club of Bethesda Awards $60K in Grants

Shira Oler

On June 1, the Bethesda Kiwanis Club awarded more than $60,000 in grants to several local charities. At the weekly Club meeting, gifts were presented to (Shown L to R: starting in the first row - Mike Givens, graduating senior from the John L. Gildner Regional Institute for Adolescents (RICA), Bonnie Fogel from Imagination Stage; Melissa Prather from Ivymount School; Barbara Geiger from Bethesda Cares; Charlotte Savarino from Suburban Hospital Pediatric Center; Dave Brophy, RICA Transition Support Teacher for seniors; Ian Henderson RICA graduating senior; Tom Pukalski, RICA CEO; Bruce Adams, from the Lazarus Leadership Foundation and former Montgomery County Councilman; and John Ratnavale, President of Kiwanis Club of Bethesda.)

Recipients spoke briefly about the impact of the support from the Kiwanis Club of Bethesda, on the lives of children and families in Montgomery County. Sue Kirk, the executive director of Bethesda Cares, thanked the Club for supporting their eviction prevention program. We were amazed to learn that the average age of a homeless person in the US is now 9 years old! Bonnie Fogel, who has been with Imagination State for 27 years, thanked the Club for our continuing support enabling them to offer young people the chance to develop through the performing arts in ways that complement their school work. Melissa Prather thanked our club on behalf of Ivymount, where our Club sponsors a summer camp for the developmentally disabled children. Bruce Adams reviewed the Lazarus Leadership Project, which involves junior and senior high school students who work 200 hours during the summer on an original service project of their own design. Charlotte Savarino spoke about the Pediatric Unit at Suburban Hospital, which sees about 5,000 kids a year, treating everything from broken bones to cases of near drowning. Gildner Institute (RICA-Rockville) graduates Ian Henderson and Mike Givens thanked our Club for scholarships that have enabled them to attend Montgomery College during their senior year and help them develop life skills.

Kiwanis Club of Poquoson Awards Scholarships

Joe Discenza

The Kiwanis Club of Poquoson awarded two $1,000 scholarship grants to Poquoson High School graduates and one special $1,000 award to the club's nominee for Kiwanis Capital District Teenager of the Year. Loisann Buchanan and Taylor Sutton won the club's scholarship prizes and Alaina Vinacco won the club's nomination for Capital District Teenager of the Year. Loisann intends to attend James Madison University and major in education. Taylor intends to attend James Madison University and major in science leading to a degree in the medical field. Alaina intends to attend James Madison University and plans to major in psychology. (Upper left, Mike Stinson, director of sponsored youth for the Kiwanis Club of Poquoson, Teenager of the Year nominee Alaina Vinacco, and club president Tom Meree. Upper right, Mike Stinson, director of sponsored youth for the Kiwanis Club of Poquoson, Scholarship winners Loisann Buchanan and Taylor Sutton, and club president Tom Meree.)
Winchester Kiwanis Club President Presents Check

Bill Jeunette

Winchester Kiwanis Club President Mike Didawick accepts a check from Pancake Day Treasurer Bruce Santilli for the net proceeds of the 2006 Spring Pancake Day held by the club on April 1st. The club once again exceeded it goal and looks forward to putting the proceeds to good use in the community. Next Pancake day will be in early November. It's an all day 7 to 7 affair, all the pancakes and sausage you can eat for a bargain basement cost of $4.00 per person. The club (with the help of the Aktion Club, Builders, Key and Circle K clubs) makes this the outstanding social event of the season.
Katie Couric a Hit at Arlington Club's 75th Anniversary

Scott McCaffrey, editor of the Northern Virginia Sun Gazette

The Kiwanis Club of Arlington’s 75th-anniversary celebration on June 3 was a family affair. And the newest member of the family was none other than superstar journalist Katie Couric. (Shown (left to right) are Arlington President Mary Anthony, keynote note speaker Katie Couric, and Capital District Governor Yvonne Holley. Photo by Robert Allen Strawn.)

Couric was the headliner at the gala celebration, which occurred just days after she said her final goodbyes on NBC’s “Today” in preparation for anchor duties on the “CBS Evening News.” “I applaud all the important work you do each and every day,” Couric said at the celebration, which was held at the Westin Arlington Gateway Hotel and attracted 350 Kiwanis members and guests from throughout the Capital District.

How did the Kiwanis Club of Arlington line up such an accomplished speaker? It had a secret weapon: Couric’s father, longtime journalist John Couric, is a member of the club. At the celebration, Couric paid tribute both to her parents (John and Elinor) and also to Arlington, where her family moved in 1957 when Katie was just six months old.

“Obviously, we don't get to pick our parents, but I definitely hit the jackpot,” Couric said. “They loved us, and continue to love us, consistently.” “They keep me grounded,” she said, adding with a laugh, “my mother has a running commentary on my hair and my clothes.”

Also in attendance was Katie Couric’s older brother, John Couric Jr., and his family. The speaker couldn’t help but teasing him. While pulling the winning entries in a Kiwanis raffle – “I always wanted to be a raffle girl!” she said – Couric looked at one raffle ticket exclaimed, “It's Johnny Couric!” then laughed and said she was just kidding. “You can imagine what an obnoxious little sister I was,” she deadpanned.

Couric also spoke of her sister, Emily, who was the second member of her immediate family to die prematurely of cancer. “She was my bright, beautiful big sister, who set the bar for all of us,” Couric said. Emily Couric, a Virginia state senator from Charlottesville who was in line to win the Democratic Party's nomination for lieutenant governor, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2000 and died a year later at age 54. Katie Couric's husband, Jay Monahan, had died of colon cancer at age 42 in 1998.

Couric, who has become a crusader and fund-raiser for cancer research and awareness, told the crowd that she felt her work in this area has become the most important of her life. She urged those in attendance to get screened for colon cancer, and watch for warning signs. “If you want to thank me [for coming], the way to thank me would be to take care of your health,” she said.

The celebration committee was chaired by Debbie Powers and Warren Kane.

Kiwanis Club of the Northern Neck Appreciation Breakfast

Curtis Dozier

The picture to the right was taken at our Volunteer Breakfast held May 24, 2006, culminating work that began a year ago. At this breakfast, we honored volunteers from 16 organizations who work in some capacity serving youth in the Northern Neck. Representatives from Boy and Girl scouts, Troopers on Patrol for Youth, CASA, Interfaith, Northern Neck Together, No. Neck Sail and Power Squadron, Libraries from Kilmarnock and Heathsville, Hospice, The Haven, The No. Neck Free Health Clinic, Habitat for Humanity and the 4H Club enjoyed breakfast and our speaker for the event, Del. Rob Wittman. Also, in attendance was our Lt. Gov. Julie Bohannon. In addition to the breakfast, we distributed checks totaling $20,600 to these organizations.

We formed a tax exempt corporation, the KIDS Foundation, over 12 years ago and accept used boats, pick them up clean them and sell most of them at auction held on the second Saturday each May at Yankee Point Sail Boat Marina near Lively Va. Since we started, we’ve sold 388 boats and distributed over $200,000 to the above organizations and others and for scholarships to graduating H.S. seniors and for supporting the Key Club and Builders Club in our area. From the letters of appreciation we receive, the breakfast is highly appreciated and the money is put to good use benefiting youth all over the Northern Neck. Karen Lamb, our President Elect, is the blond haired lady at the end of the first row and I’m the bald guy at the end of the second row.
Kiwanis Club of Upper Chesapeake-Perry Hall Terrific Kids Program

Adam Paul

The Terrific Kids program had its final assembly at St. Clare Elementary on Friday June 2, 2006 at 8:30 AM. Eighty-five students received awards for accomplishing a goal he/she had set for the third marking period. The program is working well because of the high percentage of participation by the students.

The Terrific Kids Committee worked hard this year giving out over three hundred buttons and certificates. Adam, Sarah and Dorothy, were usually at the awards presentation giving the certificates and buttons to deserving students. A new program was started this year to improve academic grades called "BUG" which means "Bring Up Grades. This award is given once a year.

Each person on the committee has their own job. Adam makes the buttons with the help of a button maker. Sarah puts the names on certificates in calligraphy along with date and name of the Kiwanis Club. Dorothy coordinates the teachers in getting them to record information regarding goals set by the individual student. Certificates are taken back to school for Dorothy as Principal, and each teacher to sign in time to be presented. It was with this team work that the Terrific Kids program had a very good year.
Kiwanis Club of Grafton Raises $3K for ASP

Greg Davy

More than $3,000 raised by the Kiwanis Club of Grafton at its annual Spring Bar-B-Que has been donated to the Appalachian Service Project (ASP). Club President Belinda Willis presented a check for $3,068 to Keith Bird of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Yorktown at the club’s June 6 meeting. Bird is the local ASP coordinator who each year takes a group of young people from the church to help repair the homes of disadvantaged families who live in depressed Appalachian areas. ASP’s stated goal is to “make homes warmer, safer and drier, while offering transformational experiences for volunteers and families alike.” (Shown above right, Kiwanians Steve Staples, Tom Tragle, Charlie Park and Lee Roberts cooked and served the meat.)
Kiwanis Club of Norfolk Celebrates Life and Hope

Sylvia Stewart

The Kiwanis Club of Norfolk celebrates life and hope every other year with the children under the care of EDMARC. The members provide a picnic with hamburgers and hot dogs, sodas and all of the trimmings. Non- food trimmings consist of face painting, pony rides, magician, moon walk and several small activities.

These picnics are for all of the members of each EDMARC family. It is the hope of the Club that this event will help them to endure the many sacrifices that are made throughout these difficult times. The strong will of these little ones helps them to endure the hard times and make the most of the good ones.

With the same issues in mind, the Club held a picnic for Holiday House in Portsmouth four days later. The Holiday House facility houses mentally-challenged children through the age of 14. These children require one-on-one attendants because of their varying degrees of handicaps. Again, we provided hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans and more. We had the clown, face painting and ponies. However, the biggest attraction was the food…..the children well-understood food-cooking.

The Club takes pride in and the members are also humbled by the faith and spirit that each of these groups displays. As our members listen to the stories of the families and watch the children with their respective struggles, each one is reminded of what’s truly important in life.

Newsletter Contest Announcement

Vivian Tanzer

It’s time to start giving some thought to enter the 2005-2006 Newsletter Contest. The deadline is July 30, 2006. If your club publishes a Newsletter please go to to find a wonderful list of helpful hints on information to help your club Editor. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or call me at 757.898.3246. I am looking forward to receiving all your entry forms and Newsletters.
Mercury 64 Club Supports Reading Program; Awards Scholarship

Monte Correll

Shown upper left is Marsha Knox and Monte Correll. Marsha runs the Motheread/Fatheread program for the Hampton VA Public Library with the support of the Kiwanis Club of Mercury 64. The program's objective is to get books in the hands of children aged 3 through 10 and to enlist parental support in getting their children reading. This past year, 271 books have been distributed to children at 11 Hampton schools and special library events. Mercury 64 continues to support this important program.

Shown upper right is Baxter Simmons (Scholarship Chair), Ellen Crocker, and Monte Correll (President). Ellen received the first of four $1,000 annual checks to support her tuition at the University of Mary Washington. Ellen is a Key Club member and involved in many school and community activities.

TAG Team Education Spot

Rosemary Cummings

Kiwanis International Conventions began when the Kiwanis Club of Cleveland invited representatives of other clubs to meet there in May 1916. At that time there were a total of 16 clubs with 1,924 members. A Kiwanis International Convention has been conducted every year since then, except for limited conferences in 1943-45 due to wartime travel restrictions. Today, the usual attendance at an International convention is about 12,000.

Club delegates approved in principle the establishment of Kiwanis districts at the Providence, Rhode Island, convention in 1918. The purpose of Kiwanis districts is to promote communication and interchange between clubs and assist in carrying out the administrative responsibilities of Kiwanis International. Most of the original 29 districts were organized by the end of that year.

The first president of Kiwanis International was George F. Hixson of the Rochester, New York club. He was elected at the first convention in Cleveland in 1916 and re-elected the next year. He is the only International President to serve for two terms. The Hixson Fellowship of the Kiwanis International Foundation honors his memory; Hixson medals are presented to donors who have contributed at least $1,000 to the Hixson Endowment Fund or the Worldwide Service Project.

Scholarship Awarded at Kiwanis Club of Harrisonburg Annual Education Banquet
Mary Sullivan
Alex Banks, President of the Kiwanis Club of Harrisonburg, welcomed the President of Blue Ridge Community College, Dr. James Perkins as the guest speaker before the Kiwanis Club's Annual Education Banquet. President Banks also presented three area graduating seniors with the Raymond Dingledine Jr. Memorial Scholarship Annual Awards. The awards of $1,500 each, represented a stride for Kiwanis as previously two annual scholarship awards had been presented. Of the 18 scholarship applications received by Kiwanis Scholarship Committee Chair Marianne Frederick, three outstanding students were selected and presented the $1,500 awards at Kiwanis Annual Education Banquet held at the Harrisonburg Elks Club, May 9, with parents, friends, educators, Kiwanis Club members and KeyClub officials in attendance. Kiwanis' Raymond Dingledine Jr. Memorial scholarship awards are based on academic excellence, the student's character, and service to the community. The scholarship recipients are: Adam Good of Broadway High School), Monica Luu Quach and Samantha McDuffee, both of Harrisonburg High School. (Shown above right are scholarship recipients Adam Good, Monica Luu Quach and Samantha McDuffee, and Kiwanis Scholarship Chair Marianne Frederick introducing the students from the podium.)
Div. 21 Kiwanians Help Build Homes

Rick Gonzales

Capital District Div 21 participated in the Habitat For Humanity nationwide Builders Blitz June 5-9 2006. 10 homes were built in Portsmouth, VA in this 5 day period. Lankford Smith our LtGov declared it a division event. Local Kiwanians donated over 100 volunteer hours during the week. (Shown upper left is Fred Woodall Div 21 LtGov Elect, Stevie Bailey the grateful new homeowner, and Rick Gonzales Div 21 Community Service Chair.) For more information see:
Take Me Out To the Ball Game– August 13, 2006

Jeffrey M. Wolff

On the heels of the overwhelming success of our Washington Nationals Baseball Game Fundraiser this May, the Kiwanis Club of Tysons Corner is doing it again. We have seats available for the 1:05pm game on Sunday, August 13, 2006 against the first-place New York Mets. This is a single large block of seats in Section 520 (Infield Upper Reserved) for $16 each.

A portion of the ticket proceeds will go to assist the Kiwanis Club of Tysons Corner with their community service activities. Please feel free to share this invitation with your friends, family and co-workers as well. To order tickets, visit send e-mail to or call Jeffrey Wolff at (703) 615-4477. Come join your fellow Kiwanians from all over the district for a day of Nationals Baseball in Washington DC and help us support our community!

Kiwanis Club of Suburban Norfolk Helps Preserve Bay

Lou Evans

When Captain John Smith sailed into the Chesapeake Bay some 400 years ago, oyster reefs were a navigational hazard.

Today, due to over harvesting, pollution and devastating diseases, the Bay's oyster population is a just 1%, resulting in serious problems for the delicate eco-system. Without the masses of filter feeding oysters at work cleaning nitrogen and other pollutants from the water the once clear waters of the Chesapeake Bay have become cloudy with silt, blocking light and encouraging algae blooms further deprive the water of oxygen and light. All species in the Bay suffer because of this.

The Kiwanis Club of Suburban Norfolk has teamed with The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Oyster Reef Keepers of Virginia to help reverse this problem. They have filled over 100 bags with oyster shells which have been distributed to science teachers in the Tidewater school area. The bags are then deposited in the water where each bag becomes a host to spats (baby oysters). In their science classes, approximately 2,500 students annually take an active role in nurturing and measuring the progress of the baby oysters. They also learn about the interdependence of inhabitants and ecology of a mini-reef. Eventually the babies grow to a size where they can be introduced to a large reef.

Each new generation of young people is becoming aware of the importance of responsible lifestyles so that future generations may also enjoy the beauty and bounty of the Chesapeake Bay.

The Mayor of Virginia Beach, Meyera Oberndorf, gained an understanding and appreciation for the project when she joined in a hands-on oyster bagging experience on a chilly day last month. The Mayor's husband is a member of the Suburban Norfolk Club. (Shown above, right, is the oyster shell bagging effort. Pictured from left to right: Marilyn Oxford, Kiwanis Club of Suburban Norfolk, Meyera Oberndorf, Mayor of Virginia Beach, and Christy Everette, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation.)
Kiwanis Club of Suburban Norfolk Recognizes Circle K member

Lou Evans

Jessica A. Tibbetts has completed four years as a member of the Circle K Club at Virginia Wesleyan College. During those four years, she served as the Club's President, Secretary and Treasurer. Additionally she served as the District Lt. Governor (Tidewater 64), District Secretary-Treasurer and District Chair, Project Awareness and Youth Outreach Programs. Jessica has been an outstanding Circle K'er and undoubtedly will become a quality member of a Kiwanis Club at a future date. Here's what the award said:

Outstanding Service Award
Presented to

Jessica A. Tibbetts
Virginia Wesleyan College

Circle K Club
Tutoring Chair
District Lt. Governor-Tidewater 64
District Secretary-Treasurer
District Chair,
Project Awareness and Youth Outreach Programs

Given by
Suburban Norfolk Kiwanis Club

Blue Ridge-Old Town New Banner

Doug Butler

The Kiwanis Club of Blue Ridge (Winchester, Va.) and Kiwanis Club of Old Town (Winchester, Va. organized May 31, 2006) pooled their resources and produced a banner for their meeting rooms with the new Theme of Kiwanis. Shown are Joanne Lloyd (left) of the Kiwanis Club of Blue Ridge and Pam Fahnestock of the Kiwanis Club of Old Town displaying the new banner.
Denbigh Kiwanis Holds 1st Annual Den-B-Que

Harold Laurent

The Denbigh Kiwanis Club launched what they hope to be an annual signature fundraising event in the Denbigh Community on Saturday, June 10. Soliciting support from local businesses and civic leaders to underwrite expenses, and with significant support from the Denbigh-Warwick Business association, the club organized an outdoor food and funfest on the parking lot at one of the busiest intersections in the Denbigh community. The event featured "Carolina barbecue," barbecued pork ribs, hamburgers and hot dogs. Entertainment included a karate demonstration, two live community bands and a "moon walk" for the younger children. The attendance was surprisingly good, including the city mayor, the sheriff, and representatives from the city council and state legislature. With the success of this modest first venture, the club hopes to build this event into a significantly larger annual event.
Salem Kiwanis Club Not R.O.M.E.O.'s

Paul L. Bowles

No one can call the Salem Kiwanis Club a R.O.M.E.O. Club — Retired Old Men Eating Out. The club has produced some of the busiest months in the club’s 85 year history. While some civic clubs just meet each week and enjoy a meal and companionship, the Salem Kiwanis Club has been out serving the Salem community.

On April 1 the Salem Kiwanis Club hosted its first Annual Gospel Sing with Squire Parsons and Beckon Call. The event was held at West Salem Baptist Church and featured a complimentary program for the attendees. Members of the club; sold ads in the program, to help defer cost of promoting the show. Members were also responsible for selling tickets to the one day event. Over 400 people enjoyed the show and nearly $3,000.00 was raised for the club’s project more

Div. 21 Holds Kiwanis Fishing Day Clinic

William C. Wyrick

On July 18th the annual Kiwanis Fishing Day Clinic will be held at the James River Fishing Pier in Newport News. Through this event Division 21 Kiwanis Clubs provide the opportunity for needy kids in Hampton Roads to learn to fish. Marine agencies and foundations will also be there to tell them about safety, conservation, and protection of the environment. Over 300 children will participate. Kids are selected by service providers and church groups. Among these are CHIPS, Volunteers in Youth, and Big Brother and Big Sister programs. Each child will get a new rod and reel, tackle, tee shirt and hat to take home at the end of the day. All participants will be served a lunch of grilled hot dogs, chips and sodas. Support comes from many sources. Funding is provided by the Virginia Salt Water Recreational Fishing Fund, the U. S. Bureau of Land Management, local businesses and individuals. The venue for the event is donated by the James River Fishing Pier. The Fishing Day Clinic is coordinated by Wesley, Darlene and Kimberly Brown of the Kiwanis Club of Smithfield, Virginia. To make it all happen more than 125 Kiwanis volunteers from clubs across Hampton Roads will give their time.
Penny and Hugh Siggins Receive Founders Circle Award

Scott Zimmerman

On June 1st at a Division 23 Council meeting hosted by The Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg Kiwanians Penny McClellan Siggins and Hugh Siggins were awarded the Founders Circle Award by The Kiwanis International Foundation. Hugh and Penny were recognized for their significant contributions toward Kiwanis International’s goal of eliminating the debilitating affects of Iodine Deficiency Disorder worldwide. (Pictured presenting the award is Kiwanian Neil Behan (right) who is a Capital District Foundation representative.)
Gov. Yvonne Visits Chincoteague Island

Yvonne Holley

What began as a casual invitation turned out to be one of the most enjoyable visits I have had in recent memories. I had the absolute pleasure of being hosted by Chincoteague Kiwanis Club President, Betty Mullins, during my visit to Chincoteague Island. It all began over a year ago when Betty invited me to visit the Island. I said I would take her up on her offer one day. As fate would have it, Betty attended one of the sessions I conducted during DelMarVa’s Midwinter Conference and at that time she and I agreed upon the date that I would make the visit.

I arrived on the Island mid afternoon June 7th for a totally relaxing “mini-vacation”. I had no preconceived expectations of my visit. Thursday morning I was taken to the Farmers Market where I was surprised to see a fellow Kiwanian I had not seen for several months. That afternoon I got the opportunity to interact with several members and friends of the Kiwanis Club. Betty hosted a luncheon in her home specifically for that purpose. Immediately following the luncheon, we met Kiwanian Captain Gerry Ryan and his wife Linda on the cruise vessel “Linda J” for an informative 2 1/2-hour narrated voyage in the waters around Chincoteague and Assateague Islands. I was excited that I had gotten the opportunity to see the famous Chincoteague ponies up close and learned about the history of the Islands. The two and a half hours we were out on the water seemed like only minutes.

Friday, Betty took me on a complete tour of the seven mile long and one and one half mile-wide island. Stops and tours along the way included the Chincoteague Natural Wildlife “Herb Bateman” Center where Kiwanians Glenn and Carol Aldinger, who are volunteers at the Center, gave us a personal tour of the facilities; the building that houses the Chincoteague Community Health Center and is owned by the Chincoteague Kiwanis Club; the beautiful and clean beaches; the oyster museum; the site of the Kiwanis Flea Market; the Kiwanis Tee Ball Field; the library that is heavily supported by the Kiwanis Club; and the soon-to-be-dedicated community park where one of the seven Kiwanis life rings is located. We even took time out for a little shopping (I COULDN’T RESIST!)

The 40-member club is a very unique club in that they are impressively community involved, extremely visible within the community and definitely making a difference. They provide service to the entire community of Chincoteague.

Here are just a few of their many involvements:

  • They are responsible for the printing and distribution of the local telephone directories. The directories are presented to each household and business on the Island free of charge. Funds from personal contributions and ad subscriptions are used to help sponsor their many charities including Boy & Girl Scouts, Little League, HOBY, Teenager of the Year, Key Club, Ambulance Fund, Community projects, BUG (Bring Up Grades) Program, Diabetic Monitors, Christmas gifts for the needy, Scholarships and other Community needs.
  • This year, the club provided ten $500 scholarships to deserving high school students.
  • Members of the Club volunteer at the local thrift store, at the annual carnival, as trolley tour narrators, at the information center and assist the Chamber of Commerce with their annual Christmas party.
  • The club has purchased seven life rings to be placed strategically along the shoreline of Chincoteague and Assateague Islands to aid in lifesaving efforts for those in need. The life rings bear the name of the Kiwanis.
  • Three of the twenty-member performance group, “JUST US SINGERS” are members of the Chincoteague Kiwanis Club. They alternate visits between seven nursing homes in the Chincoteague vicinity to entertain the residents. They entertained us during the Friday night dinner/social Betty had arranged for my visit. Division 15 Lt. Governor Ralph Chinn, his wife Wilma, and members from the Pocomoke City Kiwanis Club were among the seventy-five attendees at the dinner/social.

I have traveled Route 13 hundreds of times, but never turned onto Route 175 until my recent visit to Chincoteague. If you’re ever on the Eastern Shore, I strongly suggest and recommend that you make that turn onto Route 175 (the road that leads you directly to the Chincoteague Island). You’ll be glad that you did. The Island is extremely clean, the people are warm and friendly, things to do and see are endless, and the name KIWANIS is known by the 4000+ residents on the Island.

Many thanks to members of the Chincoteague Kiwanis Club, but particularly to Betty, for making my 3-day stay on the Island such cherished moments in my life. I enjoyed my visit so much that I have already made reservations for other members of my family to experience all that the Island has to offer during our stay on the Island Labor Day Weekend.

Together We Can, Together We Will, Together the Kiwanis Club of Chincoteague DID! They did and still are making a DIFFERENCE in their community.

Rehoboth Beach Kiwanis Club Presents Outstanding Equestrian Awards

Rosemary Cummings

The Rehoboth Beach Kiwanis Club presented Outstanding Equestrian Awards, which included a blue ribbon, certificate, and gold horseshoe to students from Mariner Middle School and Cape Henlopen High School. The Hippotherapy Program the students completed included learning to groom, bridle, and ride the horses. Kiwanian, Jack Eliason has worked with the program since its inception 18 years ago. Also assisting the students are Warren MacDonald, Dick Koch and Art Pressl. The Cape Henlopen school district recently recognized the Rehoboth Club for its work with the program. This summer, for the first time, the Rehoboth club will provide the program during the vacation months. Equestrian Ethan wrote: 

Dear Dick and Jack,

I would like to thank you for taking us to the horseback riding lessons. I really enjoyed talking to you about what we are doing here at school and hearing your jokes and stories. You guys took a lot of time out for us! You are great, so I hope you have a great summer. Sincerely,