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June 2006


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Holley’s Heroes — Together we CAN, Together we WILL

Gov. Yvonne Holley

May and June. Soft syllables, gentle names for the two best months
in the garden year: cool, misty mornings gently burned away with a
warming spring sun, followed by breezy afternoons and chilly nights.
The discussion of philosophy is over; it's time for work to begin.
- Peter Loewer

Some would call my schedule for the month of May “work”, but I called it a month of gratifying and “fulfilling” experiences. The month was gratifying because I got the opportunity to attend and participate in several club and division programs in observance of the Worldwide Kiwanis International Prayer Week. I began my experiences by attending Divisions 21 & 16 National Day of Prayer Breakfast in Chesapeake, May 4; the Heart of Virginia Region’s Spiritual Aims Breakfast on May 16, and Divisions 13 & 23 Prayer Breakfast on May 17. Those wonderful, inspirational breakfasts reminded me of the solace prayer affords us in times of trouble and the hope and joy they offer us the remainder of the time. (The annual observance of Kiwanis Prayer Week began in 1980 to provide Kiwanis clubs an occasion to step to the forefront in support of religious diversity and harmony throughout their communities.)

It was also very gratifying to have been a guest of the Leisure World Kiwanis Club as they celebrated their 39th Charter Anniversary on May 5, with over 100 members and guests in attendance. It was an evening of outstanding fellowship, excellent entertainment and scrumptious food. And I can’t forget my official visit to Division 4. This is not to take anything away from the other visits I have made to clubs and divisions, but my visit to Division 4 was the MOST inspiring. Lt. Governor Julie Bohanan, scheduled by official visit to be held immediately following the Region’s Prayer Breakfast. (PERFECT!) The “full-filling” experiences included the Manassas Annual Steak Fry, the Chesapeake Kiwanis Annual Shrimp Fest, the Poquoson Kiwanis Club Pig Roast, and a Virginia Beachcombers Kiwanis Club sponsored bus trip, with lunch included, to Blackwater Headquarters in Moyoke, North Carolina. Now do you know what I mean about “full-filling”?

Neal Behan, International Foundation District Chairman, indicated in his last report to me that we have two additional clubs to reach the 100% level of participation in the Kiwanis International (KI) Annual Gift Campaign. Congratulations to Divisions 15, 19, and Lt. Governors Ralph Chinn and Kyle Holman, respectively, for having 100% of their clubs contributing to the KIF Annual Club Gift Campaign. We now have nine divisions (9, 10, 13, 15, 17, 19, 22, 23, and 24) at the 100 percent suggested giving level of $5 per member or a minimum of $100 per club. Funds amassed through the campaign are used by the Foundation as an unrestricted source of income for grants, scholarships and disaster relief. Contributing clubs receive a banner patch and, we as a District, qualifies for Key Club and Circle K matching scholarships for each $1 per-member donation.

May was a very busy month, but I enjoyed every minute of it. June will not be as busy, but there are several important reminders and announcements. The Children’s Miracle Network Telethon will take place the weekend of June 4-5. Children's Miracle Network Celebration brings people together to celebrate the life-saving work of children's hospitals and bring hope to millions of kids across North America. I hope you and your club will help make a difference by making a contribution to this worthwhile effort. For more information, check out www.childrenmiraclenetwork.

Convention Update: The 2006 Kiwanis International Convention in Montreal, Quebec June 28-July 2 is only four weeks away. We currently have 167 members and 51 guests registered for the Convention, which is 54.23% of our attendance goal of 402. It is not too late to register for the Convention. Registration forms can still be mailed if postmarked by June 15. After June 15, the registration fee will be $200 and you must register on site at the Montreal Convention Center.

I STILL BELIEVE! 1000 members and 8 new clubs by September 30, 2006.

Call to Capital District Convention
Ellis Stroup
In accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws of the Capital District Kiwanis International, official notice is hereby given that the Eighty Eighth Annual Convention of the Capital District will be held in Reston, Virginia at The Hyatt Regency Reston, August 18-20, 2006.

Each chartered club in good standing in the Capital District shall be entitled to three (3) delegates, two of whom shall be the President and President-elect. Each chartered club at the time of selection of delegates may choose one alternate for each delegate. Delegates and alternates must be active, privileged, or senior members in good standing in the clubs which they represent. In the event a chartered club does not have a delegate to represent it at a District Convention, it may designate one Past Lieutenant Governor, with that person’s concurrence, who is an active member of a club of the same Division, to serve as its delegate to any District Convention.

Financial indebtedness to the Capital District and Kiwanis International must be cleared before club delegates may be seated in the house-of-delegates at the convention.

Attention is called to the fact that the house-of-delegates will be convened on Saturday afternoon, August 19, 2006, to handle routine business such as amendments, resolutions, etc. A second delegate session will be held on Sunday morning, August 20, 2006, at which time the election of officers will be conducted.

Forms for use in certifying the Election of Delegates and Alternates to this convention have been mailed to each club secretary of record.

2006 KI Montreal Convention June 28 to July 2
Ellis Stroup

Major Convention events include: Opening Session on Thursday afternoon, June 29 at 1:30 pm; Live On-Stage: Spotlight on Broadway, Thursday evening, June 29 at 8:00 pm; First House of Delegates on Friday afternoon, June 30, at 1:30 pm; Second House of Delegates on Saturday afternoon, July 1, at 1:00 pm; and the Closing Session on Saturday evening, July 1, at 7:00. Our own Dana Cable will be a featured speaker on June 30 at 10:00 am and then again on July 1 at 9:30 am. For the complete KI Convention 2006 Brochure, click here (PDF, 528k).

Attendees should arrive on Wednesday, June 28, or by Thursday morning, June 29, to participate fully in the convention activities. With the exception of those selected to serve on the 2006-07 KI Board of Trustees, departures may be scheduled any time on Sunday, July 2.

Click on to go directly to the International Convention website to check out this year’s selection of great educational opportunities on leadership and motivation, membership growth, service projects, service leadership programs, and club administration.

Registration Deadline for International Convention was April 15, after which time a late fee applies and the registration fee was increased to $175.

You can register on-line at Also, don't forget to make your hotel reservations on-line at and click on Kiwanis International or call 1/800-398-2568.

If you do not have the registration form(s), please contact the International Office at 1-800-549-2647. They can fax, e-mail, or send them to you today! You can also print them from the convention web site.

Below are the Official Lyrics of "O Canada!", the National Anthem of Canada

(Click here to hear)

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!

From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Capital District Convention Aug 18-20, 2006

Paul Mehler, Publicity Chair

The 2006 Capital District Kiwanis Convention Planning Committee is hard at work to make the 88th Annual Capital District Kiwanis Convention an experience you will never forget.

Click here for the 3rd and latest Convention Newsletter.

This year's convention will take place August 18-20, 2006 at the Hyatt Regency Reston in Reston, Virginia. The theme for this year's convention will be "Service Takes Center Stage" as we put a spotlight on the basis of Kiwanis International. For the latest information, go to the Convention Web site at We look forward to seeing each and every one of you in Reston next summer.

Register for the 88th Annual District Convention online! Go to and click on "ONLINE CONVENTION REGISTRATION" for the secure form. Once you register through the site, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and the address to which you should send payment if you are paying by check.

Kiwanis Leadership Development Program Begins in August, 2006

Harold Laurent

Congratulations on being selected as your Club’s President for the 2007-2008 administrative year! Being elected 18 months in advance of your taking office, gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself properly for this important office

In past years, the Capital District conducted two training programs – President-Elect Planning Conference (PEPC) and Club Leadership Education (CLE) – to help you prepare yourself for this position. Beginning in August 2006, a new program is being introduced - Kiwanis Leadership Development Program (KLDP) – that will address the true skills, education and resources a president-elect needs in today’s environment. We have completely rewritten the program in content and format to reflect these ideas. The Kiwanis Leadership Program is divided into four sessions:

  • Session 1 – Kiwanis Overview/Organization and the Role of the
  • Session 2 – Communication and Motivation Skills for Club Leaders
  • Session 3 - Goal Setting and Choosing Your Team
  • Session 4 – Practical Techniques for Club Presidents and Club Secretaries

Another significant change is when and how this program will be administered. The program will be conducted in 2-hour segments, not full day training as in the past. As you can see, we scheduled each segment over the next 12-month, beginning this August. We believe you need time to begin thinking about your role as president, then learn some skills on how to begin preparing for this position and then finally how to apply these tools in the leadership of your club. Making this a full year program does not greatly impact your time committed to training but allows you time to put your thoughts and ideas together into a meaningful and workable plan.

  • Session 1 – August – District Annual Convention
  • Session 2 - November – Division or Regional Council Meeting
  • Session 3 – January-March – Regional Midwinter Conferences
  • Session 4 – June-July – After LTG-elect training conference

Now that you know about this Kiwanis Leadership Development Program, we encourage you to attend the Capital District Annual Convention, August 18-20, 2006, in Reston VA and then attend and participate with us in the exciting new training program. The training will be part of the convention’s regular training program except this will be a 2-hour continuous block of instruction. There will be a $10.00 fee, not part of the Convention registration fee, to cover the cost of the Participant’s Manual you will receive during this training; this additional fee should be paid by your club’s Administrative Account. The Participant Manual will be used and supplemented at each of the additional three sessions.

If you have any questions regarding this training, you can contact Harold Laurent, Training & Education Chair as

"Member Memories" from Kiwanis Club of Colonial Capital

Lee Schelley

Kiwanis Club of Colonial Capital has initiated a "member memories" column to share the exceptional and diverse backgrounds of our members. It has proven very popular and is seen as a means of bringing our members into closer friendships as we serve the shared goals of Kiwanis.

Click here to read Sam Fletcher's memories.

The Inciter Now Ready

The May/June 2006 issue of The Inciter is now ready to view at: Read about:

  • Branding myths
  • News release basics
  • Kiwanis branded golf items

As always, your input and views are important. Please send comments and suggestions for this newsletter, plus marketing and public relations success stories to: Photos and news clippings may be mailed to Alison Stilwell, Marketing Department, Kiwanis International, 3636 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, IN 46268. If appropriate, these will be posted in one of the next issues of The Inciter.

UVA Circle K Egg Hunt a Success!
Katherine Gar Smith
On April 9, 2006, the University of Virginia Circle K teamed up with the University of Virginia First-Year Council to host the first annual Egg Hunt on the Lawn 2006. The event was held on the historic and scenic University of Virginia Lawn and was open to the entire Charlottesville Community.

The Circle K and FYC decided to team up on the event once they learned that they both were planning on hosting their own hunt. “It just made more sense to do one together, that way each organization could use resources the other one didn’t have,” expressed the University of Virginia Circle K President, Kelly Lane. Partnering up did work out well for the two clubs. Important tasks were delegated to different people within the two clubs. Letterheads were printed out and taken to local businesses requesting charitable donations, flyers were hung around the community, and principals of each of the surrounding elementary schools were contacted with a flyer to pass along to any interested children and parents. After all the initial advertising was completed, the fun part came: purchasing the eggs and candy. Between both organizations, over 4,000 eggs were stuffed with all kinds of candy, ranging from bubble gum to Reese cups.

Finally after all the hard preparatory work, April 9th arrived. There were two hunts, one at 11am and one at 2pm. Parents and children from all over the Charlottesville community came out to hunt, even families who didn’t know in advance and had just been walking around the Lawn.

The children who were lucky enough to find an egg with a special star or mark on it had the option of choosing various special prizes, ranging from coloring books to Slinkys. The Circle K and FYC were both very pleased with the turnout for the hunt, and the families were also very happy. Several mothers expressed that they liked the laid-back atmosphere the hunt provided, unlike other hunts that are fast-paced and aimed at children racing around to find eggs.

Overall, the Egg Hunt on the Lawn 2006 was a big success and very fun and beneficial to all those involved.

Kiwanis Club of Suburban Frederick Provides Mothers' Helpers
The Kiwanis Club of Suburban Frederick recently joined forces with Special Inspirations, Inc. to provide volunteer Mothers' Helpers for families with severely disabled children. Club member Dave Maloney (left) recently spent 16 hours helping Elsie McKenny (right), a single-parent and mother of a special-needs teenager, spruce up her yard. As the Minister for Linganore United Methodist Church, Elsie hoped for a neat and tidy looking yard for her parsonage which is located adjacent to her church in Unionville. The mother of a special-needs child, Elsie had little time to devote to doing the heavy work of cutting in new flower beds, weeding and mulching. But now that the heavy work has been done, Elsie, with daugther Emily's help, will be able to maintain her new landscaping. Click here for "before" and "after" images.
Kiwanis Club of Rossmoor Celebrates Rosemont Elementary School K-Kids Club Charter
Bill Stabler
The Rosemont Elementary School Multi-Purpose Room in Gaithersburg, MD, was full of children, parents, teachers, and Kiwanis members for the "Charter Celebration" of the very first K-Kids Club in Division 17 (Montgomery County). This club began community service projects in September, at the beginning of the school year, and continues to have many projects. The "Charter Celebration" was Tuesday, May 2, complete with speeches, congratulations and smiles, as well as pizza, apple cider and chocolate chip cookies for everyone.

Faculty Advisor Mark Wallis presided, and introduced the officers of the K-Kids Club (all 5th grade students), President Nicole Lopez, Vice President Sulman Ramirez, and Treasurer Karen Rodriguez, and two members, Maria Luna and Joche Angbazo. All five K-Kids members spoke to the audience of about 60 people. All 28 members of the club were introduced one at a time, and received their club pins and membership cards. Bill Stabler, Rossmoor Kiwanis Advisor to the K-Kids Club and the Key Club, introduced Rossmoor Kiwanis President-Elect Betsy Gaffney, who had some welcoming words, and Rossmoor President Jeannette Stabler, who presented the charter to Faculty Advisor Mark Wallis.

Special guests were Leisure World Kiwanis Distinguished Past President Virginia DeMatteo, PLG Ray McFarlane and President-Elect Anita McFarlane of the Leisure World Kiwanis Club, Distinguished Past Lieutenant Governor Bernie Gardiner and Lieutenant Governor Designate Betty Gardiner of the Kiwanis Club of Wheaton-Silver Spring.

Early in the next morning (Wednesday, May 3), the K-Kids and the other fifth grade students left at 5:30 a.m. for an all-day tour of Williamsburg, VA.

The K-Kids Club of Rosemont Elementary School is co-sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Rossmoor (Silver Spring) and the Key Club of Magruder High School. (Pictured above is Rosemont Elementary School K-Kids Club President Nicole Lopez and Faculty Advisor Mark Wallis).

Kiwanis DateLine

Christiana Atibil, Executive Specialist, Kiwanis International

Click here for the May 12, 2006 issue of the Kiwanis Dateline which contains upcoming events and notices from Kiwanis International. Click here for the May 26, 2006 issue.
Kiwanians Help Organize Walk to D-Feet ALS

David Landis

Last November 5th the FIRST Walk to D-Feet ALS was held in Ocean Pines. Many of the organizers of the event were members of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City. They became involved in support of fellow member, Carter Noble, who had been diagnosed with the disease approximately a year before. Unfortunately Carter succumbed to ALS on January 14th, 2006 at the age of 73.

Fortunately, there will be a second annual Walk to D-Feet ALS in Ocean Pines on September 30th, 2006. The event is again spearheaded by many Kiwanians and friends of Carter Noble with goals set to exceed the $17,000 collected by the 250 walkers in 2005.

The ALS Association -DC/MD/VA Chapter recognized the efforts of the K-Team, which was the Kiwanis Team, as the most successful team in the 2005 Walk awarding them with the "Golden Foot Award". (Pictures above are Kiwanian, Ken McLaughlin (L), ALS Walk to Defeat Committee Chairman, presenting the award to Kiwanis Club President, Joe McFadden (R) at a weekly Kiwanis Club meeting on 1/25/06).

Community support is very necessary and much appreciated. Call Ken McLaughlin @ 410-208-9674 and volunteer. The local committee is looking for more members from the community to join the committee and participate in all the ALS events. A new event for 2006 is a Military Bridge Card Party on Saturday April 22, 2006 at 1 PM. It will be held at the Most Blessed Sacrament School Hall - Route 589, east of Beauchamp Road and next door to St. John Neumann Catholic Church. Cost is $12 and includes coffee, tea and desserts. Seating is limited to 200 people.

You don't have to know how to play Bridge to play Military Bridge. Everyone receives as prize, too! It's early, so plan ahead to have some fun and get your tickets now.

For further information call Barbara Morgan @ 410-641-5699 or Anita McLaughlin @ 410-208-9674. Proceeds will be donated to the ALS Association for Patient Services & Research.

Gov. Holley Addresses Salisbury, MD Welcome Dinner

David Landis

Kiwanis International Capital District Governor Holley addressed members of Division 15 at a Welcome Dinner Wednesday March 22nd in Salisbury, MD. Members from the local clubs of Accomack, Chincoteague, Crisfield, Delmar, Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City and Pocomoke City were in attendance. Governor Holley spoke about the Kiwanis Defining Statement: "Kiwanis is a global organization dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time". Emphasis was on the goals of "Together we CAN" and Together we WILL". (Pictured is Lt. Governor Ralph Chinn thanking Governor Yvonne Holley while Kiwanian Charlotte Cathell and husband, the Honorable Judge Dale Cathell, look on.)
Past Gov. Warren Kane and Cap. Dist. Recognized


Capital District Past Gov. Warren Kane has received a letter of congratulations from Case Van Cleef, 2004-2005 Kiwanis International President. Click here.
Grafton Kiwanians Pedal Across Texas

Greg Davy

When they lost their cell phone signals as they were pedaling across Texas, Grafton Kiwanis Club biking enthusiasts Bill Monroe and Charlie Park didn’t find it that unusual -- nearly everyone hits dead spots occasionally, they reasoned. It’s when they tried find a radio station that they fully grasped the remoteness of the vast west Texas plateau -- all they got was static clear across the dial. (Left, Bill Monroe, Charlie Park and Catharine Fay at a motel complete with hitching posts in Sierra Blanca, Texas.)

“A trip like this reminds those of us who are accustomed to living near cities of just how much wide open space we still have left in this country,” Monroe says. (Right: Monroe, Fay and Park on the Texas Mountain Trail.)

Monroe and Park, along with Dr. Catharine C. Fay, a NASA chemist, embarked on their ambitious bicycle journey March 28 at Kountze, TX, just north of Beaumont. The trio immediately encountered an unanticipated obstacle when they discovered they would be pedaling against a stiff 30 mph wind. This was in addition to the substantial mountains in the western part of the state that would challenge any biker.

“We tried to stay mostly on back country roads because it’s safer and more scenic,” Park says. “But there was a stretch where we had to use Interstate 10 where there were no other roads. That was actually a little scary.”

But all agreed that the effort was well worth it: They were able to visit and appreciate little-known, out-of-the-way gems of Texas life, which included simply talking to everyday citizens about what life is like in a culture and climate very different from Virginia’s.

The ultimate destination was El Paso on Texas’s western edge, where they arrived late Easter evening after completing a blistering 90-mile leg on the home stretch. For biking veteran Park, it was another notch to be recorded in his long list of marathon bike trips which includes a ride from Oregon to Georgia, and another with Fay from St. Augustine, FL to Texas. The trio already is talking about finishing what bikers refer to as the “Southern Tier” trip, which stretches from Florida to San Diego.\

“The El Paso to San Diego trip would be 971 miles,” Monroe notes. “The biker’s tradition is to put your front tire in the Pacific Ocean to signal the end of the trip.” The forbidding desert and mountains that lie along the way seem not to faze him: “I really look forward to doing it.”

Winchester Kiwanis Club Shrimp Feast

Mike Didawick

The Winchester Kiwanis Club is having a Shrimp Feast on Saturday, June 24 at 6 pm at the Isaac Walton League Park on Rt 50 just east of Winchester. It is an evening of fellowship and interclubs are invited. The menu is shrimp, bbq chicken, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, cole slaw, desserts, tea, lemonade, beer and wine. Cost is $25/person. Call Mike Didawick at (540) 665-0375 for tickets.
Additional 2004-'05 Distinguished Clubs and Officers

Warren Kane

The April Capital Builder listed 49 Clubs that qualified as Distinguished Clubs for 2004-2005. The following additional Clubs in Division 8 and 16 have now qualified:

Division 8, Lieutenant Governor Jack White:

  • Clintwood: David L. Davis, Pres., Joe Allen Scardo, Sec.
  • Grundy: Ricky D. Owens, Pres., William G. Parish III, Sec.

Division 16, Lieutenant Governor Baxter Vendrick, Jr.:

  • Bayside, Virginia Beach: Christopher C. McKay, Pres., Yvonne S. Holley, Sec.
  • Harbor Front, Norfolk: Catherine S. Henderson, Pres., Steven W. McCann, Sec.
  • Ocean View Beach, Norfolk: John S. Gajdek III, Pres., Michael P. O'Toole, Sec.
  • Virginia Beach: Hiroo Daryanani, Pres., Clark Mandigo, Sec.

Congratulations to the above Clubs. With these additional 6 Clubs we had 55 Clubs that made Distinguished last year. In reviewing the Score Cards I noticed quite a few clubs that narrowly missed obtaining the required 80 points. Many missed out on Distinguished because they were not represented at the Mid-Winter and District Conventions. With the great attendance at the regional Mid-Winters many of those clubs will qualify this year by having representation at the District Convention in Reston in August.

I regret that this became such a long-drawn out process for 2004-2005 but a Governor is totally dependent on his Lieutenant Governors furnishing the necessary information. I urge the Class of 2005-2006 Lieutenant Governors to make life a lot easier for Governor Yvonne by getting your Distinguished Club Score Cards into her by October 31.

Frederick County Middle School Most-Improved Student Awards 2006

David Maloney

At a recent meeting, the Kiwanis Club of Suburban Frederick along with Frederick County middle school teachers, administrators and counselors were joined by the family and friends of the students who were recognized as Frederick County MD's Most Improved Middle School Students for 2006. Each student was selected based on their overall improvement in conduct, citizenship, attendance and scholastics over their three year middle school career. (Seated L-R: Nicole A. Chew, Brunswick Middle School; Charlie Kay Ely, New Market Middle School; Lisa Schrimsher, Gov. Thomas Johnson Middle School; Jonelle L. Little, Monocacy Middle School; Tim Figgatt, Walkersville Middle School. Standing L-R: Quinlan Vibbert, Thurmont Middle School; Michael Reid, Ballenger Creek Middle School; Anthony Taylor, Oakdale Middle School; Arthur Talley, Crestwood Middle School; Cory Metz, Windsor Knolls Middle School; Daniel Schumm, Middletown Middle School. (not pictured: Jonathan M. Bonita, West Frederick Middle School)). Click here for more pictures of this event.

Digital Dolphins Tech Club

David Landis

Ocean City Elementary School (OCES) Guidance Counselor, Linda McGean, and Technology Coach, Mary Foelber, were the speakers at the May 17th weekly meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City. They reported on the success of the Digital Dolphins Tech Club in which 3rd & 4th grade students at OCES participate after school on Tuesdays, to which the local Kiwanis club has donated funds. The young students learn computer skills and the use and application of related programs and equipment , like digital cameras and camcorders, from this program which began in January 2006 has been an overwhelming success. There's even a waiting list.

It's rewarding to Kiwanians to see the children learn and prosper, in part due to their contributions. The goal of Kiwanis International is "Helping the children of the world". If any man or woman in the community wishes to join Kiwanis and experience the satisfaction of service to the community and the camaraderie within the club, please contact Membership Chairman, Don Schmid, at 410-208-0219 or by e-mail at The rewards are wonderful!
Kiwanis of Wythe County Hosts the First Annual Gospel Sing

Anne Powell

The Kiwanis of Wythe Co. Virginia hosted the first annual gospel sing featuring "The Primitive Quartet" and the "Rich Family" on April 28, 2006 at George Wythe High School in Wytheville. The successful community event was a fundraiser for the Club with several hundred in attendance. With many community sponsors, the Club was able to net near $4,000 to fund its programs for the children in the Wytheville community. Some of the funds will be used to purchase the first reading book for all the children entering kindergarten in the Wythe Co, Virginia school system. The Club hopes to continue this community event annually.
Kiwanis Club of Botetourt County Project Applewood

Irving Glover

Daleville Town Center is one step closer to reality. By the courtesy of Fralin & Waldrin, the new owners of Layman Brothers Orchard, Project Applewood was begun by the Kiwanis Club of Botetourt County this past Saturday. On May 20th, fifty-two volunteers assembled at the orchard site to begin harvesting apple wood to help heat Botetourt homes this coming winter. Partnering with the Kiwanis Club was Mill Creek Baptist Church. Both organizations stockpile firewood to assist persons with need over the winter months.

Bright and early Saturday morning the volunteers began arriving at the orchard work site. The first step was to appear at the Registration Table in order to sign the appropriate wavers of risk and liability. Thus done, each registrant received a yellow armband signifying that they had been properly processed. Then they set to work with chain saws, gloves, trucks, and a lot of muscle.

Prior to cutting, several folks from conservation groups walked the orchard to identify trees that might yet have fledgling birds in nests. Two trees were thus marked and left standing till a future cutting time.

Eight rows of apple trees were then cut, amounting to about 220 trees. And, considering the excellent heat value of fresh apple wood, those logs should help warm a lot of Botetourt residents in the coming season.

Sandwiches, baked good, water and soft drinks were provided at the food tent by members of the Daleville Church of the Brethren and Trinity Church of the Brethren. Chain saw service and inspection was provided by Michael Saunders of Specialized Saw & Mower, Inc. of Salem. And Kav Kan of Cloverdale did some heavy hauling. Thanks goes to everyone who shared in the incredible energy of a fine day.

Builders Club Activities in Div. 20

Warren Kane

Two Division 20 Builders Clubs have had busy years. The Swanson Middle School Builders Club, now in its’ 22nd year and sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Arlington is a diverse group of 25 youngsters from approximately 20 nations. Membership and enthusiasm was especially high this year as the Club contributed to a variety of community and in-school service projects.

Last Fall the students kicked off their commitment in a ‘Beautify Swanson’ day devoted to planting shrubs, flowers and raking the school grounds. In November they provided valuable assistance at the Arlington Kiwanis annual Oyster Feast and Pig Roast. In December some of them accompanied Arlington Kiwanians to a Radford-George Mason basketball game. The Club was well represented at the Tri-K event in February as well as the annual stream clean up of Four Mile Run in March. Members eagerly await each new project, challenge and adventure.

Stephen Oxenrider, who has served as faculty advisor to the Club since 1984, teaches English as a Second Language at Swanson. As a result, the majority of the club members tend to be English language learners, often representing 20-25 countries. Oxenrider commented that, “Belonging to the Builders Club instills a sense of pride by being part of the school and community and provides a foundation for the values of citizenship.”

Pictured left are some of the 18 members of the Builders Club who marched recently in the annual Arlington Neighborhood Day Parade.

The Westminster School Builders Club, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Annandale recently celebrated another outstanding year of service to the community. This Club is almost as diverse as Swanson but Westminster is a private school that follows the Westminster curriculum. The school believes in community service and all 58 of the 7th and 8th graders are members of the Builders Club. The faculty advisor is Dennis Miller, the school’s athletic director.

Each year the Club has a Thank You luncheon for their parents who enable them to:

  • every Wednesday tutor at Timber Lane elementary school heavily impacted by recent immigrant children as well as collected children’s books and school supplies for the school.
  • go bowling monthly with senior citizens at a retirement home.
  • work over 300 hours on their VDOT Adopt a Street.
  • sell 400 White House ornaments so that they could adopt 24 individuals during the holidays; and donate $2,000 worth of Giant food certificates and conduct a clothing drive that resulted in 17 large boxes of clothing for area needy families.
  • make over 1,500 sandwiches for Martha’s Table and collected, wrapped, and donated 200 gifts for the Children’s Hospital Cancer Center’s Hope Chest.
Kiwanis Club of Annapolis Fund Raiser

Bill Lovelace

On May 13, the Annapolis Kiwanis Club held its annual fund raiser, featuring entertainment by “Them Eastport Oyster Boys”, refreshments and a silent auction. The event raised approximately $4500.00, which will be distributed to Annapolis Lighthouse Shelter, for homeless, Arundel Habitat for Humanity, Friends of Arundel Seniors, 100 Club of Anne Arundel County and other local charities. (Pictured at the event are Annapolis Kiwanians: L-R: Rachel Madden, Walt Swayze, Sharron and Jim McFarland.)
Protecting Our Children

Jason Ferguson

Right, Midlothian Kiwanis president Jason Ferguson presents the civic group’s donation to Prevent Child Abuse, Virginia Executive Director Johanna Schuchert. Click here to read the whole story as published in the Midlothian Exchange.
Kiwanis Club of West Point's "Safe and Stable Families Project"

Julie Bohannon

The Kiwanis Club of West Point, in partnership with the Parent-Child Development Corporation (PCDC) in promoting a "Safe and Stable Families Project", held a Father/Child Pancake Breakfast on May 6, 2006. Invited fathers and their young children ages 3-6 years old partnered in this morning of "Food, Fitness and Fun". There were plenty pancakes, sausages, bacon, juices, milk, and coffee for all to enjoy.

Afterwards, in this beautiful, bright and large room the children were directed in lots and lots of special activities by PCDC staff and Kiwanians. They were read to, sometimes in an animated way by Kiwanians. Each table was loaded with interesting objects to arouse their curiosity and they moved from one table to another so as not to miss anything. There was a special signal, involving a toy frog, that alerted them when to make the move. There was a fun time singing songs, using their bodies to swing, sway and move around according to the song's words they sang. Dads, as well as the children, were given funny head gear to wear during this fun time together.

The children were given gifts, some of which were donated by a local dentist as well as a Kiwanian. Division 4 Lt. Governor Julie Bohannon was on hand and was a promoter of this soon-to-be annual event. The West Point Christian Church Hall was the setting provided by Kiwanian Immediate Past President Bill Palmer, and his wife, Carolyn, Kiwanis Club Secretary. The local Librarian (also a Kiwanis member) assisted the PCDC Director, a Kiwanian, in the fun and fitness part of the morning. An assistant from PCDC made the attractive brochures the children presented to their parents. We enjoyed having 11 children and 10 fathers participating in this partnership.
Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City Celebrates 25th Anniversary

David Landis

A luncheon attended by current members and family of charter members was held at Sunset Grille in West Ocean City on May 24th to celebrate the occasion. Kiwanis has been an asset to the Ocean Pines for 25 years and expanded the club's domain to include Ocean City in 2004.

The local Kiwanis Club serves the community in many ways from its primary goal of "Serving the Children of the World", including awarding scholarships to deserving Stephen Decatur High School seniors, supporting school programs at Showell Elementary, Buckingham Elementary, and Ocean City Elementary, to community projects like maintaining the Ocean Parkway signs in Ocean Pines, contribution to Ocean Pines Department of Parks & Recreation, Junior Golf, contributing to Worcester County GOLD, delivering Meals on Wheels, starting and manning the first ,and now annual, Eastern Shore Walk to D-feet ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), and even assistance to seniors for small home maintenance needs, among many other worthwhile programs.

As with many service clubs, Kiwanis is always looking to grow its membership in order to better serve the community. It's time well spent. Men and women interested in becoming a part of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean City/Ocean Pines can call Membership Chairman, Don Schmid, at 410-208-0219 or e-mail him at for information. (Pictures: Past Kiwanis Governor and local Kiwanis member, Dick Feeser, gives invocation for the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Chartering of the local Kiwanis Club while President of the club, Al Kastner, looks on.)
Haysi Kiwanis Club awards $1000 in Scholarships

Matt Fuller

Each year, for over twenty years, the Haysi Kiwanis Club $1000 in Scholarships to deserving Haysi High School students. The criteria for being selected to receive a scholarship include academic performance, attendance at school, and financial need. This year the Scholarship Selection Committee met to determine the recipient of the scholarship and found two very deserving students at Haysi High School to award $500 each. At the 2006 Haysi High School Commencement, Haysi Kiwanis Club President Matt Fuller presented Zachary Triplett and Timothy Shawn Boyd each with a $500 scholarship to help defray the costs of attending college.
Kiwanis Club of Westminster Awards Scholarships

Sandra Hughes

Carroll County Career and Technology Center presented five outstanding students to compete for $2000.00 in scholarships. Each student presented their portfolio to a panel of Kiwanis Club of Westminster judges including samples of work. They each also gave a speech telling of their accomplishments. The final awards will be presented at the Career and Technology graduation ceremonies. All five will receive scholarships. (Pictured left to right: Cynthia Clark, Allied Health; Andrew Geiman, Computer Technology; Pamela Harmon, Culinary Arts; Joanna Gilford, Textiles and Fashion Design; Jennifer Chaney, Cosmetology.)
High Flying Interclub

Bob Powers

Located on the far western edge of Division 21 and meeting at 7:30 AM, Franklin is a challenging interclub for those who don’t like to get up and make long drives before the sun rises. To ease the pain, Great Bridge Past President and Pilot in Chief, Olivia Trombino, flew three intrepid Great Bridge Kiwanians to Franklin on the 23rd of May. After a thirteen minute flight, Olivia, Past President and co-pilot in training Donnie Lascara, and passengers Past Governor Bob Powers and new member Jean Marie Eagler, were met at the Franklin Airport by Great Bridge President Curt Knight who made the fifty minute drive from Great Bridge.

Joined by President Elect Jeff Cavanaugh, Great Bridge enjoyed a pleasant interclub and great breakfast with Franklin on the patio of Fred’s Restaurant, less than a mile from the airport. The airborne group was back on the ground in Chesapeake before 9 AM, rested, well-fed and ready to start the day. (Above Left: Great Bridge Kiwanians ready for an adventure. Left to right: Jean Marie Eagler, Bob Powers, Donnie Lascara, and Pilot Olivia Trombino. Above, right: On the Patio at Freds, to the right, front to back – Jean Marie Eagler, Curt Knight, Olivia Trombino.)

Kiwanis Club of Charlottesville Co-Hosts 5K Run

Norm Gutzler

On July 4, 2006, the Brown Automotive Group will present the 23rd Annual Independence Day 5K Run at Forest Lakes North to benefit Camp Holiday Trails. This event, which is hosted by the Charlottesville Track Club and the Kiwanis Club of Charlottesville, is expected to attract about 400 runners. Other sponsors of the race so far include Crutchfield, Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Central Virginia, the UVA Community Credit Union, Central Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Outback Steak House, Dr. Michael Goldman, DPM, Hill & Wood Funeral Home, the Chandler Law Group and the Wilson School of Dance. Some of the area’s fastest 5K times are recorded at this race, which starts at 7:30 am. Registration forms are available at Ragged Mountain Running Shop.
Smithfield Kiwanis Golf Tournament

William C. Wyrick

Mother nature cooperated long enough on May 3rd for the 24th annual Kiwanis Golf Tournament to be held at the Cypress Creek Golf Club. in Smithfield,Virginia. New Tourney Chair Craig Stallings and his crew worked overtime to insure the event’s success for the 24th straight year. A brief shower did not dampen the enthusiasm of participants.

Foursomes competed using the Florida Best Ball format. For the 2nd year in a row, the Edward Jones Investment team took top team honors with a score of 14 under par.

Free refreshments were served during and after play. Kiwanis chefs Carter Williams, Wesley Brown, Mac Cofer and other served deli hot dogs at lunch and a barbecue dinner at the awards ceremony afterwards.

Prizes were awarded to the first, second and third place teams. Prizes for individuals were offered for the closest shot to the pin, won by Harvey Thigpen, Jr., and for the longest drive, struck by Brian Gordon. There was no winner of the top prizes—for sinking a hole-in-one—provided by Pomoco Motors of Smithfield.

For the first time the Sentara health group co-sponsored the tourney. Smithfield Kiwanis is indebted to Sentara and its other corporate sponsors for making the event a success. Thanks are due the Cypress Creek Golf Club for use of the verdant venue. And hats off to Kiwanis members who gave their time to make it happen. (Above right: Smithfield Kiwanis Tourney Chair Craig Stallings, left, discusses arrangements with long-time member Billy Cook.)

Kiwanis Club of Gaithersburg/Germantown Commits More Time to Car Seat Program

Connie Maguire

Montgomery County Child-Safety Car Seat Program has received a grant to expand its free inspection program from two locations to three locations. Starting in June 2006 the third location will be at Criswell Chevrolet in Gaithersburg on the third Saturday afternoon of the month and each Thursday evening. We have agreed to host and do the paperwork connected with these inspections at this new location. We already do this at the Great Beginnings Store in Gaithersburg on the second Saturday of each month. It has become one of our favorite YCPO projects.
Kiwanis Club of Winchester Receives Award

Mike Didawick

The Kiwanis Club of Winchester was awarded the Eleanor S. White award by the Shenandoah Valley Residences, Inc. The award is presented annually to an individual or organization for outstanding local philanthropic support of services for people with mental retardation. (Pcitured right: Mrs. White's son, Ridge (right) is shown presenting the award to President Mike Didawick.)
Three Div. 22 Clubs Donate Entertainment Center

Jonnie Mann

With his work in Charles Co., John Buchanan, Division 22 Lt. Governor, on occasion represents the Department of Social Services in CINA, shelter care, adoption & cases involving children. A way to occupy the children while their parents or guardians are in court is a real necessity. Lt. Governor John approached the three Charles Co. Kiwanis Clubs of his home club Waldorf, LaPlata & Charles Co. about contributing to the entertainment of these children. On May 26, 2006, Lt. Gov. John along with representatives of the Charles Co., LaPlata & Waldorf Kiwanis Clubs presented Circuit Court Judge Amy Bragunier with the key to a rolling entertainment center with a 24 inch TV, DVD player & a selection of videos & DVDs.
Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City Charters Salisbury School Key Club

David I. Landis

The Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City celebrated the chartering of the Salisbury School Key Club at it's weekly meeting on May 31, 2006 at the Ocean Pines Country Club. (Pictured are (L to R): Dick Feeser, Kiwanis Club of Greater OP/OC liason to the Salisbury School Key Club, Erin McAfee, Salisbury School Advisor to the Key Club, Katie Schury, Key Club President, Victoria Moore, Key Club Treasurer, Amy Hafez, Key Club Secretary, Al Kastner, President of Kiwanis Club of Greater OP/OC receiving their banner and credentials.)

The Salisbury School Key Club has been active during the 2005-2006 school year. They have already initiated programs with the Wicomico Humane Society, community affiliations with trash cleanup programs, and the First Annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta on May 5th, 2006 to raise money to support the new club. The first priority of the new club is helping others by building character and leadership to help make the world a better place. Key Club, like Kiwanis, is a community service organization and strives to serve the children of the world.

The expectation for membership in the first year was 15 to 18 students from the 140 student body. The goal was exceeded with 30 students joining the Key Club and spearheading a very successful first year. They are well on their way!

The Salisbury School Key Club's projects planned for the new 2006-2007 school year are continuation of the aforementioned projects and adding service to a local nursing home assistance for Bingo and card games, a Senior Ball to raise funds for the club, Adopt a Highway participation, a teacher appreciation luncheon, Dress Down Fridays where students pay a fee to dress in jeans and casual wear to raise funds, assisting in preparation and cleanup of Ft. Isabel, a small island near Smith Island where children go to learn about items regarding the Chesapeake Bay, and other service projects.

Hats off to the successful newly chartered Key Club of the Salisbury School.
Charlottesville Serves Dogwood Pancakes

Jim Hart

The second annual Dogwood Pancake Breakfast hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Charlottesville on Saturday morning April 22 was a big success. More than $8,000 was raised to benefit the "Super Thinking and Responsible Kids" (STAR) program conducted by Children, Youth & Family Services, Inc. at the Monticello Area Head Start. This program has been shown to be effective in helping children from low-income families develop the necessary personal, social, and emotional skills as they get ready to enter kindergarten. The Kiwanis fund-raiser produced serious leverage because CYFS, Inc. has received a challenge grant from the Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation which matches by a ratio of 10 to 1 any donation made to this program.

Pictured are three Kiwanis Dogwood Pancake Breakfast ticket takers being assisted by the Charlottesville Dogwood Festival Queen and a member of her court, Miss Buckingham County, as they welcome hundreds of hungry supporters to the breakfast. The pancake breakfast takes place each year in downtown Charlottesville on the morning of the annual Dogwood Festival parade. People are encouraged to come to the benefit breakfast and then enjoy the parade which starts at 11 a.m. just two blocks away.
R. Tyler Bland, Jr. Memorial 10th Annual West Point Crab Feast Golf Tournament

Craig Barrick

It is that time of the year again to make plans for the R. Tyler Bland, Jr. Memorial 35th Annual West Point Kiwanis Crab Feast. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 8, 2006 at the West Point Country Club at 5:30 pm. $20 per person will get you lots of steamed crabs, hot dogs, beer and soft drinks. Tickets can be ordered by mailing $20 per person and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Craig Barrick, PO Box 908, West Point, VA 23181 by July 25th. No tickets available at the door and the event is held rain or shine. For more information, call Craig at 804-843-6100.

The West Point Club again issues a challenge to all Kiwanis Clubs attending the Crab Feast to come early and enter a team in the 10th Annual Golf Tournament. It is an 18-hole Captains Choice Tournament with a 12:30 pm Shotgun Start. A fee of $160 per team, which includes greens fee and carts, made payable to West Point Kiwanis must be sent to Charles Davis, 7600 Davis Road, West Point, VA 23181 to reserve your spot. The number of teams is limited. For more information, please call Charles at 804-843-2727.