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June 2007


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This issue at a glance:

Governor Bob’s Builders: It's On To Convention!

Gov. Bob Cressy

  • Kiwanis International Convention is July 3rd to 6th
  • Capital District Convention is August 17th to 19th
  • District Membership is Building, Thanks to YOU!
Well, goodness, its JUNE already! I can see that you are having as much FUN as Nancy and I are this year … because we have been traveling throughout the Capital District and we have seen each other “changing the world one child and one community at a time”. Its true isn’t it: “One CAN make a difference … and that ONE is YOU !”

We are so proud to represent you as Governor and First Lady. We are constantly inspired when visiting you or seeing reports of the service projects completed and the involvement you have with all our Service Leadership Programs. From the small, even one-on-one projects, to the large that you see often reported in your Capital Builder, Kiwanis service has an important and meaningful impact on our world. As of April (May report not out yet), your clubs have reported having completed 6,476 projects, with 65,499 hours and over $658,489 spent/raised on those projects. And we know not everything is reported. It should be, of course. This is most impressive. Thank you.

San Antonio – 92nd Kiwanis International Convention July 3rd to 6th

If you have never been to an International Convention, this would be a great one for you. You have seen promotions in your Kiwanis magazine, at Mid-Winters and here in the eBuilder, as well as some mailings. San Antonio is a festive, fun filled vacation spot as well as our convention site. We have a responsibility as a club, too, to send two delegates each to vote on the amendments and candidates for International office, our leaders. Make sure your club is represented. A PLG from the same division can also represent a club if certified in writing to do so by that club’s secretary.

Come see The Alamo and the famous River Walk area near our Hyatt Regency Hotel. Be entertained by “The Second City” comedy at the opening July 3rd. Sign up with District Secretary Ellis for the Capital District BBQ Dinner at the famous County Line Restaurant on the River Walk at 5 PM on July 4th. Over 160 District Kiwanians have signed up at $35 each and there are about 40 tickets left, so let Ellis know ASAP. Don’t miss this one! Dress is Kiwanis Cowboy! Well, just casual comfortable – no bathing suits, please. Wear your Red, White & Blue CapDist Polo shirt to the Delegate Voting session, please. Pack it now. We'll stand out.

Look for more details in this issue. Western singer Clint Black entertains Thursday. And there are the education forums. Whew! Lots ! Don’t miss this one. Come with your friends and meet new ones!

District Club Membership Has an April YTD Net Gain - Encouraging Progress

Getting ‘Back To The Basics’ of Club growth, new membership campaigns and membership retention efforts are starting to show results. This is no time to do back flips, but when we effectively use the resources of our clubs, divisions, the district TAG and committee chairs, plus KI’s terrific new Kiwanis promotional materials we begin to see results. Be prepared and A.S.K. a friend to join us.

The TAG (Together Achieving Growth) Chairman Jack White is coordinating the New Club Building (Tom Ganse, Chair), Membership Growth & Retention (Brian Bell, Chair) and Communication, PR and Marketing committees (Rosemary Cummings, Chair) to be significant resources for each and every Club. More clubs are GROWING, many significantly, than in a long time. There are more Maintaining Clubs as well, which have moved forward from being a declining club. There are fewer declining clubs. This is very encouraging.

Why do we emphasize this? Because if you do not VISUALIZE, you fossilize. If you BELIEVE you can, you CAN. Because more members means MORE SERVICE can be done. We have enough people to do what we are doing, but NOT ENOUGH to do what NEEDS to be done. These are quotes from KI IPP Steve Siemens. RIGHT on the mark.

Together clubs have added 729 new members, including two new clubs with a good number still working. The vast majority of clubs are a few members plus, or just a few members down. This means that most clubs have a good shot to become “Distinguished Clubs”. See the criteria repeated again in this issue. Don’t miss rewarding your club’s hard efforts by just a … whisker. We CAN do it!

The backdoor is the greatest danger for loss. Don’t let new members slip away because you didn’t give them a good, early orientation which also has some responsibilities outlined; like attendance suggestions (60% per month is good) and getting them involved right away in a project or committee. And, tell them you miss them if they miss a meeting. Re-Member long time members, too. These are the basics building blocks. You’re doing well. Keep it up.

89th Capital District Convention is Coming to Rockville August 17th – 19th

The 89th Capital District Convention (the DCON) is shaping up to be a dynamite experience. Convention Chair Charles Falck and his committee are skilled and working very hard to bring you the best DCON possible. The completely remodeled Hilton Executive Business and Conference Center has all new rooms, a new lobby and excellent meeting rooms. The meals will be top notch.

Governor Elect Art Riley will have educational forums and training to fine tune your 2007-2008 teams to take office on another leg of our rolling three year plan. Excellent speakers will be inspiring us. This is the place to re-kindle those District-wide friendships. Come and SHARE YOUR CLUB SUCCESSES with others. Enjoy the entertainment and the high profile speakers.

And remember, too, each club has three delegates to DCON. There is a three-way contest to represent Capital District with a Kiwanis International Trustee candidate to run for office at the 2009 KI convention in Nashville. We have a Governor Elect election at DCON with Tom Ganse as the candidate. So there is a lot to do for the delegates. We’ve had excellent combined attendance at your Mid Winters (over 900 attendees each year) so make sure your club is represented at DCON in Rockville.

Please Go to “Around The District” feature for May’s Photos and Video

The visits and celebrations of the District’s club activities are featured in the short articles and many "Around the District" photos and video clip for the last month. Consider them as part of my May message.

See the interaction we have with our Service Leadership Programs, like the Circle K International “End of the Year Banquet” by the George Washington University CKI club. At all levels, these are the leaders of today … and tomorrow! By helping them week by week, being involved and assisting their representatives to attend their conventions, we make an investment in them and they in us. They can be and should be future Kiwanians.

Have FUN! Send in YOUR photos and stories! See you at the two Conventions!

P.S. As a reminder, be sure to check out the Distinguished Club and Club Member criteria published in the March eBuilder. Will you or your club qualify? Click here.

Call to District Convention
Ellis Stroup, Cap. Dist. Sec./Treas.

In accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws of the Capital District Kiwanis International, official notice is hereby given that the Eighty Ninth Annual Convention of the Capital District will be held in Rockville, Maryland at The Hilton Washington DC/Rockville, August 16-19, 2007.

Each chartered club in good standing in the Capital District shall be entitled to three (3) delegates, two of whom shall be the President and President-elect. Each chartered club at the time of selection of delegates may choose one alternate for each delegate. Delegates and alternates must be active, privileged, or senior members in good standing in the clubs which they represent. In the event a chartered club does not have a delegate to represent it at a District Convention, it may designate one Past Lieutenant Governor, with that person’s concurrence, who is an active member of a club of the same Division, to serve as its delegate to any District Convention.

Financial indebtedness to the Capital District and Kiwanis International must be cleared before club delegates may be seated in the house-of-delegates at the convention.

Attention is called to the fact that the house-of-delegates will be convened on Saturday afternoon, August 18, 20067 to handle routine business such as amendments, resolutions, etc. A second delegate session will be held on Sunday morning, August 19, 2007, at which time the election of officers will be conducted.

Forms for use in certifying the Election of Delegates and Alternates to this convention have been mailed to each club secretary of record.

89th Capital District Convention: Aug 17 - 19, 2007
Gary Boswell

The Capital District Convention to be held at the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville Executive Meeting Center in Rockville Maryland and hosted by the Potomac Region now has various forms on the website besides allowing you to go online and register for the convention. They include a paper registration form, an exhibit table registration costing members with Kiwanis material nothing up to non-members $100, Program advertising of from as low as $10 to $100 for a full page ad and registration to the Honors Reception on August 17th at 5:30pm. Please check it out at Registration forms are also available here. See you in Rockville!

Kiwanis International Convention, San Antonio, TX July 3-7, 2007
David Williams

Kiwanis International Conventions aren’t all business. In fact, they are a rich mix of business, entertainment, inspiration, education, and fellowship. The 2007 convention in San Antonio, Texas, July 3-7, will feature a wide variety of entertainment and inspiration. The opening session on Tuesday, July 3, for example, will feature a performance by The Second City, America’s premier improvisational comedy troupe.

The Second City (named after the group’s hometown, Chicago) has produced many star alumni, including Mike Myers, Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, John Belushi, Stephen Colbert, and Steve Carrell. Be prepared for an original, daring, and hilarious mix of satire and cutting-edge improvisation.

Go to for a convention registration form and more information on entertainment, workshops, and other events planned for the 2007 Kiwanis International Convention.

Governor Bob and 1st Lady Nancy Host Capital District Dinner at KI Convention on 4th of July

Nancy Cressy

When at KI Convention in San Antonio this July join Gov. Bob and 1st Lady Nancy for an "All You Can Eat Texas BBQ" on July 4th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at The County Line on the scenic San Antonio Riverwalk. This restaurant was recently featured on the Food Networks as one of America's top BBQ's. The County Line is a great place to enjoy an ice cold beer or frosty margarita at the open-air bar. Inside, the funky Texas roadhouse atmosphere will make you feel like you've wandered out into the Texas Hill Country.

MENU: All you can eat BBQ brisket, beef ribs, pork ribs, chicken, sausage, beans, potato salad, homemade bread, homemade ic-cream and coffee/tea/soda.

All for ONLY $35.00 PER PERSON! This is a great price for this great restaurant. We are taking over the whole restaurant and eating early so we can enjoy the fireworks afterwards! Tickets will be available from Ellis Stroup, District Secretary on a first-come-first-served basis. Seating is limited to 200 so make your reservation early. Checks for the dinner should be made payable to "Capital District Kiwanis.

By the way, be sure to plan a visit to the historic Alamo - a site central to the existence of Texas and, some say, to America's expansion West. Learn more about The Alamo at

Volunteers Needed for Club Support Committees

Gov-Elect Art Riley

During the upcoming 2007-08 administrative year, the Capital District will completely staff the club support committees that were established by the reshaping initiative. To date over 100 Kiwanians throughout the District have volunteered to serve. Some volunteers are still needed from the following regions: Southwest, Heart of Virginia, Delmarva, Presidential, Hampton Roads and Potomac. Any interested Kiwanian willing to serve should contact Governor-elect Arthur Riley at This is a great opportunity for newer Kiwanians to become involved in the Capital District and serve the Children of the World. No experience necessary. The Capital District will orient you to the job. The more Kiwanians involved the better the job and the more dynamic our Kiwanis service can be.

Club Election Reports

Ellis Stroup, Capital District Sec/Treas

All Club Secretaries are reminded that the all Capital District clubs must now file their Club Election Reports through the Kiwanis One Reporting System. This file will automatically distribute the election information to Kiwanis International and the Capital District. There will no longer be a need for manual preparation of this report, and Forms will not be sent to clubs in the Capital District.

Attention All Newsletter Editors

Vivian Tanzer

The deadline for entry to the Capital District Newsletter contest is July 30, 2007. District winners will then advance to the Kiwanis International contest. Click here for the District Entry Form with instructions, and information about the Kiwanis International Newsletter Contest Criteria. The District Web site, Awards and Contests area, also has the Newsletter contest criteria and entry form for future reference. For more information, contact Vivian Tanzer Kruger

Suburban Frederick Club Recognizes Most-Improved Middle School Students

Christine Semon

At a recently-held meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Suburban Frederick, Most Improved Students from all Frederick County Middle schools were recognized with testimonials to their improvements in scholastics, citizenship, and deportment given by teachers and school administrators. Accompanied by family and friends, each student received gifts and a framed certificate attesting to their recognition as a Most Improved Student for 2007. Pictured are (left to right sitting) Maria Graziani (Middletown MS), Kathy Jones (Brunswick MS), Jessica Heilman (Walkersville MS), Cody Hyden (Ballenger Creek MS), Greg Martinez (Oakdale MS) and (left to right standing) Benjamin McCardle (West Frederick MS), Tre Holsey (Monocacy MS), Trayvon Hoy (Crestwood MS), Ronald Clark (New Market MS), Thomas Snedegar (Thurmont MS). Not shown are Brian Zito (Windsor Knolls MS), John Michel (Gov. T.J. MS), Joshua Clarke (Urbana MS).

275 Ambassadors Attend HOBY Virginia Leadership Seminar Held in Newport News

Gov. Bob Cressy

Many Kiwanis Clubs in the Capital District continue to support the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Program known as HOBY, along with our Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs. HOBY “Ambassadors” are high school sophomores who are committed to community service projects. The annual HOBY Virginia Leadership Seminar was held May 18-20th at Christopher Newport University in Newport News.

Over 275 Ambassadors, many of their parents, faculty and HOBY advisors attended the Seminar where two winners were elected as the 2007 Outstanding Ambassadors. Pictured from the left to right are winner “TK” Hester of Varina High School, Kiwanis PLG Division 4 and HOBY Director of Finance Mary Murphy, winner Amber Warren of Amelia High School, and myself. I was one of several addressing and congratulating all the Ambassadors, and I did not miss the opportunity to let them know that Kiwanis supports HOBY, and that they are all welcomed to consider joining Kiwanis Key Clubs and when in college Circle K Clubs. (Some HOBY Ambassadors are already Key Clubbers.) Several years ago Hugh O’Brian himself addressed a Kiwanis Mid-Winter Conference.

Kiwanis Club of LaPlata Holds Raffle

Judy Gorney

The Kiwanis Club of LaPlata held a raffle over the last few months for someone in the community to win a DVD player. When our club sets up information tables at community events, or when we sold Christmas ornaments in November and December, people would ask us questions about who and what the Kiwanis were all about. The raffle was a way to break the ice as well as to spark an interest in our club. The winner of the DVD player was Erica Hamilton, of LaPlata, Maryland. She is pictured with member Jim Gorney as he awards her with the DVD player.

Rehoboth Beach K-Kids

Rosemary Cummings

Lord Baltimore Elementary School (LBES) K-Kids sponsored by Rehoboth Beach Kiwanis Club held its first fundraiser Saturday, May 19 at the Lord Baltimore Fun Festival. The Kids held a raffle for a quilt they made during club meetings raising $48 (Left Callie McCauley showing quilt). During the Festival, members proudly wore their K-Kids shirts which Cole Di Lorenzo’s mom, Kim, donated (right). Prospective members and parents learned about K-Kids activities, received club brochures, and signed up for the K-Kids program to begin next school year. The next day, the LBES K-Kids spent Sunday afternoon at the beach, not building sand castles or jumping in the waves, instead giving time for community service in the local Bethany Beach Clean-up. The Kids gathered over four bags of debris, including a dead fish and many combs, paper, bottle caps, and other plastic items harmful to birds and fish along the coast. After the clean up, the group relaxed at the local Grotto’s with Pizza, soda and games.

Westminster Kiwanis Club Honors Students

Sandra Hughes

May 1, 2007 brings Students of the month to the Westminster Kiwanis Club at Wakefield Conference Center. (From Left to Right) Three awards for Westminster High School are: Andrew Rapp, was awarded the Science Award, Andrew Creates Labs for his instructors and fellow students. He will attend the University of Maryland, College Park in the Aero Space Engineering Program. Theresa Wolf awarded the Foreign Language Honors. She will be an exchange student in France in the Fall. Nicolette Wentz, the Music award, but unable to attend. Two awards Winters Mill High School are: Tiffany Haugh, the Guidance Award, She is A Peer Counselor for fellow students. Tiffany will attend University of Maryland, Baltimore County in the fall to study Pre-Med. Jorden Curet, Guidance award, he will attend Lynchburg College, in the Political Science Program.

Wilmington, Delaware Kiwanis Club Designs Marketing Plan for Club

Richard Holmes

Last year, The Wilmington, Delaware Kiwanis Club hired students at the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics at the U of Delaware, asking them to prepare a marketing plan for the club. In a wrap up session recently, the students presented an action plan for the club to consider. The plan calls for a goal of increasing membership by 10% this year and 15% in the following 3 years. Target age of new members 45-60. It also calls for increasing the commitment of present members, increasing the financial strength and viability of the club and increasing name recognition in the community. Also recommended: Updating the club's web site, which has already begun And the students gave extra stress to getting the club to make use of ideas and marketing material on the Kiwanis International web site, such as the new member orientation video. Another goal: Raise at least $10,000 between October of this year and September 2008 The students call it an "action plan to insure the future of Wilmington Kiwanis." Pictured above: l to r, Rob Bergman, Ulrika Sullivan, business and economics students at the University of Delaware, their instructor John Kmetz, Director of International Programs, and Phil Arendall, past president of Wilmington Kiwanis.

Key Club of Stephen Decatur High School Holds Breakfast for Parent Club

D.J. Landis, Sr.

The Key Club of Stephen Decatur High School held it's annual breakfast for their parent Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City on May 2nd at the high school. About 50 Kiwanians were treated to a great breakfast and heard from the Key Club officers about their numerous community service projects and fund-raisers for the 2006 -2007 school year. It's very rewarding to see our young people doing such wonderful work.

Looking for Volunteers for Brazil

Gil DeBiasi, D.D.S., Kiwanis Club of Tuckahoe

Many of you knew Doug Jinks who was Governor of the Capital District 1993-94. It was through him that I went to Santarem, Brazil on the Amazon River to volunteer in the dental clinic. When Doug passed away from a heart attack in January 1996, his widow, Kay, and my wife and I along with clubs in the Capital District raised funds to have a building constructed and named in his memory. Thus the Doug Jinks Kiwanis Capital District Children's Center bearing the Kiwanis insignia (the only one in all of northern Brazil) came to be.

The center treats hundreds of children each year, gives them inoculations against diseases and gives health, nutrition, breast-feeding and other child care education. The center also provides prenatal care. Many children arrive malnourished; it is gratifying to watch these children grow and develop into healthy toddlers.

With the Kiwanis insignia displayed prominently, we have an ongoing project for which we hope you will see the need to help. It is important that we Kiwanians follow through, let people know what Kiwanis is doing and continue to serve the poor children of the Amazon region as Doug would be doing if he were here.

Your contribution by check both personal and club-wide can be made to the Amazon Africa Aid Organization, the 501c3 organization which sends the money to Brazil at 100%. These checks can be mailed to me a 7 S. Boulevard, Richmond, Virginia 23220. Contributions will be acknowledged by AAAO. The children of the Amazon thank you and of course, I thank you on behalf of the Doug Jinks Kiwanis Capital District Children's Center.

Also, if any of your members are dentists, the dental clinic is in need of volunteers. If your own dentist is interested in volunteering, please pass the word on and have them contact me. I am about to make my eighth trip and I assure you it is a most rewarding, educational and fun experience.

Crisfield Kiwanis Club Recognizes Longtime Members

Richard Crumbacker, Crisfield Times

Four members of the Crisfield Kiwanis Club with a combined 214 years of service were recognized April 24 during their meeting at Asbury Church Hall. Royce Dize is the longest serving member with 56 years, followed closely by Wade Ward, 55 years; Calvin Gibson, 52 years and Bill Ward, 51 years. In addition to their involvement, several others have been members for 25 years or more. They include Bobby Marshall, 47 years; Tom Shores, 44 years; Eugene Mills, 43 years; Russell Ward, 39 years; Asher Daisey, 30 years; Jack Morgan, 29 years; Dean Massey, 27 years; and David Price, 25 years.

At their Tuesday evening meeting, the club’s newest member, Jayna Tawes, was inducted with the help of her father, Jay Tawes, a 22 year member. Also participating was Division 15 Lt. Gov. Barbara Hickman, a member of the Pocomoke Kiwanis. Ms. Hickman celebrated the club’s membership, calling their community service projects and especially the Christmas toy giveaway “outstanding.” She also encouraged more young members to join, adding Kiwanis is “a global organization” that is “changing the world…one child at a time.” The club heard three selections from Crisfield Christian Academy Junior Brittany Mears. She and three other students will be visiting Honduras later this month with Rick and Gina Gunter as they start a Bible school and construct a new soccer field. This will be her second trip to the country in six months, and the club presented her a check to help offset expenses. “You don’t realize how good you have it here,” she said.

Upper left: Some of the Crisfield Kiwanis Club members with 25 or more years of service are, from left, Tom Shores, 44 years; Bobby Marshall, 47 years; Jack Morgan, 29 years; Eugene Mills, 43 years; Russell Ward, 39 years; and David Price, 25 years. Seated is President Asher Daisey, who has 30 years. Upper right: Bill Ward, left, and Wade Ward have 51 and 55 years of service, respectively, with the Crisfield Kiwanis Club. With them is Division 15 Lt. Gov. Barbara Hickman. Other long-time members not able to attend the April 24 meeting include Royce Dize, 56 years, and Calvin Gibson, 52 years.

Ashley Griswold Div. 17 Teenager of the Year

Betty Gardiner

Ashley Griswold (left) has been selected as the 2007 Teenager of the Year by the Kiwanis Clubs of Montgomery County, Division Seventeen. Ashley, a 12th grader at Walt Whitman High School, was selected from a field of five nominees from area high schools. Nominees were evaluated on their academic achievements, volunteer service, citizenship and leadership performance. The judging was done by volunteers of the Montgomery County Police Department, Captain Besty Davis and Lt. Porsha Jones. The award was presented to Miss Griswold by Betty Gardiner, Lt. Governor, Division Seventeen, Capital District Kiwanis at the Service Leadership Banquet held at the Leisure World Clubhouse. In making the presentation, Mrs. Gardiner said, “We are proud to recognize Ashley Griswold as Teenager of the Year, she is an outstanding volunteer in her community. Ashley volunteers at the Glen Echo Fire Department, National Cancer Institute/NIH and many other local groups, with 1212 community service hours to date. She is an well rounded teenager. There were four (4) additional entries from the Division, they are: Andrea Deck is an 11th grader at Richard Montgomery High School, she was entered by the Kiwanis Club of Rockville; Alperen Okay is a 12th grader at Thomas S. Wootton High School, he was entered by the Kiwanis Club of Montgomery Village; Julia Peyton McGuire is a 12th grader at Sherwood High School, she was entered by the Kiwanis Club of Olney; Melissa Tinling is a 12th grader at Gaithersburg High School, she was entered by the Kiwanis Club of Mid Montgomery County. All of the entries were outstanding students and it was very difficult to select only one, we feel they are all winners. Shown upper left, l to r: Alperen Okay, Andrea Deck, Key Club Lt. Gov. Brent Abel, Melissa Tinling, Ashley Griswold, and Julia Peyton MCguire.

Loch Raven Kiwanis Club Honors Firefighter, Policeman, Teacher

Susan Wetzel

On Wednesday May 2nd, 2007 the Loch Raven Kiwanis Club hosted its annual Recognition Dinner for the Firefighter, Policeman and Teacher of the Year in the Loch Raven community. (Pictured right are, from left to right, Fireman of the Year Gregory Lewis, Chairperson Sue Wetzel, Loch Raven Kiwanis; Policeman of the Year Gregory Suber; Teacher of the Year Tara Zealor Rose.) The dinner was held at the Towson Golf and Country Club and was attended by over fifty more

Kiwanis Club of Grundy Sponsors Government Day and 5K Race/Walk

Jon Rife

Four area high schools participated in “Kiwanis Government Day” in which students engaged in a mock Board of Supervisors. Participating schools were Grundy, Council, Hurley, and Mountain Mission. Supervisors began the day with an introduction of the responsibilities of their individual posts and fielded questions from the students. The students were then sworn in and given a brief introduction into parliamentary procedure, and given an agenda to discuss and act upon. The day ended with discussion on all that was learned and observed throughout the day’s activities.

On May 12, the Kiwanis Club of Grundy also sponsored the 28th annual Kiwanis 5K race/walk. A record number of 98 runners and 45 walkers participated. Winners received trophies; $100 or $50 savings bond, plus all participants received Tech T shirts honoring Tech students. TruPoint Bank, the primary corporate sponsor, held an internal competition with their emphasis on “Banking for Wellness”. Many volunteers helped with traffic control, race and registration, and cooking for the pancake breakfast. The event was a huge success and plans are already ongoing for 2008!

Shenandoah Valley club Participates in Staunton's Kids Matter Day

Dr. Jeanne M. Martino-McAllister

The Shenandoah Valley club participated in Staunton's Kids Matter Day on Saturday, May 5. The club purchased over 500 books for the event. Children were able to read aloud to their parent or a club member, then choose a book to take home with them.

Kiwanis of LaPlata Ice Cream Social

Judy Gorney

The Kiwanis of LaPlata, during their Ice Cream Social last year, held a one question trivia contest! The promised prize would be tickets to a Washington Nationals Game donated by Jim Gorney, when spring came! Pictured here with Jim is Devon Renner, the winner of the tickets to the game! Congratulations Devon!

Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City Participates in Annual Alzheimer's Gala

D.J. Landis, Sr.

Ocean City had a grand event when the 10th Alzheimer's Gala to raise money to fight the dreaded and debilitating disease that unfortunately effects so many lives and families, was held at the Clarion Fontainebleau Resort Hotel on Sunday May 6th in Ocean City, Maryland. Approximately 200 people turned out for the event and that included local celebrities, dignitaries and even 20 members and wives of the local Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/ Ocean City. Kiwanian, Bill Long, built the large, five foot high, birthday cake to celebrate the landmark event. Everyone was surprised when a local dancer sprang from the cake to entertain the audience. It was an event to remember and Kiwanis members attended to support the annual fundraiser. Honorary Kiwanian, the untiring, energetic 81 year old Anna Foultz, Director of the Alzheimer's Volunteers of the Eastern Shore, is, and has been, the driving force behind the Annual Alzheimer's Gala. What a spectacular, wonderful, and worthy event. Pictures (L to R) Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City President Al Kastner, Kiwanian and Worcester County Register of Wills Charlotte Cathell and Kiwanis past President and Division 15 Lt. Governor-elect Charlie Warner attended the Gala along with other local Kiwanis Club members.

Kiwanis Club of Poquoson Will Hold Bulk Barbecue

Joe Discenza

The Kiwanis Club of Poquoson completed a record barbecue event May 19 in Poquoson, where 1700 pounds of pork were cooked overnight and served to the public in less than 24 hours. The event sold out and customers who hoped to buy leftover barbecue meat by the pound were disappointed. The club plans a special "bulk-only" cooking on June 9, 2007 to let customers buy this delicious Carolina style barbecue by the pound to serve at home or freeze for future use. The meat will be packed in one-pound containers at only $7.00 per pound. 100% of the proceeds from this sale will be used for worthy local, national, and international projects to further the well being of children everywhere.
Anyone who signed up for this treat may pick up their barbecue at the Poquoson Parks and Recreation Building, 830 Poquoson Avenue (NOT City Hall) between 9:00AM and 12:00 PM Saturday June 9, 2007. For more information or to order barbecue, send email with name, telephone number, and quantity needed to no later than Monday, June 3.

Montgomery Village Kiwanis and Division 17 to Host Flea Market

Liz Jackson

Montgomery Village Kiwanis and Division 17 are hosting a HUGH Flea Market
June 9, 2007 from 10AM to 2PM to Benefit Community Services for Autistic
Adults and Children Foundation and the American Cancer Society Relay for Life
It will be held at the CSAAC Parking Lot at 8615 East Village Ave in Montgomery
Village. There will be live music, refreshments, furniture, household goods, etc.
Directions: From Goshen Road, turn right on East Village Ave. just after Snouffer
School Rd. From 124 take Woodfield Rd. Left on East Village Ave. Any questions?
Call 301 869-5805 or 301 840-0314. For flyer, click here.

West Richmond Kiwanis Club to Hold “ Celebrate Children Silent Auction and Dinner”

Judy M. Hackler

The First Annual Celebrate Children Silent Auction and Dinner has been scheduled, and we are very excited about the opportunity to help four organizations in the central Virginia community! Join us as we work together to support these organizations: the Central Virginia Food Bank, the March of Dimes – Central Virginia Chapter, St. Joseph’s Villa, and the West Richmond Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship Fund. Tickets will be on sale from June 15, 2007 through October 3, 2007 for the First Annual Celebrate Children Silent Auction and Dinner to be held on Saturday, October 6, 2007 at the Sheraton Richmond Hotel starting at 6:00 PM. Advance Tickets are $40 which includes entrance to the silent auction, dinner, and presentations from the organizations being supported. The silent auction will be held from 6:00 – 7:30 PM with music, beverages, and networking. The dinner and presentations will be held from 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM. Advance tickets may be purchased by contacting any West Richmond Kiwanis member. You may also make tax deductible, monetary donations to sponsor the Celebrate Children Silent Auction to help offset costs of the event. For additional information or to sponsor the event, please contact Judy Hackler (804-339-4075) or Jeanne Grady (804-317-6040). All proceeds will go to the March of Dimes – Virginia Chapter, St. Joseph’s Villa, and the West Richmond Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship Fund. We will be collecting nonperishable food items at the event to donate to the Central Virginia Food Bank.

Meet the Candidate

Tom Ganse

This is the fifth in a series of articles intended to help you learn more about your candidate for Governor-elect and his team’s platform. This month’s submission highlights Leg #2 from the campaign platform. Please visit www.vote4tg.comfor prior “Meet the Candidate” articles.

#2 - Rebuild our membership base

Why do I think we can experience a net gain of 2,000 members over the next two-and-a-half years when it took sixteen years to lose 3,000? For the same reason a skilled contractor can restore a long-neglected house to its former splendor in a matter of a month or two – because that’s what trained craftsmen with the right equipment and adequate funding do. We see it all around us everyday.

Where will these trained craftsmen come from? Kiwanis International made the initial investment two years ago by inviting select members from each North American District to attend special training – at KI’s expense – and receive special tools to help their Districts build new clubs, maintain and strengthen existing clubs, and rebuild small clubs. These people are what we know as TAG (Together Achieving Growth) Team members, and I am one of them. In fact, I led our team here in the Capital District as it was established, and continue to serve with them as we work toward one of Governor Bob Cressy’s goals: To transition this knowledge and experience to regional more.

Kiwanis Club of Mercury 64 Presents Scholarships

Monte Correll

On May 9th, the Kiwanis Club of Mercury 64 presented scholarships to two Keoughtan High School Seniors. Receiving the Jules Frank Memorial Scholarship for $4,000 was Cortney Townsend. John Napier received the William Russell Daugherty Memorial Scholarship for 500. Shown in the photo, L to R are: Frank Dulong, Mercury 64 Secretary; Tom Townsend; Cortney Townsend; Melody Townsend; John Napier; Baxter Simmons, Mercury 64 Scholarship Chairman, and Dawn Napier.

Denbigh Kiwanis Club to Hold Barbeque and Music Festival

Darcy Terry

Like an escaped barnyard animal, the Denbigh Kiwanis Club is "bustin' out" with the Denbigh Kiwanis Den-B-Q Barbeque and Music Festival on Saturday June 9th, 2007. Start time is 11:00 A.M. Tremendous efforts have been expended for this second annual event. The Den-B-Q, which is a combination of Denbigh - an area of northern Newport News, VA and Bar-B-Q, was re-invented for 2007 including a change of location, expanded budget, many new sponsors, city funding assistance, and creative marketing.

The Den-B-Q will offer great food and beverages - or as their advertising states " Premium Platters for your Picky Pork Palate" - featuring wonderfully succulent Pork Barbeque Ribs prepared by club president JP Penn (or Chef Jacques Pennier') - Awesome "Carolina Style" Barbeque prepared by local barbeque legend and member Larry ("Yeehaw") Church. Other more traditional festival food will be offered, but the fun is just getting started. Three live local bands, which the club calls "penned up performers" provide musical entertainment at the 2007 Den-B-Q on a city funded stage and sound system. The "Shadetree Band" kicks off the festivities at noon "pounding out and eclectic mix of rock and country music to get things shaking". At 2 pm, "Tim Morgan and the Mojo Brothers" will feature "low-down, funky, house rockin blues" and headlining the event is the "All That" band who will offer a "great mix of Top Forty and Dance grooves that won't let you stop your leg".

But still the fun isn't over! The "piglets" will have their own area complete with moonwalk and games, fire trucks and cool cars and motorcycles, other big trucks from sponsors, and a few new Toyotas will be on display. A short track stock car, sponsored by local Delegates to the Virginia General Assembly, will also be on display. Marketing efforts have been extensive including print media, local cable access television, posters, e-mail and internet, as well as direct mail and community calendar listings. The Denbigh Kiwanis Club invites everyone out on June 9th for the 2007 Denbigh Kiwanis Den-B-Q! The festival is located at the corner of Denbigh Blvd and Oriana Road at the Newport Crossing Shopping Center. For more information visit the clubs website at

Kiwanis Club of Wilmington’s Armed Forces Recognition Day

Roy Sullivan

Colonel Louis H. Guernsey, Jr., M.D., State Surgeon and the Commander of the Medical Detachment of the Delaware Army National Guard, was the featured speaker at the 47th annual Kiwanis Club of Wilmington’s Armed Forces Recognition Day, May 16 in the Gold Ballroom of the Hotel duPont. This event, organized by the Wilmington Kiwanis and believed to be the oldest observance of its kind in the U.S., salutes members of the Delaware Air and Army National Guard, the Reserves, active military forces at home and abroad, veterans and the many employers whose support and cooperation make possible their employees’ participation in the Guard and Reserve. Major General Francis D. Vavala presented the Outstanding Unit Award to the 160th Engineer Company. The Company responds both to the needs of the community and the nation. During their recent deployment to Iraq, the platoon, known as the “Griffins,” not only performed their Engineer mission but were also tasked as members of the Quick Reaction Force and personal escort team for the Battalion Commander. The members were recognized with six Bronze Stars and 13 Army Commendation Medals. They also supported Operation Jump Start at the Mexican border. Music was supplied by an ensemble of the 287th Army Band of the Delaware National Guard. The Mount Pleasant High School Army JROTC Honor Guard posted and retired the colors. Colonel Guernsey began his military career as a Captain in the U.S. Army Reserves. During his active duty he served at the Frankfurt Germany Regional Medical Center, at various U.S. postings and Honolulu. After completing his active duty tour, he elected to transfer to the Delaware Army National Guard where he was a field surgeon and then Chief of Professional Services for the 116th MASH. In 2004 he was deployed to Iraq and later served in Belize, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and El Salvador. He is a graduate of the Army War College where he earned a Masters Degree in Strategic Studies. Colonel Guernsey has earned numerous awards. Most notably are both of his Meritorious Awards. Along with his military career, he is an accomplished physician with degrees from Johns Hopkins and Emory University. He currently practices Pediatric Pulmonology at A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children as well as offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Kiwanis Club of Ocean Pines Celebrates

D.J. Landis, Sr.

Twenty six years ago, the Kiwanis Club of Ocean Pines was chartered when the 25 members required to get a charter were achieved. Today there are nearly 100 members. At one time membership in the club reached over 130. In 2004, the local club expanded to add Ocean City to its domain thus becoming the current Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City Maryland. On May 23rd, 2007 the club celebrated its Charter Anniversary at the Ocean Pines Yacht Club with a wonderful luncheon and program organized by member, Corky Widerman. The 60 plus attendees, including wives of deceased members, who are traditional honored and valued guests at the yearly event, all thank her for her outstanding effort.

Members and Meetings

Rosemary Cummings, Chair CPR-M Committee

Why is membership decreasing? Kiwanis leaders, like those in many other service organizations, are seeking to retain and grow membership, and build new clubs to provide service in our communities. Meetings serve as a means where members can fulfill the Kiwanis Object: “to form enduring friendships, render altruistic service and build better communities”. Do our meetings attract new members and keep them coming back? According to Kiwanis Bylaws, Kiwanis Clubs should meet weekly or twice a month, conduct monthly board meetings and hold an Annual meeting. The regular social meeting should take no more than one hour and 30 minutes, including any meal or refreshment service. Current Club statistics indicate the average member attendance at Club meetings is 50-60%, although there are clubs with 70%, 80% and even as high as 98% attendance, and as low as 14%. Among newer clubs, attendance was below 50% and above 75%. Why do we have this attendance disparity among our Clubs? Many Members, not Clubs, seem to reflect a growing attitude that meetings are not required. Do we just pay dues, but no longer have to attend meetings to be a Kiwanian? Are virtual meetings and e-mail replacing the weekly or bi-weekly meeting? Why is our meeting attendance low and will this pattern carry over to Mid-Winter, District, and International meetings, and ultimately affect the level of service we can provide in our communities? Is this why membership is decreasing?

Some factors affecting meeting attendance are Speakers, Cost, Location, and Time. The program committee plans each meeting with interesting speakers, or provides information and education for club members. Some of the most interesting meetings occur when members take the podium to relate a personal work, service, or travel experience. Another format is to invite the organizations the Club sponsors or supports. Inviting local government, media or school representatives is a two way street to identify community needs and to allow the community to know more about Kiwanis, and the local club and its members. Very often, this interchange is an opportunity to attract new members. However, it is discouraging and embarrassing for the program chair to plan a great program only to have low attendance for the speaker.

When cost is a factor, especially among members with young families or those on a fixed income, clubs may elect to have one business meeting and one social meeting, or serve light refreshments rather than have a meal. While the meetings must be interesting and on time, the Club must consider “time for meetings” versus “time for service” as each member must balance time priorities for family, meetings, service and other commitments. Is a Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner meeting best for your club or do you need a venue combination. Is the location convenient for the majority of members or is the meeting place limiting the base from which you can draw new members for your service projects?

Whatever the format, the regular meeting is crucial as a time for member interaction, not just to eat and run. Business or Board meetings are equally necessary for planning and getting commitment from all members to perform service projects. At this time of year, when each club assesses themselves, we need to look outside the box to identify innovative ways for our meetings to attract and retain all our membership, not just new members.

Division 17 SLP Annual Roundup and Awards Banquet

Betty Gardiner

Division Seventeen’s Kiwanis Clubs of Montgomery County, Md. held its annual awards banquet at Leisure World Clubhouse, on May 10, 2007. This was the Service Leadership Programs Banquet for Kiwanis Key Clubs, Builders Clubs, K Kids Clubs and Teenager of the Year. Eddie Koebke, Service Leadership Chairman for Division Seventeen opened with the the introduced of the incoming Key Club Lt. Governor Brent Abel. Brent is a 10th grader at Paint Branch High School and member of their Key Club, sponsored by the Wheaton-Silver Spring Kiwanis Club. The event was a sellout and attended by members of all 11 Division Kiwanis Key Clubs, 2 Builders Clubs, Hoby Ambassadors, Teenagers of the Year, Kiwanians, faculty and Kiwanis Advisors. The picnic like dinner included BBQ sandwiches, fried chicken, hot dogs, potato salad, ice cream and all the fixin’s. Eddie Koebke, DPLG presented awards to all clubs and Hoby Ambassadors Lt. Governor Betty Gardiner of Kiwanis Division 17 announced the winner of the Teenager of the Year and presented a plaque and luggage to Ashley Griswold, the Division Winner for 2007. Governor Bob Cressy of the Capital District Kiwanis was present and gave words of encouragement and praise to the awardees. He also is a great photographer. Upper left Division 17 Key Club LG Brent Abel address over 120 at Banquet. Upper right DPLG and Kiwanis Division 17 Chairman “Mr Eddie” Koebke, Division 17 LG Betty Gardiner, Ashley Griswold, Teenager of the Year, Capital District Key Club Assistant Administrator Bill Hand, Key Club LG Brent Abel, and Bethesda Kiwanis Advisor Richard Ruprecht.

How to Register for Key Leader Weekend

Barbara Lee

While the FIRST Key Leader Weekend for the Capital District, set for October
5 – 7 at Camp Letts, MD., is four months away, it is imperative that Kiwanis Clubs across the District be registering their sponsored participants NOW. Registration is completed by the students, but they must have the following information: name, phone number, and e-mail address of both their sponsor and the nominating club. Also, the student, sponsor, and nominator must have made a decision as to which, of the three parties, will be responsible for submitting the invoice. To register a student, go to the website. Students will click on the Register button on the bottom of the first screen. From there they will register for Camp Letts on the spreadsheet of camp listing. They will automatically be moved over to the registration database. They will sign in as a NEW USER and fill out the online application.

To register as a committee member or adult chaperone, follow the same procedure on the website. The first 10 to register are complimentary. After those 10, there is a $95 cost to attend. A background check, through Kiwanis International, will be completed on all adults attending the weekend. To register as a student facilitator, go to the website and click on Register. From there fill out an online application as a student facilitator. Once a Kiwanis international staff person has approved the application, they will receive a registration link to register for Camp Letts. They will sign on as a new user and fill out the registration he same as if a student participant. For further information, contact Babs Lee at

Westminster School Builders Club

Warren Kane

On May 15, 2007 the Westminster School Builders Club, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Annandale, VA, held their Volunteer Luncheon. All 60 members of the 6th and 7th grade classes are members of the Builders Club and Miss Logan Steele was the 2006-2007 president. Dennis Miller serves as Faculty Advisor. The luncheon is an annual event to thank their parents and school advisors for enabling them to complete another year of outstanding service to the Annandale community.

Among their many activities this year were:

  • tutoring every Wednesday afternoon at the Timber Lane Elementary School that is heavily impacted by English as a Second Language as well as low-income students, and contributing over 2,000 items for the Timber Lane school supply drive;
  • over 300 hours on their Adopt a Street project;
  • collected an donated two vans full of food to the homeless as well as raised and donated over $2,500 for the Mr. Turkey Drive;
  • made more than 1,850 sandwiches for Martha's Table;
  • collected and wrapped 200 gifts for the Children's Hospital Cancer Center's Hope Chest;
  • adopted 24 individuals during the holidays, providing presents and holiday food packages, and donated $750 in Giant food certificates to needy persons;
  • Christmas caroling at Leewood Manor retirement home;
  • sold 400 White House ornament to raise money for Builder's Club projects.

PLG Aubrey Chason represented the Annandale Club and PG Warren Kane represented the Capital District. PG Kane is his remarks said that "Kiwanis at every level from K Kids to adult Kiwanis is centered on two things: Service and Leadership. Your outstanding service is enumerated in your program. Your leadership is demonstrated by how you can get your parents to cook and bring all this wonderful food to a luncheon on their behalf."

Kiwanis Club of LaPlata Registers 216 for SLP

Judi Gorney

During the March 23rd Service Leadership Program held at the Waldorf, Maryland Jaycees’ Community Center, the Kiwanis Club of LaPlata was responsible for registering 216 students from the different area schools that attended. Pictured working at the one of the registration tables are members Chris Ripley and Jonnie Mann.

K-Kids Club of Buckingham Elementary School in Berlin, MD

D.J. Landis, Sr.

The K-Kids Club of Buckingham Elementary School in Berlin, Maryland are the elementary school level club of Kiwanis International who are learning what it means to be of service to the community, even at their early age. They participated in the Relay for Life on Friday May 11th at Frontier Town to raise funds for the American Cancer Society via pledges and donations. Events started at 5 PM and the kids camped out until the next morning while enjoying many events while raising money. These are some of today's children learning about community service and making a difference. Great job everyone.

Westminster Kiwanis Club Gives Scholarships

Sandra Hughes

Five top students from the Carroll County Career and Technology Center speak of their achievements for the $2000 in scholarships given by the Westminster Kiwanis Club.
All participants will receive monies towards their college degrees. From left to right: Kristen Carroll, North Carroll High School, spoke on Allied Health Careers, she will attend York College to pursue a medical degree: Scott Placide, Westminster High School, project was Lead the Way Engineering, Scott will attend University of Maryland, College Park to study Engineering Design: Nickie Beardsley, Francis Scott Key High School, Cosmetology, she will be attending the Gettysburg Campus of Harrisburg Area Community College to study Business Administration: Donald Thamert, Century High School, for Computer Technology, Heading to Hood College for Computer Engineering and Crystal Meininger, Winters Mill High School, Allied Health Careers, to York College in the Nursing Program. Students are selected by a Board of Judges of the Kiwanis Club for their achievements in the Career and Technology Center. They were judged on their portfolios and presentations. Scholarships will be presented at the graduation of the Center on May 31, 2007. Kristen Carroll received the first place scholarship, Donald Thamert received second place.

Kiwanis Club of St. Mary’s County Holds Kiwanis Health & Safety Fair 2007

Glynnis Schmidt

The Kiwanis Club of St. Mary’s County held its 7th Annual Health & Safety Fair for the community on Saturday, May 12, 2007 in California, Maryland. This event serves as a venue for a variety of health, safety and social service organizations to discuss their services and resources with parents, families and children. They set up information booths, displayed equipment, and many provided a direct service and gave away prizes. For example, a child safety seat checkpoint was hosted by the Tri-County Passenger Safety Seat Committee. Technicians from the Maryland State Police and the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office were on hand to work with those proceeding through the checkpoint to discuss the importance of using safety seat belts and appropriate child restraint systems, including booster more.

Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg Teenager of the Year

Caren R. Schumacher

The Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg presented their Teenager of the Year Award to Jamestown High School senior, Kelly Goldhammer. Kelly has been active in Key Club and many other activities at school and within her community. During her high school career, she donated over 1,000 hours of community services, while maintaining a straight "A" average. Pictured from left: Larry Murphy, Kiwanis club president; Jim Goldhammer, Kelly's dad; Kelly; Sue Goldhammer, Kelly's mom; and Brian Wilson, Kiwanis Division 23 Lieutenant Governor.

Wilmington, Delaware Kiwanis Club Celebrates the 47th Annual Armed Forces Recognition Day

Richard Holmes

On May 16th, The Gold Ballroom of the Hotel duPont was packed with Kiwanians and about 125 men and women of the Delaware Army and Air National Guard, and Reserves, to hear featured speaker Colonel Louis H. Guernsey (center) as Wilmington Kiwanis saluted members of the guard, active military forces at home and abroad, veterans, and the many employers whose support and cooperation make possible their employees' participation in serving their country. Pictured with Col. Guernsey on the right, Maj. General Francis D. Vavala, The Adjutant Gen. of the Delaware Guard, and on the left, Wilmington Kiwanis President John Watson, who conducted the meeting. Outstanding Unit Award went to the 160th Engineer Company. While in Iraq, the unit not only performed their mission but also served as members of the Quick Reaction Force, a personal escort team for the Battalion Commander, earning them 6 Bronze Stars and 13 Army commendations. Recognized as outstanding employer supporting guard service was The Veterans Administration Hospital of Wilmington, and they were also lauded for exemplary service to veterans in their care.

Kiwanis Club of Arlington to Sponsor Antiques Show

Ed Verburg

The Kiwanis Club of Arlington is sponsoring its 20th annual Antiques and Modernism Show at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center, which is located at South 2nd Street, Arlington, Virginia. The scheduled dates, times, and ticket prices for the event are:

  • Saturday, June 23, 2007 (11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.)
  • Sunday, June 24, 2007 (12:00 noon to 5:30 p.m.)

Tickets are $6 if purchased in advance and $7 at the door. This annual event, staged by Pappabello Shows, is one of the largest events of this nature in Northern Virginia. It will feature 175 vendors from 15 Eastern states, and for the first time incorporates the Art Deco Society of Washington’s exposition of the decorative arts. Approximately 5,000 people attend this event. The show will include antique fine furniture, jewelry, glass, lighting, bronzes, fine porcelain, paintings, posters, art pottery, books, oriental rugs, and other collectibles. There will be a special new section with over 35 dealers featuring art nouveau, art deco, and mid-century modern collectibles from 1910 to 1970. Of particular note, Paul Nulton of Hallstead, PA will be available both days to repair and polish fine crystal and glassware.

Kiwanis Club of Chincoteague Terrific Kid Program

Tom Lust

On April 30th, the Kiwanis Club of Chincoteague presented Terrific Kid certificates, badges and McDonald's gift certificates to Chincoteague Elementary students in recognition of their efforts to be responsible students and citizens. Back row left to right: Larry Austin, Timothy VanHart, Samantha Melvin, Raven Savage, Grace Warner, VanQuasia Davis, Betty Mullins, Kiwanis Club, and Isaac Haymond. Front row left to right: Jacob Leary, Joseph Mullane, Randy Mears, Antrell Johnson, and Paschun Lee. Absent from the picture is Zoe Mummert.

Westminster Kiwanis Club Adopts Daycare Center

John Snowberger

The Kiwanis Club of Westminster has adopted, as a long term priority one project, the Carroll Child Care Center in Westminster. The first order of business was to purchase, and spread 4 to 6 inches of fresh playground chips over the 50' by 65' playground. New playground equipment has been ordered and will be installed by the club when it arrives. Other needed repairs to fences and equipment will be done at that time. As the need arises, other repairs and maintenance (painting etc) will be done by Kiwanis. In addition, the Kiwanis club may also provide periodic story time to the children. CCCC is a private non profit day care providing quality day care, on an income-based sliding scale, to those families in Carroll Co. who otherwise could not afford it.

Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg Firefighter

Caren R. Schumacher

The Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg welcomed their own member, Buzz Weiler, Chief of the City of WIlliamsburg Fire Department, who demonstrated how much safer the fire- fighting apparatus is today versus 20 years ago. Two of his fellow firefighters helped Weiler during his presentation. From left: Firefighter Donna Douglas; Weiler; Firefighter Trey Phaup; and club president, Larry Murphy.

Kiwanis Club of Elkton Members Past Recipients of Most Beautiful Person Honor

Patty Justice

Since 1987 Cecil County has held a Most Beautiful Person contest. The purpose of the event is to honor dedicated volunteers. Each county in Maryland and Baltimore City holds a similar contest each year. Both individuals and couples can be nominated. Any citizen can nominate a deserving person who volunteers their time. Three members of the Kiwanis Club of Elkton (Robert Schick in 2001, Dale Collins in 2003 and Ford Hamilton in 2005) have been recognized with this award in the past. Ford Hamilton and Dale Collins are shown more.

Kiwanis club of Chincoteague Participates in KI One Day

Sandy Oakey

Kiwanis International designated April 7th as Kiwanis International One Day - a day designated for all Kiwanians to be out in the community to showcase the Kiwanis family and our commitment to service in each community. This entailed more than 600,000 Kiwanis family members in one day of united service. The Kiwanis club of Chincoteague project was cleaning up the Taylor/Birch Cemetery at Smith and School Street, Chincoteague. Shown left: Sandy Oakey, president, Tom Fague, board member, John Sparkman, president elect, Frenchy LaCoursiere, board member, Terry Howard, town council and Chincoteague cemetery committee, and granddaughter of Kiwanian Gloria Schoff. Shown right: John Sparkman in forefront; Phillip Holbert (brother of Kiwanian Pat Holbert) picking up tree branch; in the back Frenchy LaCoursiere and Tom Fague.

Kiwanis Club of Westminster Participates in Memorial Day Parade

Art Riley

The Kiwanis Club of Westminster honored armed service members past and present (and especially those veterans who sacrificed their lives while serving their country) by participating in the Westminster, Maryland Memorial Day Parade. This parade is perhaps the oldest continuous Memorial Day observance in the United States. Representing Kiwanis was Governor-elect Arthur Riley, President-elect Donna Riley and Immediate Past President Tom Welliver. Keyclubers from Westminster High School also participated. Shown right are Donna Riley and Art Riley.

Kiwanis Club of Fairfax Holds Dance, Honors Key Club Member

Ellie Schmidt

May was an active month for the Kiwanis Club of Fairfax. We started with our annual sponsorship of the Spring Dance at the Northern Virginia Training Center on May 5th. It was another great success. The decorations were wonderful and we enjoyed seeing Dorothy, the Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow. This was our 18th year of sponsorship. Not only did we have a good turn out from the club but we were joined by 14 students from the Woodson and Centreville Key Clubs and the Robinson Builders Club. Our club sponsors Key Clubs at six area high schools and we provide an opportunity for a scholarship to these students each year. We were proud to honor Fairfax High School Key Club member Yu-Jen Chen with a scholarship. She and her mother joined us at our May 22nd dinner meeting to celebrate the award. Pictured are Yu-Jen Chen, scholarship recipient and Fairfax Key Club member, and Jennifer Deacon, President-Elect of the Kiwanis Club of Fairfax.

Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City Holds Raffle

D.J. Landis, Sr.

What a great opportunity for the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City to reach out for scholarship funds via the 2007 Ocean City Boardwalk Car Raffle. So many people from all over the US visit Ocean City between Springfest starting May 3rd and ending with Sunfest on September 23rd when the raffle booths on the boardwalk are open for business. This is the Kiwanis Club's first experience doing the big raffle. Even this early in the event, people from as far away as Arizona and Colorado or from nearby states like Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and New Jersey have purchase tickets on the boardwalk. On May 25th, Joanne Doody of New Jersey decided to by her 8 tickets for $5 in the hope of winning the 2007 Redfire Mustang convertible, shown buying her tickets from Rita Landis, wife of Kiwanis member Dave Landis. Joanne's hopes and generosity are rewarded, even if she doesn't ultimately win the car, for she knows she's supporting an effort by Kiwanis to reward scholarships to deserving students to further their education. Who better to reward than the students of today who will be our leaders of tomorrow. Thank you to all who help in the effort.

Kiwanis Is Donating Smiles (K.I.D.S.) Renamed to Honor Founder

Caren R. Schumacher

The late Wilbur Davis (deceased 2/20/07) has been posthumously honored by the Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg Foundation. The program he founded has been renamed the Wilbur Davis K.I.D.S. Program in recognition of his time, energy and commitment to making the program a success. K.I.D.S. is a program to raise money so that underprivileged children can enjoy a day at Busch Gardens. For every $20 donated to the Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg Foundation, Busch Gardens will provide a child a free one-day pass to the park. Over the past eight years, over 2800 children have been sent to Busch Gardens, thanks to this program. (Shown right: Wilbur Davis (left), deceased, founder of the Wilbur Davis "K.I.D.S." Program is pictured with Dave Potter, Marketing Director, Busch Gardens.)

This year, program donors will have an opportunity to win prizes. For every $20 received, the donor’s name is entered into a drawing. The more you contribute, the greater your chances of winning one of several prizes, including dinners and golf packages generously donated by: The Trellis; The Golden Horseshoe; Berret’s Seafood Restaurant; and Williamsburg Nation Golf Club. Donations should be sent to: The Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg Foundation, P.O. Box 5533, Williamsburg, VA 23188.

Kiwanis Club of Mid-Montgomery County Honors Local Police Officers

Maureen Miller

On May 16, 2007, the Kiwanis Club of Mid-Montgomery County honored two Montgomery County Police officers who went above and beyond their duties to solve a recent burglary case in Montgomery County, Maryland. Police Officer III Harley Schwarz and Police Officer I Christopher Hackley solved a burglary case in Montgomery Village instead of turning it over to the Detective Bureau, which is normal. Their action in this case exemplifies the outstanding investigative skills above and beyond what is expected of patrol officers. By way of sound investigative skills, diligence and perseverance, these officers arrested the suspect and recovered property within days of the occurrence. Their quick efforts will probably lead to the solving of other burglaries. The Kiwanis Club of Mid-Montgomery County was pleased to honor these two officers in recognition of their initiative and skill. Their supervisor, Deputy Commander Lt. Gary W. Hopkins, was also present at the awards ceremony. Officer Schwarz’s son assisted club member Fred Genau in presenting the awards to these two special officers. Pictured, left to right, Lt. Hopkins, club member Fred Genau, Officer Schwarz, Club President Maureen Miller, and Officer Hackley.

Charlottesville Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast Benefits Arc of the Piedmont

Jim Hart

The third annual Kiwanis Dogwood Pancake Breakfast was held on the most beautiful day of spring, Saturday, April 21, at First Presbyterian Church, 500 Park Street. Hundreds of hungry kids of all ages enjoyed endless rolls of sausages and stacks of flapjacks, all lathered with butter and drenched in yummy maple syrup. Kiwanians led by Kitchen Chief Tony Hastoglis prepared the feast, while Key Clubbers from Albemarle and Western Albemarle High Schools, UVA Circle K-ers, and other K-Family members served cool orange juice and refills of hot Starbucks coffee. Acoustic guitar music, provided by a member of the Young Professionals Kiwanis Club of Tysons Corner, and the delightful antics of "Dusty Rusty" stirred the crowd into joyful anticipation of the 58th annual Dogwood Festival Parade stepping off just two blocks away. More than $8,000 was raised in support of the Infant Development Program of the Arc of the Piedmont. "Team Kiwanis" food and drink sponsors included Sam's Club, Pepsi Cola Central Virginia, and Starbucks Coffee. Print materials were generously donated by MidAtlantic Printing and Kaminer & Thomson. Hats off to the dozens of other sponsors whose logos graced our placemats. Pictured are Past Kiwanis President Ray Hogan and new Kiwanis member Bret Spitale, development director of the Arc of the Piedmont. Also pictured is "Dusty Rusty" along with AHS Key Clubber, Christina Horton, and a happy pancake patron.

Local Newspaper Features Kiwanis Club of Ocean City/Ocean Pines

D.J. Landis, Sr.

(from Ocean City Today, May 25, 2007) Local Kiwanis Club works hand-in-hand with students. Programs include student grants that teach the children the joy of helping others. (Pictured right Buckingham Elementary School students who are members of the Kiwanis Club's K-Kids elementary level club, pose with Al Kastner, president of the Ocean Pines-Ocean City Kiwanis Club (back row, center) and Principal Roger Pacella.) more.

Kiwanis Club of Waldorf Awards Scholarship

Millie Kriemelmeyer

The Kiwanis Club of Waldorf, Maryland Foundation, Inc. awarded the first Robert A. Heier Memorial Scholarships on May 31. The winners were Eileen Buckingham and Kira Mohler of Henry E. Lackey High School. Each received $500 toward their college education. The scholarships are available for graduating seniors who are members of Key Clubs sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Waldorf, who meet the academic and community service criteria, and are enrolled at a college or university. The scholarship was formed in memory of the charter president of the Kiwanis Club of Waldorf, Bob Heier, who died of cancer in November 2006. Bob established Key Clubs in Charles County high schools, then Builders Clubs. He knew that matching service with leadership was the key to success.