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May 2007


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Capital District Mourns Virginia Tech Victims

VT senior and Circle K member, Ryan Stack (right), an early victim of this senseless tragedy, was remembered as one who exemplified Virginia Tech’s motto "That I May Serve," according to his family, friends and more: Ryan remembered.

Ryan “Stack” Clark CKI Memorial Scholarship

On behalf of the Capital District Kiwanis International K- Family, I extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to the Virginia Tech family of students, faculty and staff, their families and friends regarding this morning’s tragic events at the university in Blacksburg, Virginia.

By now, of course, you have heard some of the developing reports on this profoundly shocking act. We know of no specific details at this time. As Virginia Tech President Charles Steger said, “Today the university was struck with a tragedy that we consider of monumental proportions. The university is shocked and indeed horrified”.

We are all shocked and profoundly saddened at this senseless act of violence and the repercussions it will have on so many. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims, families and friends. We extend our special prayers to the members of the CKI Circle K International Club of Virginia Tech, their families, and faculty and Kiwanis advisors in their sorrows.

Capital District Kiwanis International
Robert N. Cressy, Governor
April 16, 2007

Thank you for your support in this hard time here at Virginia Tech. The
outpouring of love and hope from the whole Kiwanis family has been

I want to take this opportunity to pass on some 'words of wisdom' I received
in an email from Alec Macaulay, president of Circle K International. As he
put it, what we can do is rally around each other in fellowship, and commit
ourselves as strongly as ever to doing as much good as we can for the world.
Our memorial to the fallen can be seen in our love for one another and our
service to the world.

Once again, thank you for your prayers and sympathy.

Melina Ciccarone
President VTCKI

Kiwanis members around the world have been stunned by news of the tragic events that occurred yesterday at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. On behalf of Kiwanis International, we want to express our sorrow and sympathy to the bereaved families and friends of the victims, to the survivors, and to the university community.

We express our condolences to the victims’ families. They are in our thoughts and prayers. There is no understanding to such a cruel and senseless tragedy. There is no one we can punish to relieve our anger and grief. What we can do, as Kiwanians, is commit ourselves even more strongly to increasing the total amount of good in the world. This can be our memorial to innocent lives tragically lost.

Nelson Tucker, Kiwanis International President
Rob Parker, KI CEO/Executive Director
April 17, 2007

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This issue at a glance:

Governor Bob’s Builders: Our K-Family Suffers a Tragedy From Which We Will Show Strength & Reserve

Gov. Bob Cressy

It is so profoundly sad that I must start this monthly message with our expressions of shock, sadness and helplessness regarding the tragedy at Virginia Tech and the loss of one of our own K-Family members. As you are painfully aware, Ryan “Stack” Clark, a CKI member and a senior at Virginia Tech was killed on that April 16th Spring Day on the campus along with 30 other students and faculty.

You have all seen and read the background article on Ryan and heard the reports over and over again. VT President Charles Steger said, “Today the university was struck with a tragedy of monumental proportion. The university is shocked and indeed horrified.” Indeed, we are all shocked and profoundly saddened by this senseless act of violence and the repercussions it will have on so many. Our thoughts and prayers are, and always will be, with the victims, their families and friends.

If you will permit me, let me quote portions of a bulletin from The Reverend William M. Shand III, Rector of St. Francis Episcopal Church, Potomac, MD. “Pundits will try to fix blame. While it is essential that reasonable questions be asked and answers sought in an effort to learn from this tragedy, it is true at some bedrock level of the human spirit that the real question we want to know is not “How did this happen?” but the simple one word cry from the soul: “Why?” Be careful not to accept superficial answers, which is about the extent of what the media have to offer”.

He continues, “In her remarkable address to the convocation in Blacksburg, the writer Nikki Giovanni offered some hard truths. Consider her words: ‘We do not understand this tragedy. We know we did nothing to deserve it, but neither does a child in Africa dying of AIDS, neither do the invisible children walking the night away to avoid being captured by a rogue army, neither does a baby elephant watching his community being devastated for ivory, … No one deserves a tragedy.’ That precludes any answer to the question.”

What we can do, as Kiwanians, as part of our K-Family and as caring human beings, is to rededicate ourselves to the very things we stand for and that we do in our communities to help those less fortunate than we are. In short to live our defining statement: “Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers, dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time”. Your caring, hands-on work and your generosity are all important.

The Capital District CKI family has established a memorial scholarship in the name of Ryan ‘Stack’ Clark and asks that all financial expressions of concern and sympathy be channeled through that effort as opposed to independent fund raisers. To help with this effort, the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation, a 501 c(3) tax exempt organization, will accept donations in memory of Ryan. A special account has been established. Checks may be made payable to the “Capital District Kiwanis Foundation”, mark in the memo line “Ryan ‘Stack’ Clark CKI Memorial Fund”. All funds will be administered by CKI to be distributed as scholarships as they determine. Thank you for helping.

Around the Capital District in April

April was yet again a very busy month for Capital District Kiwanians and the K-Family. Nancy and I are constantly awed and impressed by the variety and scope of the projects we all do in our communities. I have provided a good number of photos and captions to bring the words of action to life for our District, so don’t miss the “Photos and Video” in this and every issue to see yourselves and others each month.

I have said this before, but it bears repeating: Our K-Family … all of us, is our most important product. From my life’s experiences, “The secret is the people”. When we are asked by a non-Kiwanian “what is Kiwanis”, besides our defining statement, I hope you tell them about our unique Service Leadership Programs. Kiwanis builds and develops young leaders at every level from Kiwanis K-Kids, Builder’s Clubs, Key Clubs, and CKI to Kiwanis. We never stop learning from our sponsored organizations.

In February, it was the CKI District Convention in Charlottesville. This month it was the 58th Annual Capital District Key Club Convention, April 13-15th, in Richmond. Please see the photos in this issue. The theme was of pirates and “Ahoy to Service!” For those who attended, thank you. You participated in a real treat. Over 800 Key Clubbers, faculty and Kiwanis advisors, Kiwanians and friends attended. Can you imagine? Eight hundred plus! Well, if you haven’t been you really can’t quite imagine it. Next time?

Key Club Governor Peter Simasek is one of the most impressive young men you will ever meet. He is one of the most natural, relaxed and highly effective leaders you can imagine. His team of Lieutenant Governors and Presidents, along with all club members makes you very proud to be their sponsors. And there are over 14,000 of them in Capital District.

Peter’s major project for the year is a program called “Nothing But Nets”. In Africa and Southeast Asia in particular, along certain areas in the U.S. mosquitoes are abundant and carry the disease malaria which kills or debilitates tens of thousands of people. One way to help combat this at the present time is repellent treated mosquito nets to sleep under. This Key Club program has raised over $12,000 by various club fund raisers to buy and send these nets to areas of need. The cost is about $10 per net. Fantastic!

In conjunction with this, the Key Note Speaker at their convention was U.S. Army medical officer, COL Gray Heppner who is at Walter Reed Army Research Hospital working on malaria treatment and perhaps someday a vaccine for malaria. The topic is exciting and the need profound. COL Heppner is also the brother of Division 2 LG David Heppner. COL Heppner will be a speaker at the Kiwanis DCON in Rockville, August 16 to 19th also.

Many SLP award banquets are now being held by our Divisions. Make sure you attend yours. Have your club sponsor and pay for the dinner for these fine young men and women leaders. Have a club representative attend their meetings. And invite faculty advisors and parents to join you in Kiwanis!

New Kiwanis Club of Bel Air, Maryland is Chartered

The new Kiwanis Club of Bel Air, Maryland, was chartered on April 18th. Thirty three new Kiwanians are charter members lead by President Carl Conway and an enthusiastic team of officers and directors. Again, please see the photos. Our congratulations go to the new officers, members and to Tom Ganse, District New Club Building Chairman, Mason Dixon Region’s District Trustee Don Dudey and Division 12 LG Norton Gettes.

This group of Kiwanians was so excited about forming a club that several attended the Governor’s Official Visit to Division 12 as a group before they were organized. There are some important ideas here, too. First, there used to be a Bel Air club but it closed. Years later, service minded people decided the community had changed and a community analysis showed service projects were needed. So they reformed in the same community. Also, they found a way to get around the idea of “no time” for service due to family commitments. They brought in a least seven family units, husband and wives and relatives, to do service together as a Kiwanis family. Great idea!

South County Secondary School Key Club, Lorton, is Chartered

On April 19th, a new South County Secondary School Key Club was chartered with seventy five members. These young people are not just the leaders of our world tomorrow, but they are the leaders of today. The official Core Values of Key Club International are: Leadership, Character Building, Caring, and Inclusiveness.

Our congratulations to the new officers and members and our thanks to Mount Vernon Kiwanis Club for their sponsorship, including Club Service Leadership Chair Derek Dupuis, Kiwanis Advisor Ben Huh and faculty advisors Ms. Sharon Dickens and Ms. Ronielle Romney. Key Club Governor Peter Simasek, Kiwanis District Administrator Joe Stankus and Gov. Bob attended the celebration and offered congratulations.

The ‘Walking K’ and Distinguished Member & Distinguished Club

The rewards of membership and participation are great in Kiwanis, but the pay is ‘none too good’. That’s okay. But recognition for achievement by Kiwanis members and clubs IS important. After all, people who work hard and effectively deserve to be cited for their accomplishments. One of the most important ways is to award the KI “Distinguished Member and Distinguished Club” status to them. Capital District awards the Walking K.

A couple of easy problems to fix exist: (1) some don’t know the criteria for getting the awards and (2) far too many who, or ‘which’ in the case of Clubs, do not even apply. It’s almost impossible to qualify if you don’t do the check list as you go but easy if you do. See the March 2007 e-Builder for 2006-2007 Achievement Criteria for Distinguished Member and Clubs.

KI Convention in San Antonio and the 89th Capital DCON

The excitement is still building and I hope you are signing up. The KI Convention, July 3 to 6th, features all the KI events PLUS our District Dinner at the Tex-Mex County Line Restaurant on the Riverwalk July 4th! Tickets at $35 are available through Secretary Ellis but they are GOING FAST. SIGN UP! Clubs should have two delegates each and LGs should attend, too!

On the 89th Annual DCON in Rockville, it’s at the newly remodeled Hilton Hotel. Clubs should have three delegates to the DCON. Your Regional M-W and DCON are both criteria for distinguished Club awards. See additional info, this issue. “One Can Make A Difference! YOU’RE the One! Thanks!

89th Capital District Convention: Aug 17 - 19, 2007
Gary Boswell

The 89th Capital District Convention planning is building up steam. The hotel, newly renovated, is now called the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville Executive Meeting Center and is located in Rockville, Maryland. The dates for the convention are August 17-19, 2007. Friday night has been left open for past years “classes” to get together or for newer attendees to make new friends across the district. Register online or you can obtain a current printable application or other information at the website which is Registration forms are also available here.

Kiwanis International Convention, San Antonio, TX July 3-7, 2007
David Williams

Kiwanis International Conventions aren’t all business. In fact, they are a rich mix of business, entertainment, inspiration, education, and fellowship. The 2007 convention in San Antonio, Texas, July 3-7, will feature a wide variety of entertainment and inspiration. The opening session on Tuesday, July 3, for example, will feature a performance by The Second City, America’s premier improvisational comedy troupe.

The Second City (named after the group’s hometown, Chicago) has produced many star alumni, including Mike Myers, Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, John Belushi, Stephen Colbert, and Steve Carrell. Be prepared for an original, daring, and hilarious mix of satire and cutting-edge improvisation.

Go to for a convention registration form and more information on entertainment, workshops, and other events planned for the 2007 Kiwanis International Convention.

Governor Bob and 1st Lady Nancy Host Capital District Dinner at KI Convention on 4th of July

Dave Maloney

When at KI Convention in San Antonio this July join Gov. Bob and 1st Lady Nancy for an "All You Can Eat Texas BBQ" on July 4th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at The County Line on the scenic San Antonio Riverwalk. This restaurant was recently featured on the Food Networks as one of America's top BBQ's. The County Line is a great place to enjoy an ice cold beer or frosty margarita at the open-air bar. Inside, the funky Texas roadhouse atmosphere will make you feel like you've wandered out into the Texas Hill Country.

MENU: All you can eat BBQ brisket, beef ribs, pork ribs, chicken, sausage, beans, potato salad, homemade bread, homemade ic-cream and coffee/tea/soda.

All for ONLY $35.00 PER PERSON! This is a great price for this great restaurant. We are taking over the whole restaurant and eating early so we can enjoy the fireworks afterwards! Tickets will be available from Ellis Stroup, District Secretary on a first-come-first-served basis. Seating is limited to 200 so make your reservation early. Checks for the dinner should be made payable to "Capital District Kiwanis.

Club Election Reports

Ellis Stroup, Capital District Sec/Treas

All Club Secretaries are reminded that the all Capital District clubs must now file their Club Election Reports through the Kiwanis One Reporting System. This file will automatically distribute the election information to Kiwanis International and the Capital District. There will no longer be a need for manual preparation of this report, and Forms will not be sent to clubs in the Capital District.

The Governor's Project: The Founder's Society

Gov. Bob Cressy

Every Capital District Governor has had a special area of interest which has been called “The Governor’s Project”. As we formed our team for 2006-2007, I decided that among our major challenges and objectives was to get back to the basics and to rebuild the Capital District’s membership strength. Hence the name “Bob’s Builders” to visualize the effort by emphasizing Membership Growth and Retention, Membership Education and Training, and improving Communication skills -- learning how to ‘sell’ ourselves to ‘suspects and prospects’ for membership. There is still a lot to do to close the back door while bringing in new clubs and members.

The other area is my “Governor’s Project”: To build our financial support for one of our most important assets, our Sponsored Leadership Programs (SLP). The Founder’s Society of the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation is a perpetual endowment fund within the CDKF whereby the earnings from invested principal can generate meaningful cash flow to help our SLP clubs with their expenses. This is of direct benefit to the SLP which could be for helping with convention expenses, or for grants and scholarships and/or other benefits.

Most of you know I served on the Foundation as Division 17 Trustee for seven years, as well as financial advisor and Vice President. As Governor, while no longer an officer of the Foundation, I serve on the Board. The Founder’s Society was co-founded by PLG and Past Foundation President Roger Diehl and me, so it has a special interest. Our primary goal is to raise $200,000 to generate $10,000 or more per year to help our SLP. You have raised over $80,000 so far. Your SLP members and I thank you.

I have asked that our Divisions offer a contribution of their choice to the Founder’s Society in the Governor’s name at the Official Visitation banquets, rather than more personal gifts although we have received some wonderful remembrances as well. We appreciate your response. Over $2,800 has been contributed to the Governor’s Project by the Divisions. We are very grateful in the name of our Service Leadership Programs.

There are ways that individuals can contribute to the Founder’s Society as well. You have seen many Kiwanians wearing a purple and white ribbon with the Founder’s medallion at official District functions. It is similar to the KI Hixon medallion, another most important project. The Founder’s Society contribution goes directly into the Capital District Foundation, directly for our Capital District Sponsored Leadership Programs. The donation is $1,000 each to become a Charter Member and is a charitable, tax deductible contribution. You can also give gifts of appreciated securities, establish a Charitable Remainder Trust, or have the Founder’s Society be a beneficiary to your will, estate, insurance policy or annuity. What better, easier way to help perpetuate all you have worked for creating a legacy and heritage in tribute to your Kiwanis service. See the District web site, then District Foundation and contact your CDKF Division Trustee.

Six Honored with Membership in Founder's Society

Dave Maloney

Six former members of the Taneytown club were honored with memberships in the Capital District Foundation's Founder's Society during the recently-held official Governor's visit to Division 9. They were recognized for their years of unfailing support of club activities. Recipients pictured below included Hans Krogh, Charles Ivin, Charles Diehl, Roger Graham, and Donna Ohler. Joe Everly also received the honor but was not present.

Hans Krogh (L)
Charles Irvin (L)
Charles Diehl (L)
Roger Graham (L)
Donna Ohler (C)

New KI Foundation Executive Director

Rob Parker, KI CEO/Executive Director

It is with great pleasure that I announce the selection of Mr. John Sloan as the new Executive Director of the Kiwanis International Foundation. John is a very talented leader with a strong background of success in resource development and fundraising and is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) more

Jack White Appointed District TAG Chair

Gov. Bob Cressy

It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Jack White (right) as the new Chairman of the TAG Team for Capital District effective immediately. Jack as you know is an innovative, energetic, action-oriented leader in every area. He has been very active in his Abingdon Kiwanis Club, and has been PLG of Division 8 twice, turning around a long membership decline. He is now District Trustee of the Southwest Virginia Region. He has consistently offered positive ideas and recommendations at District Board meetings and as a TAG member on new club building, membership growth & retention, as well as offering creative ideas for division and regional operation and management.

Jack is in his second year as SW District Trustee and has as part of his portfolio overseeing the New Building and Membership Growth & Retention Committees. As TAG Chair combined with his Trustee assignments, he and all of you will be able to coordinate these inter-linked activities. This is critical to helping clubs meet their growth & retention goals.

Governor-Elect Art, Jack and I have also concurred that this assignment will be for the balance of the 2006-2007 Kiwanis administrative year AND for 2007-2008. It is important that we have multiple years of continuity on a strategic and tactical plan in these vital areas. We have formed two new clubs this year under the leadership of New Club Chair Tom Ganse. They are the Kiwanis Club of Potomac, MD, chartered Feb. 10th and the new Bel Air, MD, club due to charter April 18th. Terrific job! Now we must NOT let members out the BACK door with retention problems and a failure to meet new member club goals. I find most club presidents and LG’s excited about becoming Distinguished Clubs and Divisions. Let’s actively help them do it!

Please welcome Jack in this new position! I KNOW he will be in touch with all of us very soon. Thank you for what you do. Thank you, Jack. “We all know people who would be good for Kiwanis … and who Kiwanis would be good for.” We must ASK them.

Training and Education Committee Report

Tom Varner

We are a little over one-half the way through the Kiwanis year and three-fourths of the way through the 2007 – 2008 President’s training cycle. The good new is that there have been very few glitches in the new “Kiwanis Leadership Development Program.” The not-so-good news is that we are having difficulty getting the targeted officers to attend.

Club officer training is not only a requirement of Kiwanis International and the Capital District, but it is good investment in the future of clubs. New information, policies, suggestions are featured each year. For those who believe they know everything about being a president, they can share their skills with those designates who are not as fortunate.

However, the major reason for the President and Secretary to attend training is to meet their regional peers. This is a chance to meet other Kiwanians who are going to be sharing the leadership of Kiwanis at the grass roots level. Peer presidents are the best resource that a club president can have. They are going through the same problems as you are at the same time. Because of this you can share solutions with each other. When a big opportunity develops then you can collectively get the help of your Lieutenant Governor to assist you in a successful outcome.

Call your 2007 -2008 Lieutenant Governor and attend your next training opportunity.

Kiwanis Club of Poquoson Supports Edmarc

Joe Discenza

The Kiwanis Club of Poquoson supported the Portsmouth-based Edmarc Children’s Hospice with a $500 donation at the club’s regular Tuesday morning breakfast meeting.
Club president Dave Baker presented the check to Amy Thorstad, a director for Edmarc and also Club Vice President of the Mercury 64 Kiwanis Club. The mission of Edmarc Hospice for Children is to ease the trauma of a child’s illness or death, and to reduce the disabling effects of pediatric illness, loss, and bereavement on families. Established in 1978, Edmarc Hospice for Children was the first hospice in the nation designed specifically for children.

Edmarc is the only pediatric hospice organization in Hampton Roads and was founded by the members of Suffolk Presbyterian Church in Suffolk, Virginia, along with their minister who was dying of cancer, and a young couple whose only son was dying of a progressive neuromuscular disease. The agency is named in memory of Edward the minister and Marcus, the young boy. Edmarc now serves a wide geographic area that includes the Virginia Peninsula and all of Southside Hampton Roads. Edmarc Hospice for Children is a United Way agency, serving children with life-limiting illness and their families, without regard to their ability to pay for services. (Right, Dave Baker, Kiwanis Club President and Amy Thorstad, Edmarc Director and Kiwanis Club of Mercury 64 Vice President.)

To help families cope, Edmarc offers a broad range of services to address not only the physical and emotional needs of the child, but the multi-dimensional needs of the family as well. Edmarc’s home health, hospice, and bereavement support services are available to children and families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since 1978, Edmarc’s program has grown steadily, indicating a need for this unique type of care. Edmarc has served 733 families in Hampton Roads, and more than 2500 family members in the past 25 years.

Kiwanis Club Sells & Refurbishes Signs for Ocean Pines Residences

D.J. Landis, Sr.

The Ocean Pines Police Department and the Fire Department encourage Pines homeowners to purchase the official approved house ID number signs for Ocean Pines residences. These signs are sold by the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City for only $15 and help to make identification of homes easier for police and fire departments in emergencies and anyone who might be trying to find your home. (Right, Kiwanis Club President Al Kastner is seen holding a sample sign.)

Many residences already have the signs posted. Overtime the paint does fade and the signs need repainting. Kiwanis does that, too, for only $8, totally repainting the sign at your home. It's springtime and time to brighten up from winter, so call Kiwanis member and Chairman for the House Signs Program, Aris Spengos, at 410-641-7392 to purchase a sign or schedule repainting. Proceeds help to support the Kiwanis Scholarship Fund that supports scholarships for deserving senior students at Stephen Decatur High School. Make that call, now!

Oyster Point and Mercury 64 Clubs Donate to Child Development Center
Suzi Edwards

On April 10, 2007, members of the Kiwanis Club of the Peninsula at Oyster Point and the Kiwanis Club of Mercury 64 in Hampton gathered for a classroom dedication at Downtown Hampton Child Development Center. Each club gave $5,000 to cover the cost of the equipment and supplies necessary to open the classroom for 3- and 4-year-old children. DHCDC is a nonprofit preschool and child care center that provides affordable, quality care for more than 300 at-risk and underserved children from the Peninsula. Pictured, from left to right are Monte Correll (Mercury 64), Ernie Bretana (Peninsula at Oyster Point), Baxter Simmons (Mercury 64), Dru Bowman (Peninsula at Oyster Point), Robin Harnish (Peninsula at Oyster Point), Amy Thorstad (Mercury 64), Al Baker (Mercury 64), and DHCDC Board President Henry Mills.

St. Mary's Club Sponsors Builder's Club
Glynnis Schmidt

The Kiwanis Club of St. Mary's County is pleased to announce the formation of the first Builders Club in St. Mary's County. The club formed within the existing Boys & Girls Club at the Spring Ridge Middle School in Lexington Park, MD. Student officer elections took place in February, and in March they voted on club bylaws, organized their first service project (a food drive), and participated in two K-Family events! They are planning an outdoor beautification project at their school, planting flowers in the school courtyard. St. Mary's County Kiwanians are very proud of our service-minded young leaders! The formation of the club was covered by the local newspaper, the Enterprise, and the attached article appeared in the April 6th edition. Click the image to the right for an article about the Spring Ridge Middle School Builder's Club sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of St. Mary's.

Kiwanis Club of Bethesda Honors Liz Quinn
Shira Oler

The Bethesda Kiwanis Club recently celebrated its Charter Night and surprised member Liz Quinn with the Founder’s Society Medal (right). In making the presentation to Liz, Gary Boswell, immediate past Division 17 Lt. Gov., stated “it’s a perfect award because it gives money back to the children of the Capital District and our community.” Liz has tirelessly served the Kiwanis Club of Bethesda for many years. She has served as secretary of the club, secretary of the foundation, and its treasurer. Service outside of Kiwanis further reflects her commitment to children. Liz is involved in her church’s Sunday school education, youth groups, after-school homework programs, and was the leader of the local Cub Scout troop for three years. “She has never said no to anything we’ve asked her to do and has reached out both to our club and to children through her various activities. She gets the job done, quietly and with no fanfare. Her reward has always been knowing that she is doing the right thing,” said Mr. Boswell. Congratulations to Liz on receiving this award. She deserves the praise and recognition, and makes us all proud to be Kiwanians.

Kiwanis Club of Westminster Recognizes Students, Inducts New Member
Sandra Hughes

Westminster Kiwanis met at the Wakefield Valley Conference Center on April 3, 2007. Students of the Month were honored for achievements in school and the community. (Left) Three from Winters Mill Academy are left Thomas Martz, English Award; Megan Maier, Guidance, she also coaches Field Hockey for Deer Park Recreation and will Attend Roanoke College to study Physical Therapy; Michael Russo, Business and Information Management, Michael tutors classmates, excels in Advertising and will attend East Carolina University; Representing Westminster High School Natalie Saragusa, English Honors, active in Drama and will attend Elon University. (Right) Gov.-Elect Art Riley welcomes Bill Niner as a new member. Bill is from Hampstead and is employed by Maryland State Government.

Grundy Kiwanis Holds Egg Hunt for Local Children. Attends Mid-Winter

Jon Rife

The Grundy Kiwanis Club held the annual Easter Egg Hunt Friday, April 6 at the Kiwanis Park in Grundy (left). Despite chilly temperatures, children had fun filling their baskets with eggs! Maverick Coleman and Wendi Meadows won bicycles for collecting the most eggs. Kiwanians were assisted by Appalachian School of Pharmacy and Appalachian School of Law students.

On March 30, 31 Southwest Virginia Region which includes Division 2, 3, and 8 held their Midwinter/Spring Conference in Abingdon, VA. Friday was our social time with a banquet at Martha Washington Inn, a historic landmark, followed by the play, Blithe Spirit, at the Barter Theater. On Saturday, the workshops, award presentations, and special remarks by our Governor Bob Cressy (2nd from right in photo to the right) were enjoyed by all Kiwanians. Bob did a wonderful, Enthusiastic presentation for the International and Capital District Conventions.

SLP Dinner and Awards for Division 17

Betty Gardiner

Division 17 will be having a Dinner and Awards program for their SLP on May 20, 2007. Click on the image to the right for details.

Kiwanis Club of Tabb Teen of the Year, 2007

Vivian Tanzer

The Kiwanis Club of Tabb has chosen Miss Aagya Mathur, as our Teen of the Year. President Wayne Frances presented Aagya a check. Miss Mathur is a senior at Tabb High School, ranked 2nd in her class of 287 students and will attend University of Virginia in the fall. She is an active member of the Key Club (10th -12th), the Student Council Association (9th – 12th), the New Horizon Governor’s School Student Advisory Board (11th & 12th), the Quill & Scroll, and the National Honor Society. She founded NHGS Board of Alumni to help prospective and current students on mentorship, colleges, etc. She is also the founder and the president of the Senior-Youth Connection Project. In order for the youth to build strong relationships with senior citizens in the community, she visited various senior centers and managed a database of the centers’ volunteer opportunities for the youth. This intergenerational community service project has benefited both the seniors and the youth in our community. She speaks four languages, and is an excellent dancer, a Girl Scouts Gold Award recipient, and the Captain of Junior Varsity Girl’s basketball and Junior Varsity Girl’s soccer.

Kiwanis Club of Arlington Test Hearing and Vision of Middle School Students

Jim Thomas

Kenmore Middle School students who have trouble seeing the board or hearing their teacher, won't be at a disadvantage anymore. For another year, members of the Arlington Host Lions Club and the Kiwanis Club of Arlington have provided free sight and hearing screenings at the middle school to identify students who might have problems with their vision or audio perception. Shown right Kiwanis Club of Arlington member Dave Carlson was one of 16 volunteers who tested Kenmore Middle School students like Emily Goldman on their vision and more

Kiwanis Club of Hampton Celebrates Fifth Annual Protectors Night

Al Newton

The Kiwanis Club of Hampton recognized the outstanding persons of the year from organizations involved in the safety of the community at a dinner celebration entitled “Protectors Night”, held at the Clarion Hotel on April17,2007. Each honoree was presented a Plaque, signifying the accomplishments for which they were being recognized.

The Honorees were: Hampton Division of Fire & Rescue; Battalion Chief Tracy L. Hanger, “Emergency Medical Services Award” and Battalion Chief Larry S. Gwaltney “ Firefighter of the Year”. Hampton Police Division; Patrol Officer Jeremy W. Kincheloe, “Officer of the Year” and Corporal John B. Proctor, “ Investigator of the Year”. US Air Force from Langley Air Force Base; 2nd Lieutenant Brent K. Pomeroy, “Expeditionary Officer of the Year” and Senior Airman Nathan W. Fitzwater, “Expeditionary Airman of the Year”. US Army from Fort Monroe; Staff Sergeant Rodney E. Garrett ” Exceptional Non-Commissioned Officer”; and Specialist Adam P. McGuire ,” Outstanding Soldier”.

Representing the honored organizations and participating in the presentations were; Fire Chief James A. Gray, Jr. from the Hampton Division of Fire & Rescue ;Major Jean M. Troutman from the Hampton Police Division; Air Force Colonel Brian Yolitz and Chief Master Sergeant James A. MacKinley from Langley Air Force Base and Army Command Sergeant Major Leroy A. James from Fort Monroe. In closing remarks, Colonel Yolitz emphasized the close bond and unity of purpose that exists among the organizations in the pursuit of the common objective of providing security within their sphere of responsibility.

Kiwanis Club of Hampton President John Paul presided. The Chairman of the Club’s Community Service Committee, Craig Wilson (Col. USAF Ret.) assisted in the presentation. Kiwanian LeRoy Dyment, Jr , Program Coordinator, was the Master of Ceremonies. This was the fifth annual program.

Pictured in upper right: Honorees at the Kiwanis Club of Hampton’s Fifth Annual Protectors Night: (pictured from left to right) front row Bn Chief Hangar’s Husband, Bn Chief Gwaltney, Sr Airman Fitzwater, Lt. Pomeroy, Officer Kincheloe ,Spec McGuire, SSG Garrett Cpl Proctor, (Back row) Committee Chrmn Wilson, Major Troutman, Vice President DeLoach, President Paul, CMSgt MacKinley, CSM James and Chief Gray.

Kiwanis Club of Capitol Hill Honors Two of their Own

Janice E. MacKinnon

The Kiwanis Club of Capitol Hill celebrated the sacrifice and honors of two of its most esteemed members last Thursday, April 19: Preston A. Davis and Charles Chisley, both of whom served own nation as Tuskegee Airmen and recently received the Congressional Medal of Honor from the U. S. Congress and Pres. George W. Bush. Both Preston and Chuck are long-time members of the Capitol Hill Club. They spoke briefly to the Club recalling their experiences. Preston spoke about the difficulties in fighting discrimination as well as Hitler in their trail-blazing role. President Mack Allen and Secretary Lily Williams presented an award from the Club expressing our gratitude for their service.

Rehoboth Kiwanis Club

Rosemary Cummings

During the semi-annual visit of Kiwanis Lt. Gov Rose Poole to the Rehoboth Kiwanis Club she inducted three new members, Lewes resident Kenneth Drerup, with Merrill Lynch, Zaida Guajardo, Executive Director of La Esperanza in Georgetown, and Bethany resident Alicia Falzon, Professor of Spanish at NOVA College in Virginia (left). During the same meeting, District Trustee Walt Rudy presented the Kiwanis International Distinguished Club Award to Club President George Blacklock and Secretary Rosemary Cummings (right). The Rehoboth Kiwanis Club provides service to children in the Coastal Delaware communities including K-Kids in Ocean View, Key Club in Lewes and Terrific Kids and Bringing Up Grades at Indian River and Cape Henlopen Schools.

Shenandoah Valley Kiwanis Club participates in Earth Day

Jeanne M. Martino-McAllister

Members of the Shenandoah Valley Kiwanis Club participated in Earth Day activities by cleaning up Lewis Creek in Staunton, VA. Pictured in the photo are Barbara Richardson, Myrna Burnett, Sean Liccione (newest member), Judy Walden and John Wadley.

Montgomery Village Kiwanis and Division 17 to Host Flea Market

Liz Jackson

Montgomery Village Kiwanis and Division 17 are hosting a HUGH Flea Market
June 9, 2007 from 10AM to 2PM to Benefit Community Services for Autistic
Adults and Children Foundation and the American Cancer Society Relay for Life
It will be held at the CSAAC Parking Lot at 8615 East Village Ave in Montgomery
Village. There will be live music, refreshments, furniture, household goods, etc.
Directions: From Goshen Road, turn right on East Village Ave. just after Snouffer
School Rd. From 124 take Woodfield Rd. Left on East Village Ave. Any questions?
Call 301 869-5805 or 301 840-0314. For flyer, click here.

Williamsburg Area K Family "Kiwanis One Day"

Gil Curl

The Kiwanis family, including both the Williamsburg and Colonial Capital clubs, the William & Mary CKI club and the Bruton High School Key Club conducted a joint service project for the Dream Catchers Organization on "Kiwanis One Day". Adding to the fun was the biggest snow storm of the season that morning but it didn’t stop over 150 volunteer hours of work providing landscaping and general grounds enhancement work at the new "Dream Catchers" facilities in Toano, Virginia. The Dream Catchers 22 acre riding facility is dedicated to providing professional equine-assisted therapy to special needs individuals in a caring, safe, environment. Pictured are the W & M CKI club and Bruton High School Key club member volunteers who helped make the project a great success.

Meet the Candidate

Tom Ganse

Note: This is the fourth in a series of articles intended to help you learn more about your candidate for Governor-elect and his team's platform. This month's submission highlights Leg #1 from the campaign platform. Please visit for prior "Meet the Candidate" articles.

#1 - Revive the Winner's Attitude

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Capital District, it's a great day to be a Kiwanian - and I'm going to tell you why! We have the keys to success in our hands today. While most of this article highlights our growing membership successes, we must not overlook the thousands of meaningful service activities and millions of dollars raised to address community needs. With approximately $100 million raised and a growing sustaining fund, Iodine Deficiency Disorder is rapidly becoming an artifact of history, thanks to you, and Kiwanis International is moving on to another major undertaking. At the same time, we must not overlook that no other service organization can take a child from First Grade through adulthood in a family of Service Leadership Programs that instill high moral values and a lifelong ethic of giving something back. Our communities and the world are better places to live thanks to you! more

Pembroke Kiwanis Annual State of Town Center

Susan Long-Molnar

The third Annual State of Town Center was a great success. We had twenty-five Pembroke Kiwanis members and 65 guests. Brian Winfield (shown right) did a great job of introducing our guest speakers. Michael Divaris and Mayor Oberndorf presented an update on Town Center and the impact it has had on Virginia Beach. Of course, the main focus of this event is membership. How did we get so many people? We held a contest where our teams of members competed for bringing the most prospective members. We have already gained three new members, and we hope there will be more from this membership drive.

Kiwanis Club of the Peninsula at Oyster Point Recognizes Roy Powell

Suzi Edwards

The Kiwanis Club of the Peninsula at Oyster Point recognized Roy Powell for 41 years of perfect attendance! Shown right Sandy Sammons Club President presents perfect attendance pin and tab to Roy at the club meeting on April 26, 2007.

Mount Airy Club Helps Senior Center go Digital

Bill Butts

Bill Butts, president of the Kiwanis Club of Mount Airy, recently presented a new digital multimedia projector to Olivia Schrodetzki, Manager of the Senior Center in Mount Airy (right). The Center has been in need of such a projector for years for use in showing movies and presentations on the Center's big screen, as well as for taking marketing presentations on the road at such events as the Carroll County Senior Expo. Mount Airy Kiwanis purchased the projector with funds raised from publishing the Mount Airy Phone Book. The Mount Airy Club is partners with the Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce on the Phone Book project.

Kiwanis Club of LaPlata March of Dimes Walk America

Judi Gorney

The Kiwanis Club of LaPlata was busy last Sunday, April 29, with the March Of Dimes Walk America. Member Linda Parong was there bright and early helping with registering hundreds of walkers including the walkers from our own Kiwanis Club! We were a small group in numbers, but strong in the amount of money we raised. Between the four of our walkers we raised a total of $1,318.00 for the March of Dimes. Pictured in front of the Walk America sign are, Mollie, Jim, and Judi Gorney, Jonnie and Gordon Mann. John Reith and his co-worker Brian Compton, a fellow Mercantile/PNC employee, set up all the rest stations including signs along the route so the walkers wouldn’t get lost! A truly thankless job, but a very important one. Just when we thought we were done, it was time to bring all the signs and tables, trash and all the items that were not passed out to the walkers back to the Government Building! John Reith, Jim, Mollie and Judi Gorney all pitched in to get the job done. Pictured in front of the March of Dimes sign from left to right are Kiwanis members, Mollie, Jim and Judi Gorney, Jonnie and Gordon Mann. Thanks to the support of the Kiwanis Club of LaPlata, the March of Dimes was truly a success!
Kiwanis of Odenton Passes the Hat for Local Elementary School

Jeff Althoff

In February, the Kiwanis Club of Odenton received a letter from Ms. Overend explaining that she was an Intensity V special education teacher whose class consisted of eight new, multiple handicapped students. Five of her students were “non-verbal” and three had “sensory issues”. Their disabilities included autism, mental retardation, and spinal bifida. The need was obvious, however “due to budget constraints” Ms. Overend was unable to purchase the specialized software needed for augmenting communication or the sensory and fine motor materials required for instruction. The total funds requested exceeded a thousand dollars.

During the month of March, the Kiwanis of Odenton conducted several Interclubs and enlisted the support of other clubs in the area. Over $500 was collected by simply “passing the hat” at meetings with members from The Kiwanis Club of Mountain Road / Pasadena, The Kiwanis Club of Severna Park, The Kiwanis Club of Annapolis, The Kiwanis Club of Greater Annapolis, and The Kiwanis Club of Crofton … as well as at The Kiwanis Club of Odenton. Sponsored Youth were encouraged to participate, and The Old Mill Key Club was able to raise $200! Additionally, The Kiwanis Club of Crofton’s Board of Directors approved another $500 from their Foundation. Finally, The Kiwanis Club of Odenton’s Board of Directors approved the remaining balance to come from their Foundation and brought the total to $ more

Kiwanis Club of Leesburg Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Bob Wright

On April 24th the Kiwanis Club of Leesburg celebrated its 50th Anniversary at Clyde’s at Willow Creek Farm (left) in nearby Broadlands. Kiwanis Capital District Governor, Bob Cressy, Governor-Elect Art Riley, Northern Virginia Region Trustee Bill Roberson, along with Division 20 Lt. Governor Tony Gee, Division 19 Lt. Governor Dennis Grubbs, and interclubs from throughout the 20th Division and its sponsoring club from Winchester joined the celebration. The Virginia State Senate issued a proclamation, read by 33rd District Senator Mark Herring, a member of the club, and the sponsoring Kiwanis Club of Winchester passed a resolution commemorating the golden anniversary, read by Sam Long. Past Lt. Governor Ed Verburg presented the club its second consecutive Distinguished Club award. Governor Cressy commended the club on providing fifty years of service and observed how this club’s service leadership programs and community service has been one to make a difference. Guest Speaker Mrs. Margaret Huckaby, principal of Heritage High School, recipient of a Washington Post Distinguished Educational Leadership Award for 2006, and former Key Club member, spoke eloquently on youth leadership. She used four vignettes to show how students can be inspired to do great things at a young age. An excellent meal and great time was had by all. Shown lower left State Senator Mark Herring (club member) presenting a Senate Proclamation to Eric Baird president of the Kiwanis Club of Leesburg. Shown upper right Immediate Past President, Bob Wright, President Eric Baird and Capital District Governor Bob Cressy.

Terrific Kids Program Recognizes Students

Sheila Perrone

On March 30, 2007, an awards presentation was held at St. Clare School to acknowledge the 87 students who achieved their goals in the Terrific Kids program (some pictured left). In addition, a presentation was made to 14 students (right) who were able to bring up a grade (B.U.G.) in a particular subject without letting grades in any other subject drop. Pictured along with students from two of the classes recognized are Dorothy Williams, Kiwanian and Principal of St. Clare School, and Deacon Kevin of St. Clare Church.

Kiwanis Club of St. Mary's Partners for Kids' Health

Glynnis Schmidt

The Kiwanis Club of St. Mary’s County is pleased to announce the formation of a partnership with the St. Mary’s County Health Department aimed at providing education about public health and safety to children. St. Mary’s County Health Department created a mascot in 2006 to capture the interest of children and families in the form of an otter named Opie. (Right, Opie Otter poses with two new friends, John and Christian Burch of Mechanicsville, MD.) Opie the Otter has been featured in printed promotional and educational materials for the health department since his creation. Members of the Kiwanis Club of St. Mary’s County approached the health department after they learned of the new mascot, wanting to learn more about the agency’s plans. They offered a $2,500 grant to the health department for the purchase of a custom-made mascot suit to bring the animated version to more

Kiwanis Club of Wilmington Distinguished Officers Recognized

Richard Holmes

Kiwanis Capital District Trustee Walter N. Rudy (right) presents Distinguished President Award to Bob Bromwell, center, past president of Wilmington, DE Kiwanis, and Distinguished Secretary Award to "Doc" O'Connell during an April meeting at the Hotel DuPont.

West Point Kiwanis Club Sells Food at Springfest

Carolyn Palmer

The West Point Kiwanis Club sold sausage, pepper, and onion sandwiches at the King William County Springfest, April 27, to raise money for their Scholarship Fund. Each year the club gives a $1500 scholarship to an outstanding graduate of West Point High School. Shown right, club secretary Carolyn Palmer and president David Rorick serve up sandwiches.

Three Division 2 clubs Co-Sponsor Basketball Awards

John Montgomery

The Kiwanis Clubs of Botetourt, Roanoke and Salem co-sponsored the 39th annual Kiwanis Roanoke Metro Basketball Awards Banquet April 1 at the Salem Civic Center. Nearly 150 players, coaches, parents and Kiwanians were in attendance as more than 40 awards were presented. The primary focus of the event was to honor Unsung Heroes from 13 area high schools. Each boys’ and girls’ high school coach was asked to select his or her recipient and introduce the honoree to the audience. The Unsung Hero awards are based on contributions to the sport that might not show up in box scores – hustle, determination and the display of exemplary behavior during practice and more

North Point Key Club is Chartered

Millie Kriemelmeyer

The Kiwanis Club of Waldorf proudly announces the chartering of our newest Key Club at North Point High School, Waldorf, Maryland. The Key Club celebrated with a pizza party at their meeting on April 17. They have partnered with the Kiwanis Club on service projects, including collection of several hundred children's books for the emergency room at Civista Hospital, working at the Christmas in April house, and March of Dimes WalkAmerica fundraiser. They plan to help with the bike collection for Bikes for the World in May.

Downtown Kiwanis Club Celebrates 90 Years

Peter Deede

The Downtown Kiwanis Club celebrated its 90th Anniversary at the Hotel Washington on April 21st with over 100 people in attendance. Governor Bob Cressy and Governor-Elect Art Riley both attended with their spouses, as did 19 Club Past-Presidents going back to 1964. It was a grand event for young (GWU Circle K and DC Young Professionals joined the festivities) and old, with lots of reminiscing and dancing. Shown right are 19 of the club's past presidents in attendance.

The Downtown Kiwanis Club's annual Youth Leadership Awards Luncheon is being held on May 3rd at the Capitol Hill Hyatt Hotel. This program honors DC High School Seniors who have displayed exceptional leadership and community service. All 21 DC High Schools participated and each school winner will receive a laptop computer and the top three contestants will receive scholarships totaling more than $20,000.

The Downtown Kiwanis Club started a new service project on April 26th, helping the SOME organization (So Others Might Eat) prepare and serve lunch to needy DC residents. Eleven Club members participated in this hands-on program and about 200 folks were provided lunch.

Kiwanis Club of Roanoke Recognizes Past Presidents

Manly H Aylor, Jr

The Kiwanis Club of Roanoke recently recognized their 28 living past presidents. 24 of the 28 living past presidents attended the club's February meeting and were honored as part of the club's National President's Day celebration. The Kiwanis Club of Roanoke was chartered on January 28,1920 and is the oldest community service organization in the Roanoke Valley. For the 2006-2007 Kiwanis Year, The Kiwanis Club of Roanoke will give over $75,000.00 back to the community. The club supports over 25 organizations that focus on children, the elderly, and the environment. The oldest living past President is Jack Wimmer,who is 89. The second oldest living past President is George O'Hara, who is 86. Jack served as President in 1989, and George, 1971. Jack's grandfather, John Easter, was one of the founding members of this club.(Front row, current President Manly Aylor, past Presidents John Montgomery, Gary Durek, George O'Hara, Jack Wimmer, Richard Rakes, William Moses,
Jack Burtis, Jackie Bledsoe, and Howard Zerbst. Back row, Rupert Cutler,William Clark, Steve McGraw, Robert Brailsford, Lee Osborne, William Stack, Tom Miller, David Blanton, Don Wilson, Vern Danielsen, Robert Bersch, Mary Poletti, John Shumate, Carl Koptzke, and Lloyd Enoch.)

Loch Raven Club Supports MECA

Joe Maranto

The Kiwanis Club of Loch Raven invited volunteers from the Missing and Exploited Children Association (MECA) to speak at a recent club meeting. As a result the Loch Raven club will join forces with MECA in to help combat this problem and to raise public awareness about it. Shown right are Program Chairperson, Katie Barone with a Guest Speaker Ann Vosough.

Keep Registering Key Leader Participants

Barbara Lee

Local clubs are urged to be sure you have at least two Grades 8 - 11 participants registered for Capital District's First Annual Key leader Weekend, October 5 - 7, 2007. Click here for a flyer. Every club that sponsors two or more students will receive a banner patch. Also, Club Secretaries are well aware that Key Leader is now a part of the Monthly Reports. Registration is on line at Students need the name, address, and an email address for their nominator and sponsoring Kiwanis more

Charlottesville "Kiwanis One Day" Event Big Success

Jim Hart

More than 1,400 eggs were stuffed and then hidden in the snow on the University of Virginia Lawn for the 2nd annual Egg Hunt sponsored by UVA CKI on April 7, "Kiwanis One Day." Dozens of kids with their families came to the Lawn on this blustery day before Easter to participate in the egg hunt. These families also contributed to the K-Family Food Drive to Combat Childhood Hunger organized by Charlottesville Club Secretary Jim Hart in support of the Thomas Jefferson Area Food Bank. Six other UVA and community groups participated alongside the K-Family and raised over 700 pounds of food and $200 in cash for the food bank. Pictured are Presidential Division Lt Gov Katie Smith and her CKI colleagues, with the historic UVA Rotunda in the background.

Kiwanis Club of Poquoson "One Day"

Brian Wilson

Six members of the Kiwanis Club of Poquoson assisted by two members of the Poquoson High School Key Club Fulfilled the spirit of the Kiwanis One Day by helping the Poquoson Parks & Rec department assemble and set outdoor seating and trail markers for the new 'Walking Trail' in Poquoson. This is one of many city projects the Kiwanis Club helps the city with during the year.

Rehoboth Kiwanis Recognizes Police Chief Kenneth M. McLaughlin as Officer of the Quarter

Rosemary Cummings

The Kiwanis Club of Rehoboth Beach honored Ocean View Police Chief Kenneth M. McLaughlin during ceremonies held at the Rehoboth Beach country Club. Chief McLaughlin was at the meeting to discuss is Senior VIP program and was caught off guard when the award was made. Rehoboth Kiwanis recognized the Chief for his outstanding leadership, professionalism, compassionate service, and innovative programs. Ocean View Mayor Gary Meredith was on hand for the award.

Appointed as Ocean View police chief in 2001, Chief Kenneth M. McLaughlin accepted the challenge to bring the Department into the 21st century. He pursued law enforcement related grants to hire additional officers and purchase modern more.

Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City Supports School

D.J. Landis, Sr.

Ocean City has a wonderful Elementary School of which to be very proud. The facilities, teachers and students are among the best in Worcester County and the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City is proud to be able to contribute to some of the outstanding programs offered at OCES and to learn of the success of those programs. (Pictured (L to R) Mary Foelber, Technology Coach at OCES; Kiwanis President, Al Kastner; OCES Principal, Irene Kordick; and OCES teacher, Linda McGean.)

At the April 18th morning meeting held at Hall's Restaurant in Ocean City, Kiwanians heard from OCES Principal, Irene Kordick, and fellow colleagues, Linda McGean and Mary Foelber, about what is happening at OCES and to thank Kiwanis for their support. Last year, Mary Foelber, after making a similar presentation to Kiwanis, joined the local Kiwanis Club. Who knows what could happen this more

Kiwanis Club of Wilmington Youth of the Year

Richard Holmes

John Watson, Pres. of Wilmington, DE Kiwanis, and Anthony Southerland, club vice president, congratulate Amber Cooper-Martinez, chosen Youth Of The Year at Fraims Boys and Girls Club. Miss Martinez was a featured speaker during April and gave a very moving story. She said her mother, forced to hold 3 jobs to make ends meet, would drop her off at the B & G Club early in the morning, before school, and pick her up at 6:00 PM. After a quick dinner (sometimes) her mother would leave again for another job, returning home well after Amber was asleep. The young honoree recalled how, at first, she disliked being 'DUMPED" as she put it, at the club and was jealous of her classmates who had a much different life style. Gradually, though, she got accustomed to the routine, did her homework, met new friends and began to sense some stability. She also began to notice that some children who went home after school frequently did not do their homework and were not as prepared for school as she was. She became a straight "A" student and now has designs on attending the prestigious Berkley College of Music in Boston Amber really became Youth of the Year."

Kiwanis Club of LaPlata Sponsors Read Across America Project

Judi Gorney

In March, the Kiwanis Club of LaPlata Maryland teamed up with Maryland Bank and Trust by sponsoring a program at Henry E. Lackey High School, in Southern Maryland, called Read Across America. Some of the children came dressed up as the Cat in the Hat! Several of the children who were in attendance were lucky enough to have been given a quilt made by members of a local community group (right). During the evening the children were introduced and had a chat with Richard Stack, a children’s book author whose main character is a dog named Recess. He brought Recess with him for the children to meet! Both Mr. Stack and Recess were a big hit. Pictured in upper left: from left to right are members Judi Gorney, Chris Ripley, Donna Avery, Gordon Mann, Linda Parong, Jonnie Mann, Emily Ferron and Jim Gorney