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October 2006


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This issue at a glance:
Governor Bob’s Builders: Building A Better World Through Service

Gov. Bob Cressy

Happy New Year! Welcome to the new Kiwanis Administrative Year 2006-2007! As a new slate of club, division, district and international officers and directors start their term of office, we see a seamless tradition of leadership taking place. This is the smooth continuance that helps build Kiwanis and defines our mission: “Kiwanis is … a global organization of volunteers, dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time.”

It is an exciting time. There is no better time to be a Kiwanian! At 12:01 AM in the first moments of October 1st, now Immediate Past Governor Yvonne Holley called me as is tradition to say “Congratulations, … this is the beginning of your year”. Well, I thank you and congratulate you, Yvonne, and your team for leading us in a terrific Kiwanis year. And I congratulate all of you for your accomplishments last year and your vision of building our Kiwanis future.

Kiwanis International (and now) Immediate Past International Past President Steve Siemens said, among many notable quotes, “If we don’t change directions soon, we’ll end up where we are going.” We in the Capital District have taken that challenge and have become a leader among the world’s districts. You have successfully implemented our first year of the new regional concept of district organization. Its purpose is to better coordinate and bring support functions closer to our Kiwanis clubs to help build service and prepare Kiwanis leadership.

Part of the success of this is the eight Mid-Winter Regional Conferences held throughout the district which are again scheduled for this year. Last year over 950 members attended and 88% of our clubs had at least one member attend. This is far more than attended the single Mid-Winter training session of the past. Serving clubs and divisions on a more localized regional basis has made it more comprehensive and easier, plus less costly and closer in travel time for you to attend. Also there is now a continuity of district board leadership through the rolling three-year terms of district trustees as part of the regional plan.

Kiwanis service, more than ever, is the continuing journey Steve Siemens and our new International President Nelson Tucker have been telling us about. It is the journey not the final destination that is most important. As long as service needs exist, there really is no ‘final’ destination. There are, of course, milestones. Milestones along the journey are those service projects we do as Kiwanians day-by-day, week in and week out in our own clubs that make the difference in people’s lives and build our communities. It’s priceless service.

Yes, “One CAN make the difference … and that one is YOU!” We have enough Kiwanians and friends now to do what we are now doing, but we do not have enough to do what needs to be done. I urge you to ask a friend to join you in Kiwanis, just like you were asked. Be on the lookout for communities with a need for a Kiwanis service club. Then call on your support team to help build a new club and a stronger membership. After all, every club was once a new club. One million members in KI by 2015! It can be done and the Capital District will lead the way! Thank you for accepting that challenge. There are “quality” people in every area that would benefit from Kiwanis and be a benefit to Kiwanis.

Thanks to each and every one of you for what you do to help those in need. Remember ALL Kiwanis service to the world begins with each of us at our local Kiwanis club. And it is important to remember that all other parts of Kiwanis – Divisions, Regions, Districts and International – exist to support you and your club in your service mission. Utilize the new tools from International and the teams from District and Division to help you build a better world right in your home town.

I am honored and privileged to serve with you in building our Kiwanis clubs so we can indeed “change the world, one child and one community at a time”.

Kiwanis DateLine
Denise Parker, Executive and Board Services Kiwanis International

Click here for the September 8, 2006 issue of the Kiwanis Dateline which contains upcoming events and notices from Kiwanis International. And click here for the September 22, 2006 issue.

TAG Team Plans for 2006-2007

Warren Kane

This coming year the TAG (Together Achieving Growth) Team will be phasing to a regional operation. Most of the members of a Regional TAG Team are in place in each region. This consists of the Lieutenant Governors, a member of the District TAG Team in all but the Mason Dixon and Presidential Regions, and the region’s members of the District committees on Club Growth, Communication and Public Relations and New Club Building.

The District Tag Team met during the District Convention and Governor-Elect Bob and I outlined the plans for the year. Kiwanis International Club Development Manager Harry White met with us and will be returning for a training session of Tag Team members.

Next we briefed the incoming Lieutenant Governors at K Family Weekend, as well as supplied them with a follow up document. First of all we want to fill in the few remaining holes in the three District committees mentioned above to complete the regional TAG Teams. Secondly, the District TAG Team is available to assist with revitalizing clubs and to build 8 new clubs, Governor Bob’s goal for the year. We look forward to an early meeting of each region’s TAG Team to develop a regional plan to attain those goals.

In former years the District Board of Trustees reviewed Clubs with less than 15 members for revocation of their charters. Last year the Board decided that clubs with less than 20 members should produce action plans to assure their vitality. At the end of August there were 37 clubs, in every region, with less than 20 members. Congratulations to the Upper Chesapeake and Old Point Comfort clubs who came off the list. We look forward to the Lieutenant Governors reviewing the action plans of the 37 clubs still under 20 members and beginning a dialogue of revitalization with those clubs.

The District TAG Team is a trained and ready resource to assist in club revitalization and new club building when the Lieutenant Governors and clubs ask and are ready for assistance. The Lieutenant Governors have been supplied with the necessary steps to be taken before the TAG Team makes an assist visit. We are always available for consultation and I can be reached at 703-524-0997 or by e-mail at:

Suburban Frederick Club Raises Over $5K With Silent Auction
Jacky Lowe

Led by Funraising Chairman Phil Pople, the Kiwanis Club of Surban Frederick recently help a successful Silent Auction/Buffet Breakfast which netted over $5,000 for the club's Foundation Fund. All proceeds from this event will be used to support Special Inspirations, Inc., a nonprofit organization founded by parents and friends of children with severe disabilities. Special Inspirations, Inc. offers respite services that provide immediate help to families seeking a break from the daunting task of caring for these special children. It also provides a resource referral service and makes volunteer "helpers" available to assist families with daily chores such as laundry, cleaning, picking up prescriptions, grass mowing, and food shopping. For more information about Special Inspirations, Inc., visit

“Through Special Inspirations, families with special-needs children can take advantage of much-needed programs such as respite care, mothers helpers and resource referrals,” says Kiwanis Club of Suburban Frederick Fundraiser Chairman Phil Pople. “Kiwanis International focuses on the needs of children, and we cannot think of a better Frederick County program to support than Special Inspirations,” he adds. To learn more about the work of The Kiwanis Club of Suburban Frederick, explore

Potomac Region Raises Funds for Children's Miracle Network
Jacky Lowe

The Potomac Region recently collected $4,480 dollars for the Children's Miracle Network from the clubs in division 1, 17, and 22 to make a contribution to CMN. We made a check presentation to Kimberly Lane, Director Corporate Marketing & Director CMN on August 2, 2006. We also made a check presentation from the Capital District Kiwanis annual donation to the Children's Hospital Foundation for $3,350. Pictured to the right are Bernice Oden (l) and Jackie Lowe (r) presenting a check to Kimberly Lane.

Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City Club Secretary Honored

David J. Landis

Division 15 Lt. Governor Ralph Chinn (R) presents a Certificate of Recognition to Lynne McAllorum (C), Secretary of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City while Club President, Al Kastner looks on (L). The award is in recognition of Lynne's dedication and hard work as Secretary of her club. Kiwanis Club Secretary is one of the most important and unheralded jobs in the organization, being responsible for the detail work and communications that keep the club running, and for making the important reports to the governing body of Kiwanis. It couldn't be done any better than Lynne does it.

The Inciter Now Ready


The September/October 2006 issue of The Inciter is now ready to view at: Read about:

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  • New! Generation K catalog now available

As always, your input and views are important. Please send comments and suggestions for this newsletter, plus marketing and public relations success stories to: Photos and news clippings may be mailed to Alison Stilwell, Marketing Department, Kiwanis International, 3636 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, IN 46268. If appropriate, these will be posted in one of the next issues of The Inciter.

Common Ground for Kiwanis and Lions Clubs

David J. Landis

The goal of Kiwanis is "Serving the Children of the World". The Lions Club goal is "To Serve" and "Be Knights of the Blind". Some goals are transcended by a common ground. Ben Dawson (right) of the Ocean City Lions Club was the guest speaker for the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City at the weekly meeting on September 6th and his message was one that is dear to all Americans, regardless of their affiliations with organizations, namely, support of our wounded troops.

The Lions Club of Ocean City started a campaign in 2004 to raise money for clothing and assistance for the wounded troops who are sent to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, an U.S. Army hospital near Ramstein, Germany. Most wounded troops are sent to this facility for medical care to either get well enough to be sent back to the front or be sent back to the USA for more extensive care. There are so many terrible injuries like severe head wounds or amputations treated at Landstuhl. The strange thing for us to understand is that when they get to the hospital, they no longer have any of their gear, not even their uniform as those items are left behind and they are transported in only the medical garb upon their backs. Their paychecks don't catch up with them and they are really without some basic needs. They are well cared for, but they are still in need of some assistance for personal necessities for which the Ocean City Lions Club has taken up the cause of raising money beginning in 2004. They call it the U.S. Forces Overseas Assistance Program (U.S.F.O.C.A.P.).

Ben's talk was rightfully emotional and touching. He is a veteran of the Viet Nam War and says it's difficult to see the young men and women, so many between the ages of 19 and 22, all volunteers, suffering from wounds received in defense of our nation. So many of them, even the ones who can not possibly return to active duty, expressing the need and desire to get "Downrange" (i.e. into action again) with their buddies still on the fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Over 2650 of our troops have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and over 20,000 have been wounded. Ben has already made 3 trips to Lanstuhl, the first in November 2004 and twice in 2005, taking a total of $50,000 of aid and shipping 6500 articles of clothing to the troops raised by the Ocean City Lions Club. Currently he is scheduled to return in November of 2006 with the goal of taking another $25,000 to the troops. There are no costs to this program. Being a Veteran, Ben can fly from Dover, Delaware on a military flight to Ramstead at no charge, pay his own costs for meals and lodging, deliver the funds in the form of PX and/or BX gift certificates to the Chief Chaplain's Office and catch a returning flight to Dover. It's a 4 day trip for him which he's more than honored to make. Any donations are 100% tax deductible and 100% is sent (clothes) or taken ($) to the U.S. Army Hospital in Landstuhl Germany.

Ben explained how so many of the troops, to whom we owe so much gratitude, actually thank him and the Lions Club for doing this for them. It's heart wrenching to think of the irony. So what WE do? Ben says PRAY for the troops and for the war to end, and SUPPORT THEM. The OC Lions are currently raising the funds for the next trip by soliciting during Bike Week in September and with their Golf Tournament in October. Please, call Ben at (410) 603-2205 or contact him by e-mail at for more details and to offer your assistance however you see fit. Many thanks to all of those who have helped in the past and to all who will help in this ongoing heartfelt endeavor.

Thank You to Ben Dawson for sharing the information and news of the project with us and to the OC Lions Club for making it happen.

Chincoteague Club Hosts Div. 15 Council Meeting
Thomas Lust

The Chincoteague Kiwanis hosted the Division 15 Council Meeting August 31 at Wright's Restaurant in Atlantic, Virginia. Everyone enjoyed a well-prepared seafood buffet. Afterwards, Ralph Chin presented the Lt. Governor banner to incoming Lt. Governor Barbara Hickman. Pictured here is Ralph recognizing the contributions of club Secretaries.

Kiwanis "Big Dogs" Receive Gift
David J. Landis

Cindy Romeo of Home Depot heard that the Kiwanis "Big Dogs" hot dog team of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City was in need of a new grill and she arranged for Home Depot to donate one to the club. Pictures are (L to R) Kiwanis Club President, Al Kastner, Home Depot employee, Will Bishop, and retiring Kiwanis "Big Dog" team leader, Al Levine, receiving the new Fiesta Grill at the store. Looks like when the leader retires, they replace the equipment, too.

Look for the Kiwanis "Big Dogs" providing hot dogs for all at the Saturday September 30th registration area and starting point for the 2nd Annual Walk to D-Feet ALS at the Ocean Pines Swim & Racquet Club. Registration starts at 9 AM and the 3 mile walk begins at 10 AM. Come and Walk to D-Feet ALS. All of you, REALLY BIG DOGS, can do it. Hope to see you there participating in the effort to raise money to find a cure for ALS (Lou Gherig's Disease)! Walk for those with ALS who can no longer walk!

Annapolis Club Holds Officer Installations
Bill Lovelace

The Annapolis Club of Annapolis recently held its installation of a new member and officers for 2006-07. Renee Mackey, Lt. Gov. Elect for Division 14, performed the official duties. Pictured left are (L-R) Rachel Madden, sponsor, pinning a new member pin on Lynn Marra as Renee looks on and approves. Pictured right (L-R) are Sharron McFarland, Secretary, Jim O'Farrell, incoming President, Renee Mackey welcoming the new officers and Jim Knorr, President-elect/Vice President. Not pictured is Gisela Pegram, incoming treasurer.

Kiwanis Provides Child Car Seat ID Tags
David J. Landis

The goal of Kiwanis is to "Serve the Children of the World", so in the interest of the safety of young children, self-stick tags have been distributed to various child care centers, schools, and police and fire departments by the local Kiwanis Club. The information requested on the tag, which is provided free by the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City, is completed by the parent/guardian, who then affixes the tag to the rear of the child's car seat. In the event of an accident in which the adult is rendered unconscious, the emergency responders are able to verify information regarding the child's name, address, phone number, person to call in the event of an emergency, doctor, and the child's medical conditions by checking the information on the tag.

Tags are available at the Maryland State Police Barracks, Route 50, Berlin; Berlin Fire Headquarters; Ocean Pines Fire Department, South Gate; and Ocean City Fire Department at the Seventy-fourth Street station. Anyone seeking further information may call Al Kastner at 410-641-5091.

Grundy Kiwanis Club holds First Special Field Day

Rita Rife

The Kiwanis Club of Grundy planned and organized its first Special Field Day for children with special needs Tuesday, September 12. This event was held at Riverview Middle School in Buchanan County. The Kiwanis Club was aided by the Grundy Key Club members and volunteers from Southwest Virginia Community College. Over 60 volunteers worked to make this event a success.

Children with special needs were from K-8th grade and covered both the physically and mentally challenged. Some 175 students with lots of different needs participated in different events. After lunch was served, ribbons and trophies were presented. All children received a ribbon for their sportsmanship. All who volunteered received a blessing in helping with this special event and plans are already in progress for next years event.

Lucky Ducks Swim for Kiwanis Scholarship Fund

David J. Landis

Thank You to all who supported the Annual Kiwanis Duck Race held at Frontier Town on Saturday September 9th. Co-Chairman for the event, Ed Aurand and Dick Feeser, said it was the most successful Duck Race yet. Be certain Kiwanis will try to top it next year.

Over 115 people attended the actual race and picnic to watch more than 1300 ducks compete for the 20 prizes (See picture). All proceeds from the event go to the Kiwanis Scholarship Fund from which deserving senior students at Stephen Decatur High School receive scholarships to further their post high school education.

First prize was won by Sara Achenbach of Wyomissing, PA who bought her ticket from her brother-in-law, Dave Landis, of the local Kiwanis Club. Second prize was won by Dart Way, third by Kathleen Makowski, fourth by Dell Purrell and 5th by Don Brisbane to report on top prizes. In addition, more than 20 door prizes were awarded for those who attended the picnic. So, when you hear about next year's race, remember that lots of people win, especially the students.

Local SLP Members to Serve on International Boards

David Williams

Avanti Kollaram of Ashburn, Virginia, was elected a Trustee of Key Club International at the annual KCI convention in Boston this summer. She is a senior at Broad Run High School. As a Key Club International Trustee, Avanti will participate in meetings of the 13-member board that guides the organization and counsel the leaders of several Key Club districts. In addition to her leadership in Key Club, Avanti is the founding president of Math League and will be captain of the Debate Team and newspaper editor in the new school year.

Paula Chrin, 20, was elected as a trustee of Circle K International at the international convention in Boston this summer. She is a junior at American University majoring in political science and public communication. As a Circle K International Trustee, Paula will serve on the Circle K International Board of Trustees and counsel clubs and leaders in several Circle K districts. Last year, Paula served as a lieutenant governor of the Capital District of Circle K. At American University, in addition to Circle K she has been active in National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Alpha Lambda Delta honor society, Chi Alpha Christian fellowship, and Phi Mu sorority. In high school, Chrin was a member of Key Club and won honors as a lieutenant governor of the Pennsylvania District.

Monica Price, 22, of Annandale, Virginia, was elected as a trustee of Circle K International at the international convention in Boston this summer. She is a senior at Virginia Tech majoring in business information technology with a minor in sociology. As a Circle K International Trustee, Monica will serve on the Circle K International Board of Trustees and counsel clubs and leaders in several Circle K districts. Last year, Monica served as governor of the Capital District of Circle K. She is a graduate of Annandale High School, where she was president of Key Club.

Phyllis Henry Installed as Division 13 Lt. Gov.


At a recent Kiwanis By the Bay meeting, Phyllis Henry (C) was officially installed as the new Lieutenant Governor for Division 13. Joe Kalista (L), affectionately known as "Mr. Kiwanis", who is a former Lieutenant Governor, current Warwick Club member and honorary Kiwanis By the Bay member, presented Phyllis with her pin and certificate. We are thrilled to have one of our very own as the upcoming Lieutenant Governor. Shown also is Charles French (R), current By the Bay President.

"Thank You" from Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City Club

David J. Landis

Thank You to everyone who supported the Annual Kiwanis Dinner on Sunday September 17th in the Community Hall of Ocean Pines. Bob & Kelli Beck, owners of DeNovo's Trattoria here in Ocean Pines, generously donated all the food for the dinner while Kiwanis provided the workers. Thanks also to Lisa Daye, Warren Graham, and Dennis Teegardin, employees of DeNovov's, for donating their time to prepare and deliver the food. Through the generosity of DeNovo's, the support of the community, and the $280 Kiwanis half of the 50-50 raffle, the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City raised enough to fund 2 annual scholarships for deserving senior students from Stephen Decatur High School. Congratulations to Italian Dinner Chairman, Steve Rosen, and the club members who worked so hard to make it happen. See you again next year.

Old Town Sets Membership Goal

Doug Butler

Tracy Jewell places the final display on a vacant store window in downtown Winchester, Va. The newly organized Club, Kiwanis Club of Old Town has set a goal of increasing their membership from the 30 charter members of August 14, 2006 in response to the one million members goal of 2015.

Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City Club Gives to Children's House

David J. Landis

Right, Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City President, Al Kastner (L), presents a $250 donation to Wayne Littleton (R) of Children's House by the Sea of Ocean City.

Member Displays 1,000,000-Member Badge

Doug Butler

Pam Fahnestock, a member of the Kiwanis Club of Old Town (Winchester, VA) displays a badge from Kiwanis International. The goal of 1 million members by 2015 was accepted by the Club as a member increase goal.

Kiwanis Club of Colonial Heights Holds Shrimp Feed

Jim O'Connell

The Kiwanis Club of Colonial Heights conducted it's annual Shrimp Feast Wednesday, 20 September at Talon Point, Lake Chesdin. The Club sold over 800 ticket. Everyone enjoyed all they could eat; shrimp, baked beans, cold slaw, hush puppies and all they could drink. The entertainment was provided by a great musical group. All proceed go to providing scholarships to Colonial Heights graduating students. Four $ 1000 scholarship are given each year. However, last year we gave two additional $1000 scholarships (total of six) to honor two special Kiwanian for their contribution to this program.

Labraque Recognized for Support of Circle K

Doug Butler

Peter Labraque of the Kiwanis Club of Blue Ridge (Winchester, VA.) holds an award given to him by Kiwanis for his support of Circle K Clubs. He is associated with the Shenandoah University in Winchester.

Mount Vernon Kiwanis Paints House for Good Shepherd Housing

Bruce Malkin

On Aug. 31 and Sep. 1 & 2, seven members of the Mount Vernon Kiwanis Club (right are Charlie and Dave) painted and painted for over 50 people-hours to finish a two-bedroom apartment that Good Shepherd recently purchased to rent to a low-income family. This is just one of the 18 that Good Shepherd now owns and manages for this purpose. It also rents and manages another 67 or more apartments in and around the Mount Vernon area. Organized on short notice on a holiday weekend by the MVK Community Services Committee, this opportunity for community service still attracted seven members, including President-Elect Dave Reynolds, Charlie French, Gayle Parker, Marilyn and Bob Valone, and Joanne and Bruce Malkin. Shannon Steen, Executive Director, and Amparo O'Connell, Programs Administrator, of Good Shepherd Housing, both visited us during our "working hours" to ask if all the supplies they provided were sufficient to do the job. This was a great chance to do a hands-on project with one of our major partners, and we will look for another such opportunity to satisfy the unmet demand by those Kiwanians who regretted missing the chance due to prior conflicts this time.

Winchester Club Adopts a Highway

Doug Butler

Bill Harbaugh (left) and Sam Long members pf the Adopt-A-Highway Committee of the Kiwanis Club of Winchester unpack and assemble Gofer Pick-Up tools donated by the South Pleasant Valley Road Wal-Mart Supercenter. The Pick-up tools will be used by Kiwanians during their quarterly trash pick up on the Berryville Avenue - Interstate 81 intersection assigned area. The Club received a Certificate of Appreciation from VDOT for 10 years of participation in the Adopt-A-Highway Program.

La Plate Club Paints for United Way Day of Caring

Linda Parong

The La Plata club helping out with curbs and parking lot lines at the Spring Dell Center during the United Way Day of Caring. (Left, Jonnie Mann and John Reith on the curb. Right, Gordon Mann, Linda Parong, Chris Ripley, Donna Avery, Jonnie Mann, and John Reith).

Charlottesville Kiwanis Donates $8,617 to CYFS, Inc.

Jim Hart

The proceeds from the second annual Dogwood Pancake Breakfast hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Charlottesville were presented in a ceremony on the first day of school at the Monticello Area Community Action Agency Head Start. Pictured from left to right are: Phillip Dukes, MACAA Executive Director; Tony Hastoglis, Kiwanis Past President; Christy Arrington, CYFS STAR Kids Program Manager; Cynthia Bayless, MACAA Head Start Director; and Jacki Bryant, CYFS Executive Director. The funds will support the "Super Thinking and Responsible Kids" (STAR) program conducted by Children Youth & Family Services, Inc. at MACAA's Head Start. This program has been shown to be effective in helping children from low-income families develop the necessary personal, social, and emotional skills as they get ready to enter kindergarten. The Kiwanis fund-raiser produced serious leverage because CYFS, Inc. has received a challenge grant from the Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation which matches, by a ratio of 10 to 1, donations made to the STAR program. Kiwanis support of CYFS (originally known as The Children's Home) has spanned the entire 85 years of existence of both these organizations. (Photo courtesy of Erin Garvey.)

Leesburg Kiwanis Hosts 49th Annual Halloween Parade

Suzanne Wright

On October 31st at 6 PM the Kiwanis Club of Leesburg holds its 49th annual Halloween parade in Leesburg. Children, and the young at heart, are invited to line King Street between Ida Lee Park and Safeway and have candy come to them as they watch colorful floats and groups pass by.

In honor of the men and women who serve and protect us daily both in the city of Leesburg and Loudoun County as a whole the Leesburg Kiwanis Club has invited Leesburg Police Chief Price and Loudoun County Sheriff Simpson to be our co-grand marshal’s this year.

Again this year Kiwanis asks everyone, spectator and participant, to bring a canned good or paper product to the parade. Loudoun InterFaith will collect and distribute your donations to those in need in the county. Contributions are especially needed for the approaching holidays. Manned collection boxes will be placed along the parade route for your convenience.

Viewing hint: avoid big crowds at the beginning of the parade; pick a spot on South King Street—you won’t have as many people around, and candy doesn’t run out by then, really. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to enter floats or vehicles or to walk in the parade. Leesburg Police require registration by October 21. Contact the Kiwanis club through Suzanne Wright at 703-737-2175 or for complete details and to register. For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, participants may distribute only individually wrapped candy; be sure you have enough volunteers to hand it out alongside your float or vehicle.

Leesburg Police also remind entrants that only licensed drivers may operate motorized vehicles in the parade. Air horns, sirens, high beams, and alley lights may not be used. Live demonstrations involving kicking or breaking objects is not allowed.

Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City Officers Installed

David J. Landis

A New Year begins on October 1st for the leadership of the local Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines/Ocean City as Kiwanis Division 15 Lt. Governor Barbara Hickman performed the installation ceremony for the new Officers and Board of Directors of the club at the Ocean Pines Yacht Club on September 27th. Pictured are: (Back Row L to R) Director Tim Collins V; Director Joe Bagdon; Director Charlie Warner; President Al Kastner; First Vice President Larry Kearney; Director Steve Rosen and (Front Row L to R) Director Dick Jacobs; new Division 15 Lt. Governor Barbara Hickman; President-Elect Ed Schaefer; Second Vice President Corky Widerman; and Director Ralph Chinn who also just completed his year's service as Division 15 Lt. Governor.

Hampton Roads Region Midwinter Conference Announced

Vivian Tanzer

The Tabb Kiwanis Club wants you to join them at the Kiwanis Capital District Hampton Roads Region Midwinter Conference to be held on January 13, 2007 at Old Dominion University Webb Center from 8 AM-2:30 PM. Mark you calendar!

Capital District Interclub Contest

Jacquelyn Lowe

To enter the Capital District Interclub Contest be sure to file your report by October 31,2006 for the period October 1, 2005 through September 30, 2006. Interclubs can be with other Kiwanis clubs or Service Leadership Programs. Email to me at or snail mail to Interclub Relations Chair (Inter-club Contest), Jacquelyn Lowe, 1507 Elkwood Lane Apartment 304, Capitol Heights, MD 20743 by October 31, 2006. The awards will be presented by the Trustee at the Regional Mid-Winter Conference. I will email Ellis with the winners to get the ribbons printed for the Regional Trustee. See the Capital District Web page for the forms and other information.

TAG Education Spot

Rosemary Cummings

The first Kiwanis club was organized in Detroit, Michigan, USA, in 1914. The group received a charter from the state of Michigan on January 21, 1915 –the day regarded as the birth date of Kiwanis. The club’s name is Detroit Kiwanis Club No. 1 in recognition of its heritage.

From 1915 to 1919, a professional organizer, Allen Simpson Browne, credited with creating Kiwanis, managed the organization of new Kiwanis clubs. In return for building new clubs, he received a portion of every new membership fee. This arrangement led to increasing controversy about the purpose and control of the organization. The problem was solved when Kiwanis International “bought itself” from Browne at the 1919 convention in Birmingham, Alabama. Club delegates raised $17,500 on the convention floor to purchase Browne's rights to the Kiwanis name and organization.

The first Kiwanis headquarters, a two-room office, opened in Chicago in 1918. Kiwanis continued to rent larger and larger offices in the “Windy City” until 1957, when the first Kiwanis International building was dedicated. This building served Kiwanis for 25 years but was eventually outgrown. In 1982, the sale of this valuable property allowed construction of a larger building in Indianapolis, a site with lower costs and greater convenience than downtown Chicago.

2006 Annual Special Olympics Fishing Tournament

Rosemary Cummings

The overcast September day did not deter close to 200 participants in the 2006 Annual Special Olympics Fishing tournament. Kiwanians prepared bag lunches and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for the group when they came off the pier ready for their trophies. The first fish was caught at 10:04, just four minutes into the tournament, the winning angler for most fish caught was 32 bluefish (from the pier), and the largest fish was 16 inches. Pretty good fishing in two hours. After lunch, the anglers and their families took a ferry ride on the choppy seas of the Delaware Bay to Cape May, NJ in full sight of the Tall Ships visiting Lewes, DE that day. President George Blacklock received accolades from Tournament Chair, Janie Miller of Special Olympics, celebrating this Kiwanis tradition for over 15 years. Pictures upper left are Special Olympics Tournament Winners; upper right are Pres George Blacklock receiving accolades from Janie Miller for Kiwanis support.

A Long Distance Interclub

Rosemary Cummings

Capital District Kiwanis Members, Lou and Norma Wilson, Bernice Oden, Yvonne Quinn, Lt. Gov Doris Montgomery, Jackie Lowe, and Rosemary Cummings are all retired Federal employees. Not surprisingly, these dedicated Kiwanis members met September 9-15 in Albuquerque, NM at the NARFE biennial convention. NARFE Regional VP, Jackie Lowe, spotted the Kiwanis logo on convention handouts and found the Downtown Albuquerque Kiwanis Club met Tuesdays at the Hyatt Regency hotel across the street from the convention center. Seven Capital District Kiwanians, including a Lt. Gov and two past Lt Govs. walked across the street for the Noon meeting with five members of the local club. Lt. Gov. Doris filled in as guest speaker when she spoke about a new program she implemented in the Capital District. When Downtown members indicated they did not know about the TAG program, Rosemary Cummings, Communications Chair, used the opportunity to share current information about TAG efforts and to give the Club ideas for recruiting new members. Downtown Albuquerque Club members included President John Sugg, Jerry Nischoff, Secretary John Menicucci, Randy Buck, and Gette Clotworthy. When the meeting adjourned, Capital District Kiwanians returned to hear Jackie Lowe give the status of DC NARFE Chapters, each with a completed attendance certificate and Interclub credit. Downtown members continued with a business meeting, wondering what had hit their quiet town the previous hour. Shown upper left President John Sugg (L) greets Capital District members. Shown upper right is the Downtown Club conducting their business meeting.

Alexandria Kiwanis Club Sponsors Alexandria Guest House

Perry Carvellas

The Alexandria Kiwanis Club is a proud sponsor and supporter of the Alexandria Guest House. The Guest House held its Graduation Ceremony on Sunday July 30, 2006. This class consisted of nine ladies. The graduates were the second class to complete the program since the program was restarted about two years ago.

The Guest House is located at 1 East Luray Avenue, Va 22301 and provides temporary housing for women coming out of prison. Because of the size of the graduating class and the number of family members and friends attending, this years Ceremony was held at the Charles Houston Recreation Center at 901 Wythe Street, Alexandria, Va. The "Guest House provides female ex-offenders the structure, supervision, support and assistance they need to become self-sufficient, responsible members of the community."

The "Guest House was founded to provide temporary housing for women charged with or convicted of a criminal offense who are in need of basic human services. With these resources, they are able to facilitate their new start in life and adjustments to the community at large." The need is great. The Guest House can accommodate about 10 women at a time. There are, however, many women on a waiting list to get into and begin the program. There were present at the Graduation many family members and friends of the graduates and community supporters of the program. In addition there were four members of our Alexandria Kiwanis Club that attended, namely Isabelle Smith, Mary Ehlers, Claude Mayo and Perry Carvellas. The Alexandria Kiwanis Club presented each graduate with a $50 gift certificate and our member Mary Ehlers, owner of the Nugget Jewelry Store in Alexandria, presented each graduate with a pair of pearl earrings. After the graduation Ceremony the members of the Guest House provide a buffet dinner for all those in attendance, which was well received and enjoyed by all. The graduates, Kari Galloway, Executive Director and Edith Johnson, Senior Case Manager expressed their thanks to the Alexandria Kiwanis Club for its continued support of the Guest House Program.