Capital District Kiwanis History

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Organized June 4 1940 Chartered July 30 1940
Key # 02381 69th District Club
Sponsor Towson Kiwanis
Divisions 06 14
Population 1,831
KI Revoked Charter April 25 1997

Division 06
(Volume 5)
President F W McLeod, Secretary Owen Walker
Membership 28 Attendence 72%

Organized in June and chartered in July, the club spent most of the remainder of the year getting acquainted with Kiwanis aims and objectives, and absorbing the spirit of Kiwanis as is evidenced by the programs listed in its Achievement Report.

The club paid a visit to the Pikesville club.

The club distinguished itself as a new club by having 11 Kiwanians and 7 ladies in attendance at the District Convention with newly elected officers attended the Lieutenant Governor's School for Club Officer.s

President Edgar L Wade, Secretary E Hilton Wade
Membership Jan 1 - 39 Attendance 79%

At a cost of more than $700 fully paid, the club installed modern plumbing facilities in the local health center, which will able the Department of Health, service more valuable to the community The club organized the boys in the communities of its locality into a musical group It contributed $1500 to Camp Misty Mont Of the money so used, $167 was raised by a theatre party and a card party.

Interesting programs were given on Thrift, Transportation, Planning for Future Generations, the Postal Service, International Affairs, Safety First, the Work of the American Bible Society, and the Maryland Workshop for the Blind.

The club sent delegations to visit Baltimore (three times), North Baltimore, Elkton, Towson and Reistertown and entertained from time to time visitors from many clubs.

Entertained the Lieutenant-Governor and the District Governor, attended the International Convention and District Convention with 25 members The newly elected officers attended the Training School for Club Officers.

President John S Gittings, Secretary Ralph D Wheeler, G Cecil Ford
Membership Jan 1 - 34 Attendance 79%

The club had been much interested in the development of the Halethorpe Health Center, and this year spent $250 for necessary plumbing Netted $5500 for welfare work Forty elementary school children sang at the Christmas party.

Members of the club visited Baltimore, North Baltimore, Towson and Westminster, and the club was host to North Baltimore.

The club had a shore party, celebrated its own Charter Night, entertained the District Governor and held several Kiwanis Education Meetings.

President Lester L Barrett, Secretary G Cecil Ford
Membership Jan 1 - 29 Attendance 75%

The club had a Christmas party at which children from a local school in gay Christmas vestments, sang carols and then were presented with gifts by Santa Claus Two programs were given on Scouting.

The club was much hampered in its activities by lack of transportation Nevertheless, it had a big celebration and tree planting on Arbor Day, and also celebrated Columbus Day Among its programs were: Victory Gardens, The Maryland Academy of Science, County Police, The Basis of Post War Peace, First Aid, The Telephone in War, and The Maryland State Guard.

The club attended inter-club meetings at Baltimore and at North Baltimore Held two Ladies Nights, and a big Charter Night celebration.

Four Kiwanis Education meetings were held Delegates were sent to the Mid-Winter Conference, the District Convention, and the Training School for Club Officers, and Constitution Week was celebrated The club had no members in the armed forces at the end of the year.

(Volume 6)
President William F Timme, Secretary G Cecil Ford
Membership Jan 1 - 38 Attendance 86%

President John B Callahan, Secretary Robert F Rogge
Membership Jan 1 - 42 Attendance 96%

President William F Sanders, Secretary Robert F Rogge
Membership Jan 1 - 45 Attendance 88%

President Charles H Doing, Secretary Robert F Rogge
Membership Jan 1 - 46 Attendance 89%

President John Frank Herbert Secretary Robert F Rogge
Membership Jan 1 - 51 Attendance 87%

President Frederick A Cole, Secretary Robert K Regan
Membership Jan 1 - 50 Attendance 84%

President John T Farrell, Secretary Benjamin J Stripey
Membership Jan 1 - 49 Attendance 77%

(Volume 7)
President Harry L Sanders, Secretary Robert P Kenton Jr
Membership Jan 1 - 41 Attendance 86%

President Ralph W Smith, Secretary Robert P Kenton Jr
Membership Jan 1 - 38 Attendance 89%

Division 06
President William J Slattery Secretary Robert P Kenton Jr
Membership Jan 1 - 35 Attendance 96%
Sponsor West Baltimore | Odenton | Laurel | Brooklyn-Curtis Bay Clubs
LG J Frank Smith

President Robert F Rogge Secretary Robert L Parker
Membership Jan 1 - 36 Attendance 96%

Division 06
President Raymond H Stemler, Secretary George W Gladding
Membership Jan 1 - 36 Attendance 94%
LG Ralph W Smith

Division 06
President ?, Secretary
Governor John Frank Herbert

President G Cecil Ford, Secretary Julian S Brewer Jr
District Chair Interclub Relations John Frank Herbert
District Chair District Convention General John Frank Herbert
District Chair Finance John Frank Herbert

President John W Gladding Secretary Robert F Rogge

President Howard J Jickman, Secretary John Frank Herbert

President William E Chalmers, Secretary Jack O Taylor

President Wilbur G Brosnan, Secretary William McCallister

Division 06
President Jack Taylor, Secretary William R Wiskman
LG William J Slattery

President John Reuwer, Secretary John Rezendez

President Warren M Bloomberg, Secretary John J Bullock

President John F Rezendez, Secretary Arnold R Silbiger
Co Sponsor Elkridge Club

Division 06
President Ronald K Regan, Secretary Arnold R Silbiger
LG Robert F Rogge

President Robert P Kenton, Secretary Arnold R Silbiger

President Albert L Meile, Secretary Raymond H Stemler

President Joe Frank, Secretary Raymnd H Stemler

1969 - 1970
President Anthony L Zentgraf, Secretary Raymnd H Stemler

1970 - 1971
President John W Harrison Jr, Secretary James A Zawiloski

1971 - 1972
President ThomasK Hlfenbein, Secretary Ray C Helvig

1972 - 1973
President Edward Grimm Secretary William C Hoffman

1973 - 1974
Division 06
President Ray C Helvig, Secretary Robert E Ramsey
Sponsor Patapaco Valley Club

1974 - 1975
President Phillip L Rohrer, Secretary E Stephen Farlow

1975 - 1976
Division 06
President Vernon E Hunt, Secretary Raymond H Stemmler
LG Edward Grimm

1976 - 1977
President Robert E Ramsey, Secretary Clay L Kirby

1977 - 1978
President Boyd W Hovermill, Secretary Clay L Kirby

1978 - 1979
President Karl I Johnston, Secretary Richard P Leester

1979 - 1980
President Richard P Loester, Secretary Karl Johnston

1980 - 1981
President Lawrence St Jean, Secretary James W Zelter

1981 - 1982
President E Stephen Farlow Secretary Thomas W Ohler

1982 - 1983
President James W Zeller, Secretary John W Gladding

1983 - 1984
President Edward Grimm, Secretary John W Gladding

1984 - 1985
Division 06
President Richard E Contos, Secretary John W Gladding
LG E Stephen Farlow

1985 - 1986
President Robert F Wolf, Secretary John W Gladding

1986 - 1987
President James W Zeller, Secretary John W Gladding

1987 - 1988
President Larry St Jean, Secretary John W Gladding

1988 - 1989
President Michael A Mc Intyre, Secretary John W Gladding

1989 - 1990
President Joseph G Happel III, Secretary John W Gladding

1990 - 1991
President E Stephen Farlow Secretary John W Gladding

1991 - 1992
Division 14
President John T Mc Cleary, Secretary John W Gladding

1992 - 1993
President Thomas Gesell, Secretary John W Gladding
Membership Oct 1 - 30

1993 - 1994
President Lawrence P St Jean, Secretary Edward F Tilling
Membership Oct 1 - 30

1994 - 1995
President Henry B Suter Jr, Secretary Edward F Tilling
Membership Oct 1 - 28

1995 - 1996
President Edward Grimm, Secretary Edward F Tilling
Membership Oct 1 - 23

1996 - 1997
President Edward Grimm, Secretary Edward F Tilling
Membership Oct 1 - 15
KI Revoked Charter April 25 1997