Capital District Kiwanis History

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Organized March 28 1949 Chartered April 5 1949
Key #03283 102nd District Club
Sponsor Newport News Kiwanis
Divisions 04 13
Population 25,000 in County 12,000 in Hilton Village
Name change 1952 to Warwick VA

Division 04
President Talmage B Holland Jr Secretary Robert E Yohe
Membership Mar 28 - 28 Attendance 95%

President J Richard Guthrie, Secretary Ramsey T Scarborough
Membership Jan 1 - 34 Attendance 91%

President A Garland Moseley, Secretary E Jack Dawson
Membership Jan 1 - 33 Attendance 94%

Division 13
President Ramsey T Scarborough, Secretary Andrew W Abbitt
Membership Jan 1 - 40 Attenance 91%
Changed name to Warwick

Kiwanis Administration - We particpated in 15 inter club meetings and held 6 social events plus 1 sport event Inducted 6 new members that were immediately assigned to committee service.

Agriculture and Conservation - Assisted 4-H club at county 4-H Fair, helped to judge the winners of live stock, sent 4-H winners to State meeting, and assisted 4-H members in painting rural mail boxes.

Boys and Girls Work -Sponsored and bore expenses of a Little League Baseball Team Furnished uniforms and equipment, secured lumber for the bleachers and entertained the entire team and officials at a dinner meeting at the end of the season Raised $2,300 on National Kids Day for needy children and welfare work Secured the Army Band, nationally known Drill Team and Fire Fighting Equipment for entertainment Participated in child Accident Prevention Week.

Underprivileged Child - Secured medical assistance and provided expensive drugs for needy children Secured equipment from Health Officer and rendered surgical care to indigent children Provided extensive dental treatments Treated 30 children in an orthopedic clinic, securing 13 pairs of shoes for correction.