Capital District Kiwanis History

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2014 - 2015
October to September

Past Governor
Brian Bell
David Heppner
Tom Varner
Scott Zimmerman
Roy Sheets

District Chairs | CKI Governor | KeyClub Governor
Kiwanis International Trustee Arthur N Riley

District Board of Trustees

Chesapeake Bay Region Divisions 4 5
Trustee John Sparkman Chincoteague VA
Term expires: 2017
National Capital Region Divisions 1 2 3
Trustee Jeffrey M Wolff TysonCorner/McLeanVA
Term expires: 2017
Heart of Virginia Region Divisions 9 10 11
Trustee John S Morris III Richmond VA
Term Expires:
Southeast Virginia Region Divisions 12 13 14
Trustee Carla E Morin-Diehl Denbigh VA
Term expires: 2015

Mason Dixon Region Divisions 6 7 8
Trustee Theodore R Zapolowicz
Term Expires:

Southwest Virginia Region Divisions 15 16 17
Trustee Jonothan B Rife Grundy VA
Term expires: 2016

District Lt Governors

Div 01 Marilyn Franklin Capitol Hill Div 10 Cassandra Conover Petersburg
Div 02 Jaime Jeffers Woodbridge (resigned) Replaced by David F. Lurie Tysons Corner/McLean Div 11 William Watson Richmond
Div 03 Emily Ferren La Plata

Div 12 Ronald McCallum Middlesex

Div 04

Div 13 Sharon Wightman Downtown Hampton
Div 05 Charles A Marks Dover Div 14 Richard A Pippin Chesapeake
Div 06 Janice M Dudey Reisterstown Div 15 Chris Bryant Lynchburg
Div 07 Susan Vona Frederick Div 16 Jackson White Abingdon
Div 08 Susan Barnett Old Town Div 17 David C Yates Haysi
Div 09 Dennis G Baugh Shenandoah Valley  

New Clubs Sponsor
Revoked Key
Dinwiddie VA    
New Name
Chesterfield and Midlothian
KI Revoked Charters
October 1 2014
Lexington VA
148 Clubs
4943 Members