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Below are guidelines for the submission of articles for both the quarterly printed Capital Builder as well as for the monthly online eBuilder.

Submitting Articles for the Bimonthly MiniBuilder

For the electronic bimonthly MiniBuilder (prepared in .pdf format), articles and images are due the last day of the month prior to the month of publication. I can only accept articles if they are submitted in electronic form via email.

When composing your articles, be sure to include:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?
  • How?

Deadlines are:

  • January 31 for the Feb-Mar issue
  • March 31 for the Apr-May issue
  • May 31 for the Jun-July issue
  • July 31 for the Aug-Sep issue
  • Sep 30 for the Oct-Nov issue
  • Nov 30 for the Dec-Jan issue

I cannot retype your articles, so please do not send them to me by fax or snail mail. Send them by email instead

Do not email scanned newspaper artices that are not accompanied by an article summarizing the event. The article is necessary so that I can link to the scanned image of the newspaper article.

Please send one article with attached image per email. Combining articles causes confusion.

Please include a well-written caption with each image submitted. Identify by name each person shown.

Send a max of two images per article.

Be sure to tell me what your name is by signing your emails. I need your name for the article by-line.

It is my desire that readers be familiar with those contributing articles. Accordingly, contributors are encouraged to include the following information along with each article submitted. Do not include it as a mere signature or I will not recognize it as intenede to be included in the article. Include the information either in the by-line or as a complete paragraph added at the end of the article.

  • Your title, such as "Chairman, CPR-M Committee," or "Past Governor."
  • A very short bio of yourself, such as: "John Montgomery, a past-president of the Roanoke Kiwanis Club, is an active member of the new Capital District Growth Team."
  • A head-shot photograph of yourself if you would like your photo posted along with your article.
  • Your email address if you would like to have it posted online along with your article.

Submitting Articles for the Monthly Online eBuilder

The eBuilder will be published online the first week of each month. Your articles and announcements are always welcome. Again, submit them along with captioned images to me via email to dave@maloney.com at any time, but to ensure timely placement in the eBuilder be sure to have them to me by the end of the month prior to the month of publication. Regarding submitting articles electronically and images, the same rules as noted above apply to the online eBuilder as to the printed Capital Builder.

Photography Tips

  • Write good captions. Clearly and accurately identify ALL people in the photo.
  • Fill the frame. Get up close to your subject. We want to see their faces. Ask them to smile.
  • An action shot is always more interesting. A Kiwanian placing a pancake on a guest's plate is more interesting than him/her holding a pancake flipper while staring at the camera. The Lt. Gov. placing a medal around the recipient's neck is more interesting than having them simply looking at the camera.
  • Take more than one picture in case someone blinked. Send me the best one.
  • Count to three so they know to be ready.
  • Have them smile!
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