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 July 2009

July '09 eBuilder Front Page

The Kiwanis - Key Club K Family Partnership Recognizes the 60th Annual Key Club Convention

A Photo Essay of the Richmond, VA Convention, April 24-26, 2009

by Past Governor Bob Cressy

"Mooove Into Service" is the Theme

"Got Service?" says the Division 17 Key Club tee shirt in bright green lettering on a black background.  You bet!  Excitement, creativity, maturity, leadership ... and a bit of craziness all combine when Key Clubbers have a district convention.  They are in control. It's their program executed with a precision that only 700 people who spend months   organizing their convention, planning the details and working with dedication and respect for one another as team members could accomplish with such success.

The theme is built around the Heifer International program whereby monies are raised to help buy a cow, a Heifer, for families in need of farm animals in other lands.  Hence the farm attire and down-home terminology.  Did you know that Old McDonald was a "Cowanian"?  Yep!  Are you a little shy at Public Speaking?  Then you should have tried the session on "Hollering at the Hens" if you are a chicken in front of crowds. How about "Energize your livestock"?  For Presidents and VPs: "Are you the head farmer?  Train to be a farmer".  And on it went ... creative humor indeed.

Key Club's lead farmer for 2008-2009, Governor Christina Horton led all the farmers as they made their "Mooove Into Service".   As 'Cowanians', I believe our most important products are community service projects and the leadership development of all of our K Family members.  Just being with our Service Leadership Program partners, you can't help but build your admiration plus your own leadership skills while developing theirs. 

Many high school adult faculty advisors and advisors from our Kiwanis clubs gathered for the three day week end.  Have you ever attended one?  Then you know.  If not here are a few glimpses of what happens when the area representatives of the 14,000 plus Key Clubs from Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia have a blast. Share the pictures in this photo essay and share your pride in Capital District Key Club!

Capital District Key Clubs were founded in 1949.  Remember, each Key Club must be sponsored and supported by an active Kiwanis club.  The principal of being able to so much more community service together than an individual could do by themselves have helped Key Club International grow since 1925 to become the largest young people's organization in the world.  Support your K-Family ... and Thanks! See photos!

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Key Club CON 2009
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Don't Miss It!
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