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November 2011
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Haunted House at Coastal Delaware Kiwanis

by Rosemary Cummings

Sea Witch started with a cold, rainy, eerie day with Rehoboth Beach cancelling the parade Saturday. but Sunday was another day. The Kiwanis Haunted house was open both afternoons. As the door opened a scary old bat met and directed you to the old scout camping site with its old cemetery, then past the hanging pirate where travelers followed the trail past Ghost Mountain with some friendly and not so friendly ghosts, goblins and spiders, then through to the Ogres Banquet Hall where the ogres were feasting on brains, gizzards and eyeballs and invited guests to join them if they were not too frightened. Then visitors followed the guide into Frankenstein's Amphitheatre for ghoulish entertainment. Now, if you were a little kid and too scared, you could go straight to the Kids Pumpkin Patch where they were telling scary stories, making Five Little Pumpkins posters, painting pumpkins, or playing games for prizes. Parents who visited Saturday were very happy to have someplace dry, warm and fun for their young children. Sunday was bright and cheery, but very cold. Families were waiting before the doors opened. Some arrived a bit late, when waves and high water closed off the bridge from the southern towns, an eerie ride it was. This was a magical day because so many ghouls and goblins (Key Clubbers and friends) were there to assist. Happy kids painted and carried away all the pumpkins from the patch. The fuzzy animals found happy homes after their winners choose them. When the last family left at 6 PM, all the candy eyeballs and innards (pasta) were gone, with a very few supplies left for pumpkin signs. Everyone seemed to have a scary time and promised to visit again next year.

Haunted House Greeters aka Key Clubbers

Scary Ghouls

IRHS Key Clubbers Entertaining

K-Kids Tom, Ty and Cruz with Ms. Hudson

JMB Key Clubbers, Sara, Christa, and Jerry

Ms. Julie with the Scary Lady Storytelling

The Kiwanis Family
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