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October 2009

Gov. Don Outlines Goals

by Gov. Don Dudey

Dover, Delaware, August 21-23, 2009: The 91st Capital District Kiwanis Convention is now a wonderful memory and a well organized testimony to the service that so many in the Capital District perform year after year. After all, our reason for existence is the service we perform together in our communities that we simply could not do by ourselves. Thank you Convention Chair Charles Marks and to your team for a great convention!...more

Gov. Elect Tom Addresses Vacancies

by Gov. Elect Tom Varner

Now, we are all ready to start the new Kiwanis year. One of my goals is to equip all our 2010 – 2011 leaders with all the tools we have at our disposal. Imagine my surprise when I found that there are only ten of 21 Lieutenant Governors-Elect in place for this year. Why is this a problem? According to Kiwanis International, the Lieutenant Governor-Designate and Lieutenant Governor-Elect should have been elected before May 1, 2009. That means we are almost six months late in one-half the Divisions or the results of the election have not been reported to the district or to Kiwanis International....more

The below is the end of a long series of Monday Morning Growth Team Messages produced by Jack White. "All good things must come to an end, and this is the final Monday Morning Message of this series," said Jack. " It has been a real pleasure to bring you these interviews (plus some essays of my own) the past couple of years. But I will be busy beginning October 1 as President of my Abingdon [VA] Kiwanis Club and must devote all my available time to that task," he continued. I know that I am joined by all Capital District Kiwanians in offering Jack a "Tip 'O the Hat" for the interest, professionalism and effort he has put forth over the years to bring us these important, timely and thought-provoking audio interviews. - Dave Maloney, Ed.

Monday Morning Growth Team Messages

by Jack White

9/7/09 - Jack White -- Keep Your Eye on No-Mans Land. The Capital District has a No Man’s Land. This largely unexplored area has tremendous potential for growth, but is fraught with potential dangers. MMM Host Jack White discusses both in his last solo message of this series.

9/14/09 - PG John Tyner - We are Growing ... Again

9/21/09 -- IPG Tom Ganse - Down to the Wire

9/28/09 -- Gov. Don Dudey - This Year We'll Do It!

October '09 eBuilder Front Page

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  • Tailgate
  • Aktion Winners
  • Mentoring

Gov. Don's Message

by Governor Don Dudey

As my year begins on October 1, 2009, I want to keep that momentum going and perhaps increase it. As you know Governor Ganse introduced the District Wide Strategic Plan, which the membership approved at the 2008 District Convention. The implementation of this Strategic Plan is taking time for every club to embrace its concepts and use. I hope to improve the results this year in getting a large majority of clubs to complete and implement this Strategic Plan...more


Westlake High School Key Club Cleans Up

by Fred Sanford

The Westlake High School Key Club is doing big things even in Saint Mary's county. On Saturday, September 19th, the Westlake High School Key Club participated in the Greenwell State Park Clean-up along with other Key Clubs from Calvert, Charles, and Saint Mary's counties. This is a yearly clean-up project that consists of students and volunteers picking up trash, painting signs, and other conversation-minded projects...more


Kiwanis Club of Potomac Holds Skins-Lions Tailgate Party

by Bob Cressy, Past Governor, Capital District Kiwanis

Is there a secret to building a closeness, a spirit, and a desire to meet together again soon as friends in a Kiwanis club?  There is! Most Kiwanians work hard together at the varied, worthwhile community service projects they have committed to perform.  It is important, of course, and service projects build camaraderie among members.  That in turn builds personal involvement and team commitment for the next time a team effort is needed.  But there are many additional things club members can do to build spirit.  How about just having a FUN gathering?...more


Montgomery Village Club Aktion Club

by Judith Palfrey

The Montgomery Village Kiwanis Club along with the CSAAC Aktion Club (sponsored by Montgomery Village Kiwanis) held the 2nd Annual "IDOL" night and Pizza Party at CSAAC as a fund raiser. Everyone had a great time and $700 was raised that evening. Winners received placement ribbons and gift cards. ...more



Mentoring and Kiwanis Make a Difference

by Bill Butts

Three years ago, Diane DeAtley, the counselor of the Mt. Airy Middle School approached the Mt. Airy club to help fund and get a new mentoring program started at the school. We did not hesitate and continue to support and be closely involved with the program (e.g., two of our members are mentors in the program). The program continues to thrive and expand: the first year there were 10 mentors, 12 mentors the second year, 16 the third year, and this school year there are 21 MS students who will be in the program. Plus the program has also spawned a "Buds" program with MS students mentoring Mt. Airy ES students. ...more



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