October 2008 Edition
      David Maloney, Editor        
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The "K-Family Weekend" Brings Together the Key Club & CKI Boards with Kiwanis Leadership Team
a Photo Essay by Immediate Past Governor Bob Cressy

Have you ever been on a "K-Family Weekend"? You'd never forget it, I'll tell you. Just what is a K-Family weekend anyway? Well, its definition is really the Kiwanis Family Weekend. Its purpose is to gather the current Key Club Board, the CKI Board and the new Kiwanis leadership team, especially all of the 2008-2009 Lieutenant Governors, SLP advisors and K-Family Governors. They assemble for most of three days to work and play together, to share ideas, plans and to get to know one another while coordinating their goals. more or view event photo album

A Year in the Making – First K-Kids Club in Capital District, Division 19: E. Wilson Morrison Elementary School K-Kids Club
by Michael Laing

It started in May 2007. Michael Laing, then President of Front Royal Kiwanis Club, sought permission to start a K-Kids Club at the school where he teaches, E. Wilson Morrison Elementary School. Principal Margaret Holmes agreed to have the club with the stipulation that only the top three grades be eligible for membership. more

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Happy New Year!
by Gov. Tom Ganse

As I take my seat in the front car of this roller-coaster, I thought you might appreciate a little insight regarding the view from here. First of all, let me tell you I expect the next twelve months to be exhilarating, and nothing less. I know there will be precipitous drops such as failed or stalled initiatives, disappointments in membership numbers, and regretfully harsh words spoken and written by Kiwanians who are supposed to embody the application of higher social, business, and professional standards, but those will be the exceptions. (Pictured right is Governor Tom Ganse with his granddaughter Bella.)

I also accept the reality that, despite tremendous efforts during the last three years, Kiwanis and the Capital District are now riding a 17-year uninterrupted net membership decline. No new clubs have been formed in the Capital District in over a year, when we need to be building 10 per year. Our revenues continue to decline and our expenses continue to go up. As of this writing, less than half of your Lieutenant Governor-elects have been elected, an event that should have occurred five months ago. The storms of cultural change continue to threaten our survival.

But I also know that these are not "challenges", they are opportunities, and we will take advantage of them to recapitalize the Capital District and move toward our "Vision: 20/15" goal of 20,000 Capital District Kiwanians providing over 350,000 hours of hands-on service, reinvesting over $4.4 million dollars in our communities and sponsoring over 860 Service Leadership Program clubs throughout Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia by the year 2015.

"TG's Top Guns", the incoming class of Lieutenant Governors, received the latest, best and most extensive training available. They are the keys to this District's turn-around, and they have resources available to support you that their predecessors did not. I have never seen a class so unified and ready to make a difference! Nor have I seen a District Board so informed and eager to lead this District into the future.

The Shaping Initiative continues to strengthen our governance and support resources, but we will take a close look this year in a triennial review to see what needs further refinement. The Bylaws and Policy Committee will be conducting a thorough review of both governing documents to update outmoded concepts and language that stifle progress, and eliminate restrictions in favor of enabling statements that stimulate creative solutions.

As a result of actions by the 2008 House of Delegates, this District now has a Strategic Plan to follow, and your Lieutenant Governors will work with each club this year to help them develop their own plans. Even as you read this, the Long Range Planning committee is working out the detailed action steps that will become traceable "action items" that the District Board will monitor to completion. At the same time, the Budget and Finance Committee is studying some important issues and implications regarding investment options, alternative revenue sources and a requirements-driven budget instead of the traditional resource-driven budget.

This is a small sample of the initiatives and business processes that will be implemented during 2008-2009. I will delve into these topics in more detail as I share the inevitable success stories in the months to come, but truly, today is a great day to be a Kiwanian in the Capital District!

As we move forward, I want each of you to remember three things:

1) Growth is not optional; failure is not an option.

2) We cannot allow Kiwanis to be 93 years of tradition unhindered by progress. While respecting the great accomplishments of our elder Kiwanians and those others who have gone before us, our efforts must be directed at preserving our future, not our past.

3) The phrase "When all is said and done, there is usually more said than done" is unacceptable in this District. Capture good ideas, develop plans to achieve them, assign responsible parties and due dates, and track them to completion.

May God bless each and every one of you this coming year. I pray that He will keep us safe in our travels, grant us success in our endeavors, and keep us and our families in good health throughout the coming year. Remember, He has given us all our unique gifts and talents, and blessed us richly so that we may share those blessings with all of His children. Let us offer our service to Him, and we will not fail.

With a Kiwanis servant's heart,
Tom Ganse
Governor, 2008-2009

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