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 June 2009

94th Kiwanis Inter. Convention
Nashville, June 25-28, 2009

Jerry Pueler
International Trustee

Register Now for 2009 DCON

Hello to all Kiwanians of the Capital District from the DelMarVa Region. Your 2009 Convention Committee is busy planning this years convention and we are looking forward having you 'Stop Over in Dover'. The Sheraton Inn of Dover is here, ready to complete your hotel reservation and the rooms are starting to fill. You can call them at 1-888-755-1450 or on line at www.sheratondover.com. If you have any questions, please contact me at charles.marks4@verizon.net. See you in Dover 21st to 23rd of August.

Club Newsletter Contest Underway!

Entries are now being solicited for the Capital Division 2009 Newsletter Contest. All entries are to be submitted by July 30th. Here are the contest details as well as the contest entry form. Note that beginning this year, all entries are to be submitted in digital format to facilitate judging.

Monday Morning Growth Team Messages

by Jack White

5/4/09 -- Rob Parker, CEO, Kiwanis International "Kiwanis - Classic and Next"

5/11/09 -- Jack White, Past District Trustee & Growth Team Chair "Juguar and Kiwanis"

5/18/09 -- Don Canaday, Pres, Kiwanis International - "Don't Deny Children Kiwanis" (This message not only is special, it is a MASTERPIECE. I know that is a strong word, but I sincerely believe it. Don Canaday, President of Kiwanis International, was in Bristol, near my home, last week and took time to record two exclusive interviews for our Growth Team. This is the first of those messages; the second will follow next week. Together, they comprise an audio handbook on how to build new Kiwanis Clubs -- by the master builder himself. You see, Don was in Bristol to build his 108th new Kiwanis Club, and the way he does it is unlike any other I know about. Not only is Don a Master Club Builder, he is first-rate communicator.)

5/25/09 -- Don Canaday, Pres, Kiwanis International - "Build Your New Clubs BIG" (Here is the conclusion of our two-part interview with Kiwanis International President on New Club Building. Three days after this was recorded, Don finished working on his 108th new club build for Kiwanis. You and your club need to know how Don does this so you can build new clubs where you live.)

June '09 eBuilder Front Page

  • Gov. Tom's Msg
  • Div 17 Camp Clean-Up
  • Food Donation
  • House Fix-Up

[I am saddened to report that Gov. Tom's mother passed away this morning, June 1, 2009. The below article is an "encore" message from Tom who is, understandably, preoccupied at the time. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tom and his family. - Editor]

What Is A Kiwanian, Anyway?
by Governor Tom Ganse

How much change can Kiwanis accept and still be Kiwanis? At what point will we be so different that we lose our distinct identity as Kiwanians?...more

Division 17 - 3rd Annual Kiwanis Family "K" Day

by Betty Gardiner

Montgomery County's Kiwanis Clubs, Keys Clubs and Builders Clubs work to get the Carol Jean Cancer Camp Friendship ready for County and State inspections...more


Calvert County Club Food Donation

by Dwight Williams

Don Mighell (left) and Dwight Williams, President of the Kiwanis Club of Calvert County delivered approximately 500 pounds of food donated by the club to a local food pantry...more


Crofton Club Fixes Up Aging Home

by Joe Narcavage

The Crofton Kiwanis Club took part in the annual Rebuilding Together program on April 25, by assisting local homeowner Hisae Kanahan in fixing up a few things in her aging home...more


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